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Try Your Luck With This Eggtastic Game!


FUN HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES THE WHOLE FAMILY WILL ENJOY Easter is approaching, and there are tons of activities you and your family can do to celebrate the holiday. These activities will let your children or grandchildren unlock their imaginations, all from the comfort of your own home. children laughing in no time. You first spin the wheel to see how many eggs you will crack over your head or someone else’s. Some of these eggs are filled with water, which are the eggs you don’t want. Try your luck with this fun-filled game. Egg-splore Different Ways to Celebrate Easter

KiwiCo Eggsperiments Cost: $26.95 |

Easter Cookie Kit Cost: $29.99 |

These experiments bundle creativity, science, and education in one fun, family- friendly package! Instead of having your kids decorate eggs with paint, you can use this kit to conduct scientific experiments. Your child will be able to color eggs and create crystalized shells by using chemistry, physics, and biology.

Did somebody say cookies? Yes, we did! With this cookie kit, you and your kids will be creating edible bunnies, flowers, and eggs! The kit provides all the ingredients you need to bake delicious cookies, which is a perfect time to teach your child about the fundamentals of baking while having fun at the same time. This activity satisfies your creative needs and your cravings for a sweet treat. The traditional activities around Easter are fun, and now you have even more options to choose from — but these items will go fast so pick one up ASAP. These activities are enjoyable for the entire family, and you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Easter!

Egged On Cost: $24.50 |

You’ve heard of casino roulette, but have you heard of egg roulette? Well, now you have with Egged On, a Hasbro board game that will have you and your


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