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1902 W . G rand A v e ., C h ica g o , 111.

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A ddress- C ity.___

„S tate—

November, 1939

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


Mighty Messages for the Moment Printed Copies of Radio Messages Whose Circulation H^s Run Into Many Thousands By ROY L. LAURIN • Editor of THE KING'S BUSINESS

“IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK” A prophetic message which has reached a world-wide circulation. “WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH THE JEWS?” An antidote for anti-Semitism. “IS MORAL RE-ARMAMENT A SALVATION OR A SHIBBOLETH?” An estimate and expose of a popular movement.

I f 2 . 3 .


BOY L. LAURIN 558 S. Hope St.

Los Angeles, Calif. I

( ) A l l Th ree for 25 c


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Los Angeles, Calif.

558 S. Hope St.

C ity ...................................? . . . . S ta te



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SHERRILL BLANDON’S CALL By Zenobia Bird To the many who enjoyed ’‘Stoke of Brier Hill,” “Under Whose Wings,” etc., a new book by this author will certainly be welcome news. Fiction. Just published. Cloth-bound.......$1.50 f PETER AND HIS LORD By Clarence E. Macartney Twenty-one comprehensive, scholar­ ly, vivid sermons on the life of Peter. Cloth-bound, reprint edition at new low price..................................... $1.00 CHRISTMAS CARD Assortments All with Scripture Texts; all have envelopes: , • A new assorted package of 6, $ .15 A fine assorted box of 12:.......... 50 De Luxe box òf 21.................!.. 1.00 CALENDARS for 1940 A beautifully colored picture for each month, a Scripture text for each day ..........\ ............................... 30 Customers in California w ill add 3% sales tax.

Working L ibrary 3 volumes fo r....... Gray’s CHRISTIAN


WORKER’S COMMENTARY Wide-margin edition of this very pop­ ular commentary. Contains over 350,- 000 vvords, 443 column pages, over 25,000 questions, index (published price $3.00.) • Smith’s BIBLE DICTIONARY Contains every name in the Bible, gives an account of each of the books of the Bible, explains the civil and religious institutions, manners and customs of the Jews, etc. Profusely illustrated (published price $2.00.) • ' Cruden’s CONCORDANCE Indispensable to pastors, Sunday- school teachers, and all Christian workers (published price $2.00.) This 3-volume set, bound i morocco-grained fabrikoid .......... -.............. $5.9


560 S. HOPE ST., LOS ANGELES, CALIF. “ Headquarters—Fundamental Literature”

November, 1939



ROY L„ LAURIN. Editor-In-Chief MILDRED M. COOK, Managing Editor W. F, KEMPF, Advertising and Circulation M anager

They that did the King's business Helped the Jews!

O ffic ia l' O rgan o f T h e B ib le In stitu te o f Los A n g eles, Incorp orated

SheSibleTantìliiSitatine Motto: “Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood.,, —Rev. 1:5.

“And all the princes of the prov­ inces, and the satraps, and the governors, and they that did the king’s business, helped the Jews!’’ —Esther 9:3 (E.V.) If ever in their history the Jews needed your help, they need it now. A Hitler in Germany, a Stalin in Russia, persecution in Poland, bloodshed in Roumania—the age- old cry of the Jew pierces the heart of every true child of God— Wohin sol Ich gehen ? Where shall I go? Can you afford, as a born-again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, to shut up your bowels of mercy to that haunting wail ? The old time heathen of Haman’s day, in the hour of Israel’s distress, helped the Jews! Can you do less than those Godless heathen did ? And do you know a truly better way to help the Jews now than to point them to the only cure for their troubles, the Lord Jesus Christ? Think it over; then write us. Some day you’ll be glad you did. The promise of God is still valid, “I will bless them that bless thee.” Gen. 12:3. • Our world-wide testimony to Israel is worthy of your faithful prayers and sympathy. Your help is always needed and annreciated. “THE CHOSEN PEOPLE.” be­ loved by Bible students for' its^ heinful information on prophecy and thè Jews, is sent to all con­ tributors. May we hear from you ? AMERICAN BOARD OF MISSIONS TO THE JEWS, INC. 31 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. I do want to help the Jews. Here is $........................... Use it as God directs, to make known the. saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ to Israel. Name...,........... ................................ Address........................................... City.— .............State................

