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could be harmed. Each sheep had a name and came quickly when the shepherd called to him. Always the shepherd walked before his sheep. They knew his voice, and refused to follow any stranger. A good shep­ herd would give his life rather than let any enemy kill his sheep. One day as the Lord Jesus was talking to His friends, He told them that He was the Good Shepherd who gave His life for His sheep. The Saviour also said that He was the Door, the Door into Heaven. Anyone who tries to enter into Heaven through any other door is a thief and a robber. Only those who receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour are His children, His sheep. They know His voice, and they follow Him, for He always goes before them. Is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, your Shepherd? Have you heard His voice calling you by name? Have you become His sheep by receiving Him as your personal Saviour? Are you following where He leads you each day? If so, with David the shepherd, you may joy­ fully say, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” HIGLEY'S lesson Commentary


the Lord Jesus Christ applied that title to Himself. In John 8:58, He used it alone. In the verse before us, as in many other places in John's Gospel, He employed the title in con­ nection with other words. The name I AM is significant in that it re­ veals the Lord Jesus Christ in all of His sufficiency. Whatever man’s need may be, Jesus says, in effect: “1 AM sufficient for it. Does he need a door of access? I am the Door. Does he need a shepherd to guide him? I am the Shepherd. Does he need a knowledge of the truth? I am the Truth. Does he need light in the darkness? I am the Light of the world. Does he need bread for his hungry soul? I am the Bread of Heaven. Whatever his need, I am the full answer.” Think of your need, today, whatever it may be, and then hear Jesus speak to your heart: “I AM the answer.” "7 am the good shepherd” (v. 11). Jesus had stated previously that He was the Door (vs. 7-9). Now He claims to be the Shepherd. Is there a contradiction in the figure? None whatever, for in the land of Pales­ tine the one who cares for the sheep ofttimes acts both as shepherd and as door of the sheepfold. As a shep­ herd, he may lead his flock into some cave for rest and protection and then lie down at the mouth of the cave to guard the flock against the intrusion of wild animals, thus becoming a door. The Lord Jesus Christ performs this double function for the members of His flock.. He is the Shepherd who leads them in and out of the fold, and at the same time He is the Door of protection and privilege for them. M emory V erse : “Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching . . . preaching . . . and healing” (Matt. 9:35). Have you ever seen a shepherd leading his sheep? In the land where the Lord Jesus lived there were many shepherds and thousands of sheep. In the daytime the sheep walked upon the hillsides and through the villages. At night the shepherd led his sheep into the sheepfold which was enclosed by a high wall. After the sheep had entered the fold through the narrow doorway, the shepherd usually lay down across the doorway to sleep. Any enemy or wild animal had to cross over the For the Children A S tory J esus T old (J ohn 10:1-5)

Outline and Exposition His P urpose (J ohn 10:7-10)

Jesus came to earth to be the Door through which the sheep might go in and out, and find pasture. Those before Him, that is, the religious , leaders of the people, were mere self- servers, without regard for the sheep. They only used them for their own , greedy purposes. Christ came to earth that His sheep might have life —abundant life. Those before Him, the false shepherds, used the sheep * only for their own interests; they de­ stroyed rather than protected them. His G ift (J ohn 10:11-15) The true shepherd stands between his sheep and danger, even to giving his life for their protection. The false ones flee and leave the sheep to face the danger alone. Jesus, the true, spiritual Shepherd, knows His sheep and they know Him. even as the Father knows Him and He knows the Father. This close intimacy be­ tween the Shepherd and the sheep is the intimacy of life itself. The Shep­ herd’s life is laid down for the sheep, and the life of the sheeD is bound up with the life of the Shepherd. ‘ His P ower (J ohn 10:16-18) The Jews were not the only sheep for whom the Good Shepherd came to earth; there were others to be brought in until there would be but one flock over which He would exer­ cise control, and for which He would provide protection. In order to bring this to pass, it was necessary that the Shepherd give His life for the sheep. Jesus the Good Shepherd would do this, and because He would, He was loved by the Father. Jesus made it clear that He would lay down His life by His own volition and intent: “No man taketh it from me.” His life was laid down volun- . tarily, bv His own deliberate design. Hence. His death was not that of an unwilling victim who could not save himself; it was that of a willing sac­ rifice, freely giving His life for the sake of His people. Not only did He have power to lay down His life, but also power to take it again. It is the life taken up from the tomb that gives life to all who will accept it. Points and Problems " Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am” (v. 7). In the Old Testament times, the title I AM was one of the names of Deity (Ex. 3:14). Often J A N U A R Y , 1747

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