King's Business - 1947-01

February 16, 1947 G IVE UNPR IV ILEGED YOU TH A SQUARE DEA L G al . 6:1,2; R om . 15:1



Editors: Keith L . Brooks and Howard W . Kellogg

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teacher should make a special effort to see that the unfortunate receive the spiritual help that they need and follow it with such personal assist­ ance as may be required. It is not the business of the church to teach the poor how to be rich and the ignorant how to be educated. It is the business of the church to bring them to Jesus Christ and use these other things only as wedges by which the Gospel may be inserted.' 3. A SQUARE DEAL IN BUSINESS. Rom. 12:17. Usually those who are unprivileged are not very well versed in business matters and financial dealings. Often there is a tendency on the part of some who have a wide experience to take advantage of those who are not so well equipped for life. God expects the Christian to be absolutely honest and aboveboard in his deal­ ings with all people. Never for one moment should a Christian take ad­ vantage of the ignorance of another. God will call to account all those who maliciously defraud others. How can a Christian give the Gospel to one whom he has cheated? If he mis­ represents business matters to the inexperienced, they will have no faith whatever in his testimony. We should use every effort to assist those who are less fortunate so that they may see the value of Christian truth and believe in the integrity of the one who brings the message of the Gospel to them. 4. A SQUARE DEAL IN SOCIETY. Rom. 12:16. Our social relationships have a great deal to do with our influence and usefulness. Those with whom we associate are entitled to know the truth about us, and to see in our lives the results of the Gospel which we offer to them. It is not God’s will that the rich should be favored and the poor ignored. The Apostle James is very urgent about this mat­ ter. He states plainly that God is not pleased with those who show favor to the rich and scorn the in­ digent. God has chosen the poor of this world who are rich in faith, and He rejects those who are rich in this world and are poor in faith. Read James 2:1-6. Let us make every ef­ fort to help those who are untrained, untaught, and uncouth, so that their lot in life may be made easier and more blessed. The teaching of the Word of God will produce blessed results. T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

rpHE joy of serving others is pecul- -*- iarly a blessing to those who enter into it under the guidance of the Lord. The unprivileged or the underprivileged need the Gospel of God’s grace, and they also need in­ struction in practical matters con­ cerned with living the Christian life. When Paul said that he was made “all things to all men” it was in order that “I might by all means save some.” The purpose of his charitable acts was not only that people might be relieved iij their physical distress but that they might be saved from their sins. No place in the Bible is a Christian told to put on a “clean-up” campaign. It is not the Christian’s duty to try to get sinners to live nice lives and to be decent to one another. It is the Christian’s work to bring Christ to hearts. The right results will follow. 1. A SQUARE DEAL IN THE GOSPEL. 1 Cor. 9:22. It certainly is not fair to the un­ taught for any scholar or social worker to present a false faith and a false gospel to them. These un­ privileged young people should never be taught that soap, soup, and sun­ shine is a substitute for God’s good Gospel. Every man, woman, and child should hear that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. They should know fully and under­ stand that “this man receiveth sin­ ners” and will transform their lives by His gracious influence; the dirt will go out; selfishness will disap­ pear; evil desires will be removed; poverty will be relieved; and the life will be changed when Christ comes in. God’s Gospel is God’s remedy for all of man’s need. The blessings of civilization follow in the wake of the Gospel of God’s grace. 2. A SQUARE DEAL IN THE CHURCH. 1 Cor. 1:23, 24. The church is an organism planned by God, built upon Jesus Christ, which exists as a dwelling place for the living Lord upon the earth. It should be a source of light, life, and power as Christ is preached and the Word of God is taught. Those who enter the doors of the building are entitled to receive that for which they came there. The unprivileged and the underprivileged should find in the ministry and teaching of the church all that they need to enable them to become godly Christians, living in happy fellowship and grow­ ing in spiritual knowledge and un­ derstanding so each preacher and

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