Volume XXX

November, 1939

Number 11


Around the King’s Table — Roy L. Laurin ........................... ............ 413 Views and Reviews of Current News —Dan Gilbert .......... ....,...... 414 The German-Russian Alliance — Louis S. Bauman ............ 415 The Unfading Inheritance — Roy L . Laurin .............. ............ 416 “My Child Is So Ungrateful ”— Ethel S. Low.......... .......... ............ 418 In Defense of Dogma — Frederic IV. Farr .................... ......:.... 419 Try Thanksgiving ................................... Gates of God — Daniel Lamont ......... ................. ..........:. 421 Mission to the Migrants...................... . .......... .422 Junior King’s Business — Martha S. Hooker.. ....... ........... 423 International Lesson Commentary.............. ..... ..... 425 Notes on Christian Endeavor —Mary G. Goodner....

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_______ Log Angeles, California

558 South Hope Street

November, 1939


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

Troubled Palestine Pictures and comments from the sum­ mer tour made by

KENNETH M. MONROE Dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles


The Arab city of Jaffa and the Jewish city of Tel Aviv merge one into the other. Present conditions, however, necessitate the military barrier pictured in the background of the top photograph in the panel. Our two Arab friends, left and right, both graduates of the Davis Agricultural School, California, were prevented by the military authori­ ties from accompanying us to Tel Aviv. [In the center is Conard K. Sandy, Dr. Monroe’s traveling companion on last summer’s tour.]

TEMPORARY QUARTERS AT GIVATH BRENNER So many Jewish immigrants are arriv­ ing from Europe that the cooperative communities face a housing problem. After their harrowing experiences in other lands, the sufferers are most hap­ py to dwell in their tents among friends.

BOMB-PROOF BUSES j All b u s e s of Palestine have been barred as pictured here, to preclude destruction by bombs thrown in by en- " emy forces. Prior to the time when this precaution was taken, many trav- % elers were injured or killed by bombs exploding in the buses. This picture was taken in the Valley of the Hinnom on the west side of Jerusalem. On top of the city wall is a military lookout, protected from the heat of the sun by a few boards and a little canvas. About ten days before this picture was taken, nine men were blown to bits and thirty-five were in­ jured, when a Jewish bomb exploded in an Arab watermelon market (then lo­ cated off the highway, to the right). .

November, 1939

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


Around the King s Table By ROY L LAURIN

great war it was “Gott mit Uns” (“God with us”). Much was also heard of Al­ lied claims. But we wonder. Is God on either side? We have a thought that God hates war. We have a thought that God is not partial to the dying and homeless of any side. God may be dis­ pleased about the causes of war, but surely His ears are open to the cry of all who pray, no matter what their nationality. It would be better if before war came we would strive to get on God’s side. In that case there would be no war. Knocking Knees War apparently has given an impetus to piety in England. Two posters ap­ peared on a London church recently, one of w h i c h read, “IF YOUR KNEES KNOCK, KNEEL ON THEM.” Kneeling is a good remedy for knocking knees. It is unfortunate that it takes war to make people prayerful. But adversity has always been beneficial to humanity in driving it to its knees. We shall be able to stand more firmly if we k n e e l oftener. Prayer makes strong knees, not, of course, in the phys­ ical sense, but as the result of a spir­ itual muscular development. It has been well said, “Your kneeling keeps you in good standing.” “He stands best who kneels most; He stands strongest who kneels weak­ est; He stands longest who kneels lowest; Bent knees make strong backs.” Information or Interpretation In this day of war news, most pebple have their faces so close to the news column that they do not see the pattern upon which the events of the day are transpiring. The pattern is the pro­ phetic Scripture. The Scriptures trace beforehand the movements of empires. What we need is not merely informa­ tion concerning current events. This is easily obtained. But having such in­ formation, we may still be j woefully ignorant as to its significance. Vfle need interpretation as well as informa­ tion. The Bible is not expected to be a newspaper. But what the Bible does is to serve as the interpreter of daily affairs. We need it more than ever in these important days. Without it we are but creatures of today. With it we see “the end from the beginning.”

