Pro PT Inc - FSI- January 2020

Welcome to a brand-new decade! Make 2020 the year you invest in yourself by investing in your health. Start the decade off right by addressing the issues you’ve ignored for too long. Do you have: • Nagging back pain? • Sore muscles, tendons, or joints? • An old sports injury that keeps you from being active? This year is your year. Make your vision for 2020 one of health and well-being by visiting Professional Physical Therapy. We’ll help you take care of the pain you’ve been putting off.

A new year means your HSA plans are renewing. But don’t delay getting care for fear of running through your deductible. We have treatment plans and options that can work for you, such as ... Laser therapy with the LightForce Class IV laser! Heal faster and get back to doing the things you love with this noninvasive and pain-free option. Call our office today and kick off your year feeling your best! Professional Physical Therapy 620 Old West Central Street Franklin, MA 02038 508-528-6100

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