Legacy Reporting 2023

Dave Hansen Vietnam Vet-extended interview - Digitally published 7/13/2022 Dave Hansen (pictured left) dreamed of becoming an art teacher but instead found himself overseas in the Vietnam War operating radar detection equipment for night ambush teams. In his harrowing story, he recounts memories of his intense experiences that led to years of PTSD and suicide attempts. Thanks to help from the Veterans Administration, Hanson is on the mend and now shares his story to help other veterans who suffer and to let them know there is hope.

What's Inside a Player Piano?! - Digitally Published 7/22/2022 Nate Otto is a player piano restorer and technician in Anoka, MN. Early on in his career, he restored his family heirloom Packard Player Piano that dates from 1918. In this video Nate demonstrates the piano's controls and how it plays (pictured right).

YANKEE ROSE (1926) on Player Piano from 1918 - Digitally published 7/27/2022 Piano Roll played on Packard Player Piano restored by Nate Otto (pictured left). "Yankee Rose" is composed by Abe Frankl and was published by Irving Berlin, Inc. in 1926.

Vietnam Veteran Gene Murphy Extended Interview - Digitally published 8/2/2022 Gene Murphy (pictured right) was wounded in action while in Vietnam. Despite months of hospitalization and incurable paralysis of his legs, Murphy went on to build a family and hold prominent leadership positions serving the needs of veterans and their families in the region and at the national level. The experience changed his life and after recovering he devoted his life to helping

other wounded veterans. Murphy joined DAV (Disabled American Veterans) in 1970 and became increasingly active in the organization. He served as national commander of DAV from 1987 to 1988, advocating for veterans of all wars all the way to the highest levels of government. In 1998, Murphy was elected treasurer of the Disabled Veterans’ Life Memorial Foundation and continues to serve as secretary/treasurer.


LEGACY REPORTING: JULY 1, 2021 – JUNE 30, 2022


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