Thanksgiving with Thanks Let us give thanks! We have heard this exhortation be­ fore. But it means more this year thin it has meant for many years past. Thanksgiving finds u s ' with a tre­ mendous national and hemispherical ad­ vantage. We of this nation and hemi­ sphere are far removed from the bombs and bullets of the conflict in Europe, as well as in Asia. Is this advantage mere­ ly an accident of geography ? No doubt location has something to do with it, but not everything. Our nation was con­ ceived in certain religious ideals. Its pioneers were prompted in its founding by definite aims of spiritual freedom and political liberty. The Bible was the bul­ wark of the nation. The question is constantly coming to the minds of se­ rious thinking people, “How long can these liberties be retained?”.. Only so long as we keep God in our plans and the Bible in our churches! Thanksgiving needs to. be a time of national penitence. It should be a time for reordering our national life to meet the standards of the Bible. True thanks­ giving cannot come from a people who ignore God in other seasons of the year. “O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” Today’s War Is this war a war of property or phil­ osophy ? Ostensibly Hitler has territorial aims. He has revived Bismarck’s dream that Germany’s destiny lies to the east. He has begun, and so far has succeeded in, his “Drang nach Osten,” his “drive to the East.” But property is not the teal urge of this war, as urgent as its acquisition may seem to be to Germany. Back of this conflict lies a philosophy. It is the Nietzschean doctrine of the will to power. Nietzsche taught that it was not only the right of the powerful to rule the weak, but a historic and patri­ otic necessity. Germany has been steeped in this philosophy of destiny. Today’s war is more than a war on Hitlerism, as the last war was more than a war on Kaiserism. It is a war of the Nietz­ schean doctrine. We predict it will never be stamped out by arms nor settled by treaties. It requires regeneration. Which Side? Once more embattled nations are anx­ iously establishing their claims to God’s blessing upon their arms. In the last

Announcement It is my pleasure to announce that Boy L. Laurin, who has been serving as Associate Editor of THE KING’S B U S I N E S S , Associate Pastor of the Church of the Open Door, and Vice-President of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, has been appointed by the President to be the Executive Vice-Presi­ dent of the Bible Institute and Edi- tor-in-Chief of TH E KING’S BUSINESS. He is henceforth to devote his entire time to the ad­ ministration and direction, of both Institute and magazine while still retaining his connection and as­ sociation with the Church of the Open Door, and he will be in its pulpit as occasion requires. With Mr. Laurin in the work of the magazine will be associated Miss Mildred Cook as Managing Editor and also others who have given to THE KING’S BUSINESS, and who will continue to give, their earnest and prayerful thought. In his position as Executive Vice-President of the Institute, Mr. Laurin will be in close touch with the problems and with the life of the Institute. He has care­ fully and prayerfully mapped out a plan of action in regard to the management and expansion of the Bible Institute, and through THE KING’S BUSINESS he will be able to make known the progress of this plan. Mr. Laurin, I believe, has been raised up by God especially for this time of need in connection with the Institute. He is partic-. ularly gifted in speaking and writ­ ing. He has been, and is, a deep student of the precious Book, and I am sure that the articles that w i l l come from his pen w i l l b r e a t h e the benediction of the Holy Spirit. You will occasionally hear from me- It is my earnest hope that this “Message Concern­ ing the King” will enter many new fields. LOUIS T. TALBOT President, The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Incorporated.


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

November, 1939

Views and Reviews of Current News By DAN GILBERT Washington, D. C , and San Diego, California

