King's Business - 1947-01

ALIBIS A writer in the Chicago Daily News recently showed the ridiculous rea­ sons some people give for not going to church by merely substituting the word movies for the word church in their excuses: I’m out of the habit of going to the movies; I’d better not go to­ night. I have not been to the movies for so long the walls would fall in if I should go. I know a man who has gone to the movies for years and he is no better than I am. There are as many good people outside the movies as inside. Too many hypocrites attend the movies. I stay away from the movies be­ cause of the kind of folk who sup­ port them. I wouldn’t sit in the same room with Mr. So-and-So. I don’t like the people in charge of the movies. I stay away from the movies be­ cause I went when I was a child. I need new clothes before I can go to the movies. I have a friend visiting me and I don’t know whether he likes the movies or not, and I never meddle with a man’s private opinions. I don’t go to the movies because the directors never call on me. I don’t go to the movies because when I went the last time not a soul spoke to me. & RECIPE FOR PRESERVING CHILDREN 1 large grassy field % dozen children 2 or 3 small dogs A pinch of brook and pebbles Mix children and dogs well to­ gether and put them in field, stirring constantly. Pour brook over pebbles; sprinkle field with flowers; spread over a deep blue sky and bake in the sun. When brown, remove and set to cool in a batfitub.

PREACHER ANSW ERS CALL Dear Brethren: Doubtless you will remember the invitation you extended to me to come over to Macedonia and help the people in that section. You will pardon me for saying that I am somewhat surprised that you should expect a man of my standing in the church to consider seriously a call on such meager information. There are a number of things I should like to learn before giving my de­ cision, and I would appreciate your dropping me a line, addressed to Troas. No mention was made of the salary I was to receive. While it is true that I am not preaching for money, there is the certainty that these things must be taken into account. I have been through a long and expensive course of training; in fact, I may say with reasonable pride that I am a Sanhedrin man! The day is past when you can expect a man to rush into a field without some idea of the support he is to receive. Kindly get the word to the good brethren to get together and see what can be done in the way of support. You have told me nothing about Macedonia beyond the implication that the place needs help. What are the social advantages? Is the church well organized? I recently had a fine offer to re- turn to Damascus at an increase of salary, and I am told that I made ^ a very favorable impression on the church at Jerusalem. You might mention these facts. I will say that I am a first-class mixer, and especially strong in argu­ mentative preaching. If I accept the call, I must stipulate a two months’ vacation and the privilege of taking an occasional lecture tour. My lec­ ture, “Over the Wall in a Basket,” is worth two drachmas of any man’s money! For reference, you may write Rev. S. Peter, D. D., Jerusalem, Palestine. Sincerely yours, PAUL. T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

SIN? Man calls sin an accident; God calls it an abomination. Man calls sin a blunder; God calls it blindness. Man calls sin a chance; God calls it a choice. Man calls sin a defect; God calls it a disease. Man calls sin an error; God calls it enmity. Man calls sin fascination; God calls it fatality. Man calls sin infirmity; God calls it iniquity. Man calls sin luxury; God calls it lawlessness. Man calls sin a trifle; God calls it tragedy. Man calls sin a mistake; God calls it madness. Man calls sin a weakness; God calls it willfulness. There is only one remedy for sin —the precious blood of Christ, which was shed for the remission of sins on Calvary’s Cross. M Y CHURCH ABSENCE Made some question the reality of Christianity. 'Made some think that I was a pretender. Made many regard my spiritual welfare and that of others as a mat­ ter of small concern. Weakened the effect of the church service. Made it more difficult for the preacher to preach. Discouraged the brethren, and therefore robbed them of a blessing. Caused others to stay away from church. Made it harder for me to meet the temptations of the devil. Gave the devil more power over lost souls. Encouraged the habit of non­ church going.

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