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April 2019

As spring rolls around, everyone is taking time to reorganize, reprioritize, and dig in to the cleaning that’s part and parcel of the season. I’m already a pretty straightforward, organized guy, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have things to work on. For me, spring- cleaning is about taking a closer look at that pesky issue that plagues busy people across the country: work-life balance. When you own and manage a physical therapy clinic — or are in any other high-involvement, hands-on type of career — it can become seriously difficult to carve out space for the other things in life that make it worth living. I’m the father of two kids, a husband, and a man with a host of my own personal passions, but too often, work starts to take over everything if I let it go unchecked. Between steering patients toward recovery and actually managing the day- to-day operations of the clinic, there’s always more work to do. That’s why it’s so important that I remain intentional about my time and draw firm lines between work and home. Recently, I spoke to a gentleman at an event who had a refreshing perspective on the topic. “Work is always going to be there,” he told me, “but the fact is that your kids’ sporting events, life milestones, and time at home won’t be.” This has always been my take. Once they’re grown and out of the house, they’re not going to rejoin high school so they can perform at their recital again. So that

soccer match, I take that commitment very seriously. I think it’s easy for professionals to look at their packed calendars and see family time as the one thing that can go in a pinch, but that’s never how I do things. In fact, it’s the opposite: The appointments with my family are absolutely the last thing I will ever cancel, at all costs. And, of course, I make sure to make the most of the time I do get to spend with my family. I’ve talked a ton in this newsletter about the backpacking trips I go on with the kids. Aside from just being a fun activity on its own, hiking gives us an opportunity to totally unplug and spend time with one another face-to-face with no distractions. Right now, we’re trying to decide whether we’ll go on our yearly trip out to Joshua Tree, Death Valley, or just repeat a hike around Saddlebag Lakes. The jury’s still out, but it’s sure to be an adventure either way. The older the kids get, the more purposeful and deliberate we have to be with our planning as a family to see each other. It certainly gets complicated sometimes, but I’m always eager to face the challenge. I’m proud to be able to say that I’ve been able to run a business while still being there for the people I love, and I’m dedicated to ensuring it stays that way for years to come.

I never get too caught up in the day-to-day and start missing time with my kids, I make sure to schedule that time like I would anything else. When I say I’ll be somewhere, whether that’s my daughter’s basketball game or my son’s

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–Julian Manrique

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