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E nvironmental /G reen B uildings

Farm grows non-biodegradable, lightweight, lowmaintenance, economical roofing systems Chatfield Farms takes the spotlight in the Big Apple

n April 22 (the day before Earth Day, in fact), the New York City Council passed the Cli- mate Mobilization Act, also ,known as the "Green New Deal," which consists of a pack- age of bills and resolutions created to significantly re- duce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency throughout the Big Apple. This move affects all buildings-both residential and commercial-and the spotlight is on green roofs. "We've already seen the revolutionary benefits of green roofs in action thanks to places around the city like O

the USPS Morgan Process- ing and Distribution Center, and many others," said Ra- fael Espinal, the NYC council member, 37th District, who sponsored the bill. "They cool down cities by mitigating the urban heat island effect, cut energy costs, absorb air pol- lution, reduce stormwater runoff, promote biodiversity, provide soundproofing, and make our cities more livable for all." For Central New York-based Chatfield Farms, this develop- ment is not only compelling, but validating. Founded by Bob Parker in

2006, the farm grows non- biodegradable, lightweight, low maintenance, economical and long-lasting vegetative roofing systems, called Xeroflor mats. These mats can be removed 10, 15, or 20 years down the road to perform roof repairs/new roofing, and can be reinstalled, making them the most sustain- able mat product on the market today. The farm's initial involve- ment with XeroFior as a grower in Onondaga County, town of Elbridge, evolved into becoming a licensed seller and supplier for the entire northeast, mid- Atlantic and central regions of

the U.S. The environmentally con- scious company has provided XeroFior mats for nationally recognized projects that include the Jacob Javits Convention Center, the Duke Medical Cen- ter located in Durham, N.C. (roof size just under 6,000 s/f), Columbia University in NYC (roof size 13,080 s/f), CBS in NYS (roof size 8,900 s/f), NYC's School for Visual Arts Dormitory (roof size 3,080 s/f), Zeckendorf Towers in NYC (roof size 14,000 s/f), the Empire State Building (roof size 6,900 s/f) and Capital One Headquarters, located in Mclean, VA, which has a roof size of 15,000 s/f. Construction Contractor caught up with the man who has made it his business to bet- ter the environment for close to 15 years. Here, he talks about accomplishments and explains in detail how it works. What project are you most proud of and why? Parker: "The Javits Center is our biggest roof grown out of the Elbridge field. We had almost a half million s/f of green rooting on the ground for multiple projects. The Jacob Javits Convention Center roof size is 294,000 s/f, the largest green roof in NYC and the second largest in the nation. Only Ford's Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan beats it with a XeroFior green roof installa- tion of 10.4 acres, or 450,000 s/f, the equivalent of eight football fields. That was installed in 2003." How does green roofing re- duce stormwater runoff? Parker: "The green roof acts as a sponge and retains rainwa- ter on the roof thereby avoid- ing perfectly clean water from entering the municipal waste water system. The water on the roof feeds the plants and evaporates back into the air. The sedum plants also absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. At the Javits Center, the roof, which was completed in 2014, retains almost 7 million gallons of stormwater runoff annually." Green roofing is said to en- hance building performance and conserves energy. Can you please provide an example? Parker: "A black surface re- tains heat much longer than a green roof. For instance, a black roof in the middle of summer could reach a temperature as continued on page 14B

Brooklyn Steel, the Barclays Center, the Javits Center,

Since 1988


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