Nazis succeed in bringing the British Empire to its knees, Stalin will be on hand to collect his share of the loot. On the other hand, if Hitler falls into a losing position, Stalin will be free to “sell out” his “comrade.” There can be no question but that Stalin will be­ tray Hitler, if it is to his own advan­ tage. If the war goes decisively against the Nazis, Stalin may step in on the side of the democracies—and pose as the hero of the encounter. No matter which side wins, Stalin will have an important voice in the peace conference—possibly the control­ ling voice. If Stalin enters the war, he will be certain to enter on the winning side. And it is a foregone conclusion that he will not enter the conflict until the victor is clearly indicated. . PEACE—FOR THE PRESENT: Cap­ itol observers are agreed that, regard­ less of what type of “neutrality” pre­ vails, America will remain at peace— for the present! That is, until after the 1940 Presidential election. The eyes of the leaders of both parties are now fixed on 1940, and no proponent of war would dare to declare himself—now. For either party to favor war now, would almost certainly give the elec­ tion to the opposition. Those members of Congress who may favor war will not let it be known until after 1940. The year 1940 may repeat 1916. In 1916, the winning Presidential candidate secured his election on the platform of keeping us out of war. Both parties will have an anti-war plank in their platforms in 1940. But after the elec­ tion is over—? Will 1941 be a repeti­ tion of 1917? No one knows—for sure. But after the election is safely over, pressure for our entrance into the war will be much stronger. Men in public life who are now silent will then feel free to speak. The course of the war itself will pow­ erfully influence our possible participa­ tion. If the Allies seem to be losing, pressure for our rushing to their aid will naturally be increased. If Soviet Russia should enter the struggle on the side of Germany, that, too, would’ increase war sentiment. Whatever the politicians may think privately, it is obvious that the people as a whole are strongly against war. But this stand alone is not proof against it. The same anti-war sentiment pre­ vailed in 1914—and m 1916. Insurance against war, in the last analysis, de­ pends upon the ability of the people to resist propaganda. Their resistance was low in 1916. It should be higher now. THIRD TERM BOOM ADVANCES: At the very time that the Capitol is of­ ficially committed to “an adjournment of politics during the war crisis,” un­ dercover efforts are under way to ad­ vance the third term boom. Already, f Continued on Page 4441

STALIN COMES OCT ON TOP: In eighteen days, Poland proper was sub­ dued. Nazi Germany did the fighting, but Soviet Russia took a lion’s share of the spoils. It is now clear that Hitler is completely dependent upon Stalin. He cannot gain victories or maintain prestige without Communist connivance. And the price, the “pay-off” for Bol­ shevik acquiescence in Nazi aggression, is a tremendous one—and due to go higher. Only utter desperation could drive Hitler to Stalin in the beginning. The Nazi-Soviet pact was Hitler’s only es­

cape from the dreaded “encirclement” achieved by the dembcracies. Soviet Russia can now sit on the sidelines and watch—while the other nations tear themselves to pieces. Communism al­ ways feeds on chaos, as vultures do on carrion. Stalin will be on hand, when the destruction is complete, to take over the wreckage of ruined world empires. Stalin is not bound to give “military assistance” to Hitler. He is free to act as expediency dictates. In the Pol­ ish situation, he waited until Hitler had won a costly war; then he stepped in to “take over” his promised share. If the

Cartoon by Bruca Bussell. Courtesy, The L oi Angeles Times,

November, 1939

TH E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


The German-Russian Alliance

By LOUIS S. BAUMAN: Long Beach, California

"Four Horsemen" And Soviet Russia's Postage Stamp Six and a half years ago, Dr. Bauman called to the attention of KING’S BUSI­ NESS readers a significant s t a m p issued shortly before by the Soviet government. Because of its current im­ portance, the illustration, with part of Dr. Bauman’s comment, is reproduced on this page. “This special stamp was issued to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Bed army’s cavalry. We present herewith a picture made from one of these stamps. The flag carried by the leading horseman is blood red—the flag of Russia’s Bed army, and the emblem of world communism. The black line, apparently marking the pathways, is likewise red on the original' stamp—the red pathway of Gog. The designer of this stamp probably never read a line of the Apocalypse. Yet who, familiar with the Bible, can look upon this stamp and fail to think of the four famous horsemen of Revelation 6, starting forth on their ride to judgment and to death? These appear to be setting the world afire as théy ride. Note the Sea of Azov. They seem to be heading toward Pales­ tine. If these ride forth to the moun­ tains of Israel, they will ride forth never to return!” B NLY A few w e e k s ago, the world was shocked when Adolf Hitler reached out his grimy hand and grasped the gory paw of the Russian bear. But the firm believer in the "sure word of prophecy” was not surprised in'the least. He knew that, once again, the Word of God is being vindicated. All along their lines, the maddened nations are moving in the grooves the Spirit of God forecast cen­ turies ago for the wheels of their mighty chariots of war. It could not be otherwise. The God-breathed “Scripture cannot be broken.” The old Book stands! Many times in years gone by, on these pages and elsewhere, in words printed and spoken, in spite of all seem- *Pastor, First Brethren Church.

