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The Symptom You MUST Talk With Your Doctor About Is Back Pain Keeping You From Living A Fulfilling Life?

When you’re involved in an accident, an assortment of things flies through your mind. You may be wondering about how bad the damage is to your car, how much traffic is whizzing by you, the damage done to the other party’s car, and the other party’s health and safety. However, your first concern should be your own health. In a car accident, you may not immediately feel the effects. Sometimes, symptoms can take weeks or even months to become noticeable. Regardless of how you feel after a car accident, you need to visit a doctor immediately. It’s critical that you talk to your doctor about everything that hurts for your own sake and also for your personal injury or workers’ compensation claim. It is also important to document everything that hurts from this accident. In a personal injury case, communication with your doctor is crucial because their testimony about an injury can make or break a court decision. I have spoken to clients who had symptoms that they described as numbness down their arms or legs. This is the feeling that your arm or leg is asleep. Sometimes people describe a “pins and needles” sensation. The most common reason for this is that a disc in their neck or back has ruptured or herniated, causing problems with the nerves in their arms or legs. This is something that I’m pretty familiar with — half of my clients have experienced this type of injury. A herniated disk is complicated to diagnose because it requires an MRI to confirm, but if you’re feeling any of these symptoms, you need to describe them to the right type of

A herniated disc is a serious condition that will change a person’s life forever. The available treatments are time, physical therapy, injections, and surgery, and they usually occur in this order. Some people heal very soon after treatment and are fine. However, others are not as fortunate. Let’s have a conversation as soon as we can about this condition so that we can best handle your case.

doctor as soon as possible. When a client expresses that they have these types of symptoms, it’s my job to direct them to the right doctor for the situation. For a herniated disk, I recommend orthopedic or neuro surgeons. Sometimes, symptoms appear immediately after an injury, while other times they become more gradual as a person’s injury worsens with time. If you start to feel pins and needles, please call me and talk about it. We need to discuss this immediately! The defendant and/or insurance company will order your medical records and attempt to find an alternate cause of this symptom in an attempt to deny your claim. We need to discuss this prior to your visit with an orthopedic doctor.

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