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MEET DR. LORI MILLER One of Our Incredibly Talented Functional Medicine Doctors


From the very first day of osteopathic medical school, Dr. Lori Miller was set on a different path than the one dictated by traditional medicine. “In our orientation,

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they broke up the word ‘disease,’” she says. “Dis - ease: What’s stopping the patient from being at ease? They told us, ‘You can prescribe a pill all you want, but how can you dig deeper and address the problem at its root?’” After receiving her degree, she took a position at UnityPoint Clinic, where she worked in family medicine for over 16 years. “During the last 10 years or so there, I gave up my afternoons and starting working with medical residents to help them train,” she says. “I was constantly pushed by their young minds asking ‘why, why, why,’ and driving me deeper into my methodologies and philosophies as a medical expert.” As she was searching for ways to improve her skills in her spare time, she came across the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), now called the Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI), which gave her the foundations to try incorporating functional medicine into her work. “I thought I’d be the one who could do it all,” she says, “incorporating nutritional and natural methods into those more traditional practices.” Still, it never quite meshed, and the organization gave her considerable pushback. “It broke my heart,” she says. But she knewThe Livewell Clinic CEODr. Zac Watkins through a mutual patient and was aware of his passion for functional medicine. They got to talking, eventually meeting every three or four months to discuss how they might realize a new vision for health care, until one day, he asked if she wanted to join the Livewell team. Now, Dr. Lori fulfills her dream of working as a fully fledged functional medicine doctor every day. “I love educating patients,” she says. “Knowledge is power. I can teach people why their body is doing what it’s doing, get them to listen to what it’s saying, and empower them to transform their health from the ground up. I get more satisfaction from taking people off medication that I ever did prescribing it.” All of us at The Livewell Clinic feel lucky to have Dr. Lori on our side, applying her keen sense of compassion, empathy, and medical expertise to improve the well-being of every patient who comes her way. We look forward to seeing her transform lives for years to come.

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