Baker Auction - February/March 2020

It’s Sale Time!

2/22 Jayden DeLuca Foundation Masquerade 2/27 LIA Gala + Auction 2/29 Treasure Valley Policeman’s Ball (1 of 4 events this evening) 3/6 LA Light in the Window Benefit Gala 3/14 St. Joe’s School Auction (1 of 4 events this evening) 3/28 Idaho Youth Sports Commission Upcoming Events at a Glance (For more dates and detailed information, visit *Please note: This is a partial listing of events.

This little girl, bless her heart, bid all the way up to $500 for the puppy. She really wanted it, and she was devastated when she didn’t get it.

The bidding war went on until the puppy sold for over $5,000 to a wealthy donor family. We thanked them for buying the puppy and went about the rest of our night. The next day, I found out that family had given the puppy to the little girl. They bought it just for her. It would have been hard for me to keep my emotions in check during the show if I had known all of this was going on. Call it destiny, fate, or whatever you want, but something special happened that night that proved there are some really good people out there with a lot of love to give.

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them, and we decided to bring them down for our next Big Chefs Big Gala, which was our biggest fundraiser of the year.

In the past, Big Brothers Big Sisters has had a few different auctioneers. We chose to work with Baker Auction Company because of the incredible energy and level of professionalism they bring to nonprofit events. They ran the most successful auction in terms of fundraising in the history of our organization. Baker Auction has only worked one event for us, but they beat the previously fundraising record by 20%.

The funds that Baker Auction Company helped raise will help Littles in our program graduate high school and move on to their college education. One of the most rewarding experiences for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada every year is seeing the kids whom we helped mentor graduate from high school. At least in part, Baker Auction Company helped make that possible.



-Derek Beauvais


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