/ y - v u ^ —

come the order of the day in cer­ tain quarters; and the bolshevistic propaganda finds ready reception among the millions of unemployed and poverty-stricken people.’ Ger­ many seems about ready to fall into the ways of her ‘godless’ eastern neighbor. A German delegate to the L e a g u e of Nations recently said that, unless other nations ease their demands on her, Germany may yet be driven ‘into the arms of the Soviet, and the result in Europe will be chaos.’ Many German editors insist that Germany can n e v e r march w i t h the Bolsheviki. But stranger things than that have hap­ pened. Strange forces are at work these days in a world more afflicted with revolution and devolution than with evolution. When the- h o u r strikes, Germany will tramp, Hitler and his Fascist' ‘brown-shirts’ not­ withstanding—-with Gog!” We never have to apologize when we speak and write according to the Word of God, no matter how unlikely of ful­ fillment those words may seem to the minds of men. The hour seems to have struck. The miracle has taken place. The Hun tramps with Gog. Together they have a rendezvous with death in “The valley of Hamon-gog” (Ezek. 39:11). The Fragile Rome-Berlin Axis The “Rome-Berlin axis” is a brittle axis. It cannot endure. That, we knew from the beginning. Neither Germany nor Russia was ever any part of the old Roman Empire. The ten toes of Neb­ uchadnezzar’s image were integral parts of “the fourth kingdom” (Daii. 2:40, 41) —the Roman Empire. The “ten horns” upon the head of “the fourth beast” (Dan. 7:7) were “ten horns [kings] out of this kingdom” (Dan. 7:24)—that is, they all belonged to, and came out of, the Roman Empire. Neither Germany nor Russia can be either these “toes” or these “horns.” [Continued on Page 444]

ing unlikelihood, this writer has insisted that when the sunset hour of , Gentile power and glory and dominion ap­ proaches, Germany will goose-step with the Bolshevik hordes of Gog, even Rus­ sia, “the k i n g of the north.” Yes, “Gomer, and all his bands” (Ezek. 38:6) will trek at the tail, and not the head, of the old Russian bear, when that bear belches his hate and leaps from his “place out of the north parts” (v. 15), down through the cedars of Lebanon, on “to the land of unwalled villages . . . To take a spoil” (vs. 11, 12), pouncing upon “the people that are gathered out of the nations,” even “against my peo­ ple of Israel” (v. 16), saith the Lord. Alliance Foreshadowéd in 1934 Five years ago we wjjote: “Vast are the allied hordes that the eye of the seer beholds following Gog on his last march: Persia, Cush, Put, Gomer and all his hordes, and Togarmah with all his hordes. ‘Persia,’ in October, 1922, became a Soviet ally and agreed that, in case of war between Britain and Russia, she would permit the Bolsheviki to march through her territory for an attack on Mesopotamia. ‘Cush’ (not of Africa, but a southern province- of Persia) recently forsook the Brit­ ish for the Red sphere of influence. ‘Put,’ that is, upper Cilicia, will also answer the call. More important than all, ‘Gomer, and all his hordes’ [R. V.l will be there. ‘Gomer is the equivalent of Gimirrai,’ says Web­ ster, quoting Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible. Gomer is Germany, say the rabbis. Careful study compels us to believe the rabbis are right. Poland and Rumania may very prop­ erly be counted as a part of the Gomeric hordes. The Polish-Soviet ‘pact’ of the hour becomes interest­ ing! * “The British Bible Society reports that, in Germany, ‘ “godless” exhi­ bitions, “godless” plays, “godless” gramophone records, etc., have be-

