King's Business - 1947-01

Our New Dress The last King’s Business is so beautiful, I want to congratulate you. May your work be blessed, and the circulation of the fine magazine be increased. M rs . C lara B. T orrky 'Widow of the late Di\ H. A. Torreu Wheaton, 111. -V, -.C, Allow me to congratulate you on your new dress. It shows the touch of a master hand in the typographi­ cal arrangements, and the art work is truly beautiful. I am sure that your readers will be more than happy to pay the slight increase in the subscription price. K eith L. B rooks Editor, Prophecy Monthly Los Angeles, Calif. I was very pleasurably surprised to get the October issue of The King’s Business. I like immensely the new process used in the printing and, of course, the new stock is splendid. I think the entire magazine is one hundred per cent improved. T. W. K n (¡STROM Editor, Christian Digest Grand Rapids, Mich. -4*-, —£*- I like the new King’s Business very much. It is a fine job. Congratula­ tions! V ance H avnkr Writer and Conference Speaker Greensboro, N. C. flpi Congratulations on the October is­ sue. It is fine. You are doing a beautiful job. Keep it up! C arol T erry Missionary of the Itamabai Mukti Mission , Author of Kept Kedgaon, India I have wanted to tell you that the new King’s Business is superb. It took my breath away. What an im­ provement! Really it is very beauti­ ful all the way through. You are to be highly commended. -4— -4 “ Let me compliment you on the new paper. The publication presents a beautiful new appearance, and should attract anyone to its mes­ sages. V irginia P ope \\innabow, X. C. Pag« 4 H ansom 1). M arvin Artist and Minister Sprague, Wash.

A note of congratulation on the new magazine. I also enjoy Dr. Bus- well’s articles. C arl F. H. H enry **4— — . I wish to congratulate you on the return to slick paper. The various color tones are especially attractive. It is with a grateful heart to the Lord that I have read your publica­ tion for the past eight years. Even though it was not always printed on paper of a slick type, the messages of the writers were always an endeavor to set forth the truth of God as it is in our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Lord continue to increase your usefulness till He returns. M rs . M audie F ritsen Inglewood, Calif. -4- We appreciate and rejoice in the Gospel proclaimed in your maga­ zine: the helps in our devotional life, the news of the world that pertains to Christians and the Christian church, and Dr. Talbot’s Question and Answer page. M rs . J. W . M urray Laurens, S. C. * -4- Your magazine has been very bene­ ficial to me. Its pages contain both wisdom and inspiration for every Christian. It has been an influence for the glory of God in my life. C harles W . P eck Moscow, Idaho ~4*" —£** I was so delighted with the Octo­ ber issue that I felt I must write and tell you how truly beautiful it looks in its new dress. The articles are timely and fill a personal need. M rs . M urray T homas Los Angeles, Calif. -4— — Your October issue is very attrac- tive. Am very glad it has been pos­ sible for you to obtain the better paper, but I never objected to the cheaper paper, for it was the mes­ sages to which we really looked for­ ward. M bs . H. H. W ise Los Angeles, Calif. -4*- The magazine is so much better with the change in paper. I receive a real blessing from it. M rs . M ary G imuel Venice, Calif. Professor of Philosophy . S’orthern Baptist Seminary Chicago, III.

I am greatly pleased with the Oc­ tober number, and with the different paper. I am always anxious to see what’s inside the magazine when I get it. Don’t want to be without it. M rs . F. A. F arr La Verne, Calif. -4— — We do appreciate your new format, the beautiful pictures, the shiny paper, the chocolate ink and the splendid articles. Victoria, B. C. G eorge T ester -4- I am sending you the enclosed snapshot to show you how I used the front cover picture of the October issue on the felt-o-graph board in our Child Evangelism class. The lesson was on the Trinity. I explained to the children how the little girl in the picture was developing her spirit through the study of God’s Word. E m ily J ennings Pacific Palisades, Calif. "4— I have been delighted with your magazine and have been a reader of it for a long time. I appreciate the fact that you can send it in a new dress. The Object Lessons are ex­ tremely valuable for the teaching of the Sunday school lessons. Wharton, Ohio D. W orth man -4*- -4- I thank you so much for The King’s Business. I enjoy every word of it. The new issue just arrived and it is lovely, printed on such nice paper. However, the paper hasn’t changed the message of Good News which each number contains. Olathe, Hans. M rs . E. E. S mith -4- I I The last issue of The King’s Busi- ness is surely a nice one. What an improvement you have made! J ohn M. J ordan Algona, Iowa -4— -f- The October number certainly is a great improvement so far as paper and print are concerned. But, praise God, your articles were never in­ ferior. . . H elena E ntz Newton, Ivans. “4— -4“ I wish to say that I think the new paper and method of printing have improved your magazine one hun­ dred per cent. It is too bad you T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

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