King's Business - 1947-01

Since my subscription ran out, and I haven’t been able to resubscribe for so long, I have just had a lost feeling. I teach a junior class and so many, many times your Object Lessons have been most useful. I also find great help in Dr. Talbot’s Question Box. I have hesitated to reorder when I didn’t have a gift to mail, too, but I do need your help so I’ll pray, and trust the Lord that soon we may send a generous gift. M rs . R ay H atcher Bremerton, Wash. -4- -fr- This magazine i j a very important link with Biola, and we do not want to miss it. E sther W old Salt Lake City, Utah -4- -4- I want you to know I enjoy the magazine. I shall pass it along to someone else each month after I have read it. M rs . F. A. H odges Auburn, Wash. -4- -$~ I’ve received my King’s Business and truly thank you for it. It con­ tains so many blessings and helps me so much. M rs . N ick E pfle Portland, Ore. -4— 4~ We enjoy The King’s Business, especially Dr. Talbot’s Question Box. S gt . and M rs . H. E. M ann Lake Charles, La. -4— -4“ It is the best magazine I’ve seen for Christian workers and the home. I think the meditations on the differ­ ent books of the Bible are so helpful. M rs . A n n ie M. R obinson Howland, Maine -4— -4" Thank you for my copies of The King’s Business. I especially enjoy the Question Box because Dr. Talbot answers the questions so thoroughly. R uth E. D onner Tacoma, Wash. ~4— -4- I have so enjoyed that wonderful magazine, The King’s Business, which you sent me. I had never seen a copy before, and I have read every bit of it. M rs . B lanche L oper San Luis Obispo, Calif. -*4— -4- Have read your magazine for some time, and find it a great help in teaching a Sunday school class in the Methodist church here. Also there are many personal helps; the Book of the Month is splendid. M rs . H arry L assegard Eugene, Ore. -4- For months I have been going to write to tell you how much I appre­ ciate the field food I’ve received from the Bible Book of the Month, and from Dr. Talbot’s Question Box. S unnybeth S oney

weren’t able to publish it in the new form throughout the war years. G. D. L ockyer Los Angeles, Calif. -4~ -4- This month’s Issue of the magazine is really fine! Such good paper, and, most of all, the excellent pictures! The articles are fine. Such splendid quality as this is becoming to a Christian magazine. G loria F lash San Francisco, Calif. **4*- "4“ Your magazine is the last word in topnotch delights! I’ve found excit­ ing helps for many of my definite teaching needs. I’m also prompted to write that while I’m in love with the magazine, I’m disappointed in not finding Charlotte Frampton’s Bible Drills. I shall begin to work on A Bible Alphabet in my mission classes and Child Evangelism work. M rs . P h il R. W est San Diego, Calif. The new magazine has arrived this minute, and it’s a beauty. M r . and M rs . A ugust S chaal Burbank, Calif. More Kind Words Am enjoying the magazine, and find it to be so helpful. Would like to know if you will continue Bible Drills for Juniors and Intermediates. M rs . A. E. W itty Seattle, Wash. -4- -4- I am much pleased with my Octo­ ber magazine. I have always en­ joyed the Devotional Readings. I have had the publication a good many years and would not want to be without it. M rs . M ary B ishop Whittier, Calif. -4— When will you have the lesson ex­ positions as you had several years ago? They were such a wonderful help, especially on the golden text. W . C. M ohr Oxford, Ohio -4— -4- I cannot do without the help I receive from your magazine. I es­ pecially enjoyed “Sixty Wonderful Years.” The Sunday School Lessons and The Book of the Month are help­ ful. M rs . R ussell S chaal Savanna, 111. -4- -4- I want to tell you how very, much we appreciate your magazine; it is a great blessing to us. We like to make a real study of the articles and look up the references. M r . and M rs . T. H. P ark Los Angeles, Calif. ~4- -4- We enjoy your magazine so very much, but we miss the Bible Quizzes. M rs . H. W. K insey Fresno, Calif. JA N U A R Y , 1947

LESSONS OF THE YEAR For I learn as the years roll onward And leave the past behind, That much I have counted sorrow But proves that our God is kind; That many a flower I longed- for Had a hidden thorn of pain, And many a rugged bypath Led to fields of golden grain. The clouds but cover the sunshine, They cannot banish the sun, And the earth looks out the brighter, When the wearisome rain is done. We must stand in the deepest shadow To see the clearest light, And often from wrong’s own dark­ ness Comes the very strength of right. The sweetest rest is at evening After the wearisome day, When the heavy burden of labor Is borne from our hearts away. And those who have never known sorrow Cannot find the infinite peace That falls on the troubled spirit, When it finds a sweet release. We must live through the dreary winter To value the bright warm spring; The woods must be cold and silent Before the robins sing; The flowers must be buried in dark­ ness Before they can bud and bloom, And the purest and wannest sun­ shine Comes after the storm and gloom. So the heart from the hardest trial Gains the purest joy of all, And the lips that have tasted sad­ ness The sweetest songs that fall. Then as joy comes after sorrow, And love’s the reward of pain, So after earth is Heaven, And out of our loss is gain. Anonymous. Page 5

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