King's Business - 1947-01

February 23, 1947 WHEN NATIONS APPLY THE GOLDEN RULE M icah 4:1-5

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of human values and of divine vir­ tues if treaties are to be made and agreements entered into which are mutually profitable. 3. MEN NEED NEW AIMS. Phil. 2 : 21 . There are those who desire the glory of God and the blessing of men. Hearts that are filled with kindness have no trouble in observing the golden rule. Russia has rejected God and the teaching of His Word. Ger­ many did likewise. Italy has a “name to live,” but follows idolatry and the law of the apostate church. Japan has no faith of any kind and China is struggling between atheism and Christianity. Not until the Gospel of God’s grace and the truth of God’s Word are accepted will there be any possibility of seeing the golden rule in action between nations. Unre­ generate men do not want what the golden rule represents. They want all they can get for their own advantage and all that they can seize for their own wealth and welfare. They are not interested in the welfare of others, but only in their own lives. There cannot be a national applica­ tion of this wonderful truth until the aim and object of each nation is the glory of God and the good of man. 4. MEN NEED NEW POWER. Zech. 4:6. The banks of the stream of time are strewn with •the wreckage of man’s schemes for human better­ ment. Great foundations have been established to combat the evil of men’s hearts and to bring about an era of the golden rule. Men with great intellect have devised means and methods of establishing human hearts in goodness and kindness. All of these have ended in the junk yard. Still men do not learn that the only remedy for the human heart is Jesus Christ, the Saviour of men. Only He can save men from them­ selves. Only the presence of the Holy Spirit can inspire holy desires and produce holy actions. Only He can make men holy and happy, safe and sure, and give them a godly walk and a pure life. WANTED— PRAYER WARR IORS Bringing: the Gospel to rural communities by Home Visitation, Sunday Schools, Bible Memory Program in schools, tracts. Many counties calling for extension of our pro­ gram. 40-acre Camp Ground now being developed. For information, write— THE TENNESSEE MOUNTAIN M ISSION, Inc. Rev. A. J. Levengood, Supt. Box 45 Dayton, Tennessee

A S described in Micah, the setting 1 for the golden rule is a millennial | scene. The Lord Jesus Himself will return to earth, restore Jerusalem to its prominence, and make Israel the ‘ head of the nations. He will bind Satan in the bottomless pit, and in­ stitute a rule of righteousness which none will dare oppose. All mortgages will be removed; every one will sit under his own vine and fig tree, without fear of foreclosure, of thieves * or of invasion. No such conditions exist today. Thieves are on every hand; mortgages abound in every community; other nations attempt to capture our nation. We have peace with our neighbors north and south only because there is nothing at present to be gained by war. As long as men’s hearts remain unregenerat­ ed, they will not apply the golden rule to their lives. 1. MEN NEED A NEW HEART. Jer. 17:9. The golden rule is fulfilled by na­ tions and individuals only so long as the interests of each are best ob­ tained. When it is to the interest of either to follow some other course, there is no hestitation in doing it. The banker will often use very un­ fair means to protect his mortgage or to obtain payment of a loan. A nation will scrap the treaty, disre­ gard the agreement, and go to war for national advantage. Even the so- called church is willing to plunder, murder, and destroy life and prop­ erty when material gain may be ef­ fected thereby. One has but to read history to find the bloody path of the Roman Catholic Church which was supposed to observe the golden rule. The history of Germany, of France, and of Russia proves the need of changed hearts in these religious leaders. 2. MEN NEED NEW RULERS. 1 Tim. 2:2. Rulers obey the golden rule when it is to their advantage to do so. Christian men in high places find it most difficult to hold in check their followers when difficulties arise. Our leaders sought to be kind to Japan. It was not the desire of our country to enter into a war with either Japan or Germany. This principle, however, did not exist in the hearts of the German and Japanese leaders. They were not occupied with Christian principles, nor were they guided by humanitarian ideals. It always takes two to make a bargain. Rulers of a country must have a true vision

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J A N U A R Y , 1947

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