King's Business - 1947-01


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u . a Announcing J o h n B r o w n U n iv e r s it y ' s ONE HALF MILLION DOLLAR Building Program

dents at John Brown University. One building now housing the chapel, library and music department will be made available as a dormitory. This is a work of faith and depends on gifts from Christian friends who feel led to help in the ministry o f Christian education. Your gift is important and is needed in the program o f John Brown University as America’s First Christian University o f Vocational Specialization. John Brown University is dedicated to training o f America’s finest youth in the three-fold plan o f education. A D D R E S S DR . J O H N E. B R O W N , P R E S I D E N T J O H N B R OWN U N I V E R S I T Y S I L O A M S P R I N G S , A R K A N S A S

CTUAL CONSTRUCTION has started on the first unit o f the John Brown Univer­

sity Memorial Group of buildings. This is the Cathedral o f the Ozarks, which will serve as University chapel with radio studios and music department as an impor­ tant subdivision. The second o f this group o f buildings is the University library, which will be an adequate, fire­ proof building as required for accredited Universities. The third building is the administration building, which again is a necessity as a fire-proof building for permanent records and which will provide particularly needed office space. These three buildings will be constructed o f native stone and will be known as the Memorial Group o f John Brown University. The completion o f this group o f buildings will make possible the acceptance o f a number o f additional stu­

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