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write perhaps only twice or three times a year. Mails are slow! Are you offended about what I have written? Please don’t be; I do love you dearly, and shall be looking ea­ gerly in every mail for your precious letters and cards (with writing on them). Faithfully yours, CAROLYN (Your missionary.)


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Dear Ruth: So you want to be a missionary! Good! But all missionaries should be prepared for that which they will meet on the field, and I want to make you ready for something very important. I’ll begin by asking you a question: How many letters have you written to me, your missionary, since I left for my place of appointment? Maybe they all sank in the depths of the sea. You did send me a Christmas card, and for that I thank you, but it bore merely your signature! Just wait till you get to Africa, miles and miles from anywhere, and it’s been months and months since you’ve had any news from home. Christmas comes. Your first one in Africa! With keen anticipation you have looked for­ ward to that day, and its accompany­ ing sheaf of cards and letters. Not one piece of mail arrives! Then one day, about February 15, a number of fes­ tive-looking envelopes come to you. Christmas mail! “At last my friends have written to me.” The words are nearly a sob. "Now I’m going to see how things are at home.” Excitedly, you rip open the first en­ velope. A card! “Now for the news,” you say, turning it over expecting to find a message on the other side; but it is blank except for a familiar scrawl at the bottom: "Timothy.” “My old friend Timmy; but, why didn’t he say something?” >Picking up the next envelope, you hurriedly tear it open to find a lovely card. “Here’s something, written. Oh joy! ‘Hope you are well. Love from the Smiths.’ ” The rest of the cards are the same. However, you are grateful that you were remembered in the hustle of the good old American Christ­ mas. Nevertheless, you sit with your arms resting on the rough little read­ ing table, your head in your hands, asking, “Why didn’t they say some­ thing?” Now, while actually you are still at home, with tha foregoing in mind, be­ gin writing me about everything: the recent church service—who preached, the text and high lights of the mes­ sage, what the choir sang, and who was saved—blessings, trials, newcom­ ers, marriages, deaths, births, illnesses, who has moved, news about the school, the color of Mrs. Jones’ new hat, and everything else in which you think you would be interested were you in my place. Another point: don’t wait for my an­ swers; they will come, a faithful reply to every letter—but if you wait for each one before writing again, you will

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