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A Stellar Insurance Coordinator’s Perspective! APRIL 2022 What I Love About My Job

Hi there, friends! I’m Mindy Briggs, a scheduling and insurance coordinator at Robinson Dental. You might have talked to me in the past while scheduling an appointment! Coordinating appointments,

cleaning. By the time I went to a dentist in high school, I was forced to get root canals, and it was not a lot of fun! I took all my kids to excellent dentists for regular cleanings because of that, but nobody in my earliest memories ever talked about enjoying their time at the dentist.

though, is only a small part of what I do. I mainly help patients process their insurance so they can receive the insurance reimbursement they’re entitled to. Like many of my colleagues, I never would’ve expected to work in the dental field — mainly because I’ve worked in so many other fields.

It wasn’t until I saw a listing online for a position at Robinson Dental that I began to consider it seriously. Most of my kids had graduated from college, and I didn’t have to adhere to their school schedules anymore. Since dental was in the medical field, I figured I’d apply, and I’m so glad I did! I talked with my interviewers for at least an hour, and we laughed so much together. It was the best interview of my life.

“In the past three short years, it’s astounding how close I’ve become with my

In the past three short years, it’s astounding how close I’ve become with my peers and patients at Robinson Dental. I’m so proud to work in a clinic that genuinely cares and prioritizes the immediate care of

By 2010, I’d volunteered in the local school system for over 12 years. I worked in the lunch program and also worked for the transportation department transporting homeless kids to their designated schools while their families were in transition. I’ve also worked at Fricano’s Pizza for nearly 32 years and still work part time there today! (Fun fact: I’ve worked there since I was 16 years old.) Even though I loved working with staff and customers who were like family to me, I felt it was time for a career shift into the medical field. So, in 2010, I went back to school to earn an associate’s degree in medical administration. peers and patients at Robinson Dental. I’m so proud to work in a clinic that genuinely cares and prioritizes the immediate care of our patients.”

our patients. Our team intentionally blocks off time in our schedules for emergency care, which allows us to see patients in need right away. While working in our new call center, nothing is more rewarding than being able to comfort a patient on the phone and schedule them to be treated that same day. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and animals! I enjoy taking my dogs out for walks into the woods, especially in the summer. Our family does plenty of outdoor activities when the weather is pleasant, including card and board games and camping. I also love crafting and babysitting my darling grandbaby. If you catch me on the phone, don’t hesitate to chat! Thanks so much for reading! It was an honor being a part of this month’s newsletter.

–Mindy Briggs

Still, I wasn’t thinking about going into dental. It just didn’t strike me as an option somehow; growing up, my parents never took us to a dental



Can Eating Food Before Bed Cause Nightmares? FACT OR FICTION:

As a kid, your parents probably said that eating before bed was bad for you, but is that really true? Recent data shows that it just might be.

For example, the International Journal of Psychophysiology conducted a study where participants added Tabasco sauce or mustard to a meal they ate before bed. Their study found that this addition affected the quality of sleep that night since spicy food can cause your body temperature to rise, release heat, and induce restlessness. To top it off, Harvard Medical School found that conditions that wake you up during your sleep can influence your ability to recall dreams, making it easier to remember any potential nightmares. If you want a snack before bed, fruit is the best option. Grapes contain sleep hormones such as melatonin, which helps you fall asleep faster. Bananas are another option because potassium can calm and de-stress your muscles before bed.

The Studies The University of Montreal discovered a correlation between late-night eating and nightmares in 2015, with 9.5% of their participants saying that they had bad dreams when they ate before going to bed. Another study by the Journal of the Mind and Body found that sugary sweets such as ice cream and candy bars can increase brain activity. During this increase after eating sugary foods, 70% of their participants experienced nightmares. However, Stanford University for Sleep Sciences and Medicine explains that this isn’t always siloed to sweets; other kinds of late-night snacks may cause nightmares as well.

