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I ndustry P rofessional P rofiles

Ashley Kettler Tax Senior Manager

Tonney "Rhymes with Money" Insley Advisor


LOCATION: SVN-Miller Commercial Real Estate. Company covers all of the Eastern Shore of Mary- land, Delaware. BIRTH PLACE & DATE: September 13, 1977 in Salisbury, MD FAMILY: Wife, Megan, Two sons Warner 8 and Everett 6 PETS: 2 Cats: Flash and Quint EDUCATION: Gettysburg College

FAMILY: Wife- Lauren, 1 year old son - Mason PETS: Sadie - Toy Poodle and Chloe - Yorkie EDUCATION: BA inMusicStudies fromWilliamPaterson University, MBA in Accounting from Rutgers

WHAT DO YOU DONOW&WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: Currently I work in the real estate tax niche at Withum as a senior manager. For the future, I am working towards building upon the REIT practice. KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS (ONE IDEA): Collaborating with others HOBBIES: Music & woodworking PERSON YOU MOST ADMIRE: My wife for her always positive/ glass half full attitude. She has taught me that there is always a bright side. IF YOU WERE FORCED TO CHOOSE ANOTHER VOCATION WHAT WOULD IT BE? Audio engineering IF YOUCOULDMEET A FAMOUS PERSONOR HOLLYWOODCELEBRITY… WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET? Dave Grohl – he seems like such a normal, down to earth guy. Plus he is a great musician, both song- writer, guitarist and fellow drummer. If I’m being honest I would love to meet him when there happened to be instruments in the room so I could play a Foo Fighters song with him singing/playing guitar and me on drums! FAVORITE SONG: Around the World – Red Hot Chili Peppers FAVORITE COLOR: Green FAVORITE SEASON: Fall WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD? Bermuda WHERE IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRAVEL TO THAT YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO? Los Angeles

WHAT DO YOU DO NOW & WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE? As a commercial real estate advisor, it's my job to drive demand for my client's real estate assets and maximize their overall value. I am always looking for investors that are interested in our market and the returns it brings. KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS: I deal in Trust and I do so by solving problems that helpclients achieve their commercial real estate goals. By building meaningful relationships, I leverage a strong understanding of my client and my local industry expertise to bring results. HOBBIES: I love spending time with my family especially in the summer at the beach. PERSON YOU MOST ADMIRE: My wife. IFYOUCOULDMEETAFAMOUSPERSONORHOLLYWOODCELEBRITY…

WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET? Robin Williams FAVORITE SONG: With or Without you by U2 FAVORITE BOOK: Lord of the Flies FAVORITE MOVIE: Field of Dreams


Tyrone Chilcote Regional Vice President

Stephanie Staub Director of Marketing

COMPANY LOCATION: 1818 Market Street, Suite 1700A, Philadelphia, Pa 19103 BIRTHPLACE&DATE: Indianapolis, Indiana,April 1961 FAMILY: Married, 4 Children, 4 Grandchildren EDUCATION: RutgersUniversity, BOMAReal Property Administrator (RPA)

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA BIRTHPLACE & DATE: Trenton, NJ August 1, 1968 FAMILY: Married 22 years with two children - 20-year-old son, 17-year-old daughter PETS: AnAmericanEskimo/Pomeranianmixnamed Sumo EDUCATION: BS in Marketing Management from theCollege of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College)

WHAT DOYOUDONOW&WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: Currently theRegional VicePresident for the Engineering Services for Able Services overseeing the on-site engineering services for clients from Philadelphia to Florida. KEY TOYOUR SUCCESS: Develop andmaintain a great reputation with clients, employees and coworkers. HOBBIES: Cycling and running PERSON YOU MOST ADMIRE: My grandfather who was the smartest person I ever knewdespite his limited formal education. He showed to me that any problem could be solved with hard work, reason and determination. IF YOU WERE FORCED TO CHOOSE ANOTHER VOCATION WHAT WOULD IT BE? Running an old fashion hardware store. IF YOU COULD MEET A FAMOUS PERSON OR HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY… WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET? Harry Houdini, a brilliant mind wrapped in showmanship. FAVORITE SONG: Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton FAVORITE BOOK: The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov FAVORITE MOVIE: Casablanca FAVORITE COLOR: Blue FAVORITE SEASON: Fall WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: Schoodic Point in Winter Harbor, Maine WHERE IN THE WORLDWOULD YOU LIKE TO TRAVEL? Southeast Asia

WHAT DO YOU DO NOW & WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: I market glazingcontractors in thePhiladelphiaRegion. Two important focus areas are interior glass walls and industry certifications for glazing contractors and glaziers in the field. KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS (ONE IDEA): Listening to people. HOBBIES: Being at the beach and playing pinochle PERSON YOU MOST ADMIRE: My children. Both set goals and work very hard to achieve them. They are family oriented and respectful of everyone. They grew up in the digital age but have terrific conversations and social skills. They give me hope for the future! IFYOUWEREFORCEDTOCHOOSEANOTHERVOCATIONWHATWOULD IT BE? Probably something research related. I likeanalytical thinking. IF YOUCOULDMEETAFAMOUS PERSONORHOLLYWOODCELER- ITY…WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET? Lucille Ball – Growing up her show was one of my favorites and relatable to me. She is a comedy icon. FAVORITE SONG: Heartache on the Dance Floor FAVORITE BOOK: No particular favorite, but I like detective and mystery books. FAVORITE MOVIE: Forrest Gump andGrease – I love themboth! FAVORITE COLOR: Pink FAVORITE SEASON: Summer

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