The Findings If you’re eating food containing spices, sugar, or dairy, this can trigger more brain waves in your sleep, making it more difficult to rest. While more research is needed to connect your choice of midnight snacks or late-night dinners to nightmares, it’s easy to see that sweets and spicy dishes won’t help you get better sleep each night. Meet This Month’s Charities! COOPERSVILLE CARES AND CHRISTIAN NEIGHBORS

Hello, Robinson Dental family! As you may know, every month, we feature one or two charities to match donations as well as include into our referral program. For every person you refer, we’ll donate $25 to both charities in your name. This program has been immensely successful over the years, and it’s all thanks to you! This month, our wonderful featured nonprofits are Coopersville Cares, a local food pantry among many other services, and Wayland Area Christian Neighbors Food Pantry. It’s hard to imagine that every day, people in our local area are going to school, work, or bed while hungry. These programs are a direct link to helping these families in need.

Cares to continue eating well every week — even up to nearly 100 families. This past February, 61% of their families were senior citizens. Unfortunately, not all seniors qualify for SNAP food assistance when they need it most. This organization provides more than food, though! Coopersville Cares also offers low-income families with financial assistance toward rent, utilities, and transportation expenses. Wayland Area Christian Neighbors Food Pantry is part of the Christian Neighbors nonprofit organization, which, much like Coopersville Cares, provides many services for low-income families, including a food bank! They distribute purchased and donated food to low-income families in the Wayland area. The organization’s other services include rental payments, utility assistance, medical expenses, and prescription costs (but not pain, narcotic, or controlled substances) for residents of Plainwell, Otsego, and Martin school districts. Don’t be shy and give us a call to donate! We’ll match up to $5,000 in donations. Remember that when you refer your friends and family and they get their first appointment with Robinson Dental, we’ll donate $25 to both organizations in your name. Thanks so much, and have a wonderful month!

Here’s a little bit more information about each of these organizations.

Coopersville Cares is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to serving low- income families. They’re most known for their formidable food bank (which includes a mobile food bank) as well their clothing closet. Over 50 families rely on Coopersville



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Patients of the Month

Thank You for Your Help! IN FEBRUARY, WE RAISED $5,000 Giving back is just one reason our team is so proud of the work we do. We’re also incredibly proud of our generous patients. This February, we dedicated our monthly charity fundraiser to our local Wayland Union and Coopersville public schools — and you helped us raise over $5,000! We were thrilled! Thank you so much for lending a helping hand to the next generation of Americans. These funds will help ensure all children in our local area will have the resources they need to learn at the highest level possible. If you want to partake in the next fundraising event, don’t forget to refer your friends and family — we’ll send $25 to both our featured charities in your name.


Wendy wasn’t home, but we said hello to her dog!



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Try Your Luck With This Eggtastic Game!


FUN HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES THE WHOLE FAMILY WILL ENJOY Easter is approaching, and there are tons of activities you and your family can do to celebrate the holiday. These activities will let your children or grandchildren unlock their imaginations, all from the comfort of your own home. children laughing in no time. You first spin the wheel to see how many eggs you will crack over your head or someone else’s. Some of these eggs are filled with water, which are the eggs you don’t want. Try your luck with this fun-filled game. Egg-splore Different Ways to Celebrate Easter

KiwiCo Eggsperiments Cost: $26.95 |

Easter Cookie Kit Cost: $29.99 |

These experiments bundle creativity, science, and education in one fun, family- friendly package! Instead of having your kids decorate eggs with paint, you can use this kit to conduct scientific experiments. Your child will be able to color eggs and create crystalized shells by using chemistry, physics, and biology.

Did somebody say cookies? Yes, we did! With this cookie kit, you and your kids will be creating edible bunnies, flowers, and eggs! The kit provides all the ingredients you need to bake delicious cookies, which is a perfect time to teach your child about the fundamentals of baking while having fun at the same time. This activity satisfies your creative needs and your cravings for a sweet treat. The traditional activities around Easter are fun, and now you have even more options to choose from — but these items will go fast so pick one up ASAP. These activities are enjoyable for the entire family, and you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Easter!

Egged On Cost: $24.50 |

You’ve heard of casino roulette, but have you heard of egg roulette? Well, now you have with Egged On, a Hasbro board game that will have you and your


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