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

u t

November, 1939

The Unfading Inheritance By ROY L. LAURIN

Los Angeles, California Illustration by Ransom D . Marvin turned into triumph or tragedy. Lf there is to be triumph for them—and for us today—it will be because they— and we—have prepared ourselves. The secret of triumph out of trial is given in the subject matter of these letters. Peter uses a particular adjective when he speaks of trial. He calls it “fiery trial.” He borrowed the word from the memory of a great conflagra­ tion that reduced two-thirds of the city of Rome to ashes and did not cease until it touched the bodies and homes of these believers to whom Peter found it necessary to write. Peter’s expres­ sion goes back to Emperor Nero. This cruel Caesar sits in the terraced gar­ dens of his magnificent palace over­ looking Rome. Overhead are great roll­ ing clouds of smoke. Embers and ashes Till the air. There is the sound of crashing buildings, the roaring of a racing fire, the hissing of leaping flames, the screarr - of incinerated men, the smell of seared flesh, the voices of fleeing refugees, but the Emperor is unconcerned. It is like a holiday—a sporting spectacle. The Emperor Nero, who, it is relia­ bly charged, fired the city, soon found suspicion pointing to him. As one writer states it, “to offset the charge and to minimize the popular disfavor caused by this grievous calamity, Nero laid 'the blame on the Christians.” They were henceforth persecuted with great fury, not only in Rome but throughout the Empire as well. The persecution [This is the first article in a series dealing with the Epistles of Peter. Oth­ ers in this group of messages are planned for forthcoming issues.~\

/ '" 'V UT of a rich and rather check- I 1 ered experience, Peter writes two great Epistles dealing with life. He writes out of purpose and at no time wanders in literary nonessen- tials. He writes to a group of people sorely tried and probably greatly per­ plexed, Christians finding it difficult to reconcile faith to apparent failure. Peter tells them there will be trial. He tells them further that this trial can be

had reached Pontus and Galatia, Cappa­ docia, Asia, and Bithynia. • Here indeed was a “fiery trial,” for the fires that ^burned Rome ignited the hate of men until every effort was made to exterminate Christians and Christianity-. Here were believers who had lost families, fortunes, and homes. They were “strangers scattered”, in alien areas undergoing grievous and heartbreaking trial. They needed en­ couragement and hope, and to them Peter wrote of an inheritance ever- living and imperishable. Certain things News fires could not touch. Seven things were true of these “strangers scattered.” I. Their Election (v. 2). The believers whom Peter addressed may have been strangers to the com­ munities from Pontus to Bithynia, but they Were no strangers'to God. They were God’s elect. Strangers on earth, they were citizens of heaven. Never to be found in Rome’s Who's Who, they were in the eternal remembrance of God, for they were His chosen ones. The elect are not an arbitrary num­ ber whom God has chosen to be saved, thus making all those excluded from this salvation the nonelect. It is my unshakable conviction that salvation has been provided for and offered to the 'entire world. The salvation o f,God is as broad and as inclusive as the sin of man. If as in Isaiah it says “All.,'. . have gone astray,” then it is equally true that for the sin of all, God laid on Jesus the iniquity of that “all,” And Peter adds support to this conviction when he says, “The Lord is . . . not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Pet. 3:9). And Paul is equally emphatic. “Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the Knowledge of the truth” (I Tim. 2.4); ' The simple and profound difference between the saved and unsaved, elect and nonelect is this: The saved are those who validate God's sovereign choice of them by their personal choice of Him. The lost are those who invali­ date that choice of God by their per­ sonal refusal of Him. A,nd the reduc­ tion of the whole matter rests in our response to the external call of the preacher and the internal call of the Holy Spirit. If. Their Regeneration (v. 3 ). Christianity is a world-changing

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


November, 1939

promises to keep trial from us, He does promise to keep us during trial. The purpose of trial and the refin­ ing through affliction is threefold: 1. Trial demonstrates the presence of faith. Trial reveals faith. It is evidence of the possession of something more vital than possession. If your faith depends upon your possessions, you do not have any faith. Faith is what is left when all else is swept away. Faith is what re­ mains when a man can stand in the midst of the debris and wreck of all he held dear and can hold his head high and say, “I still have God.” ; 2. Trial serves to prove faith. Trial not only confirms our faith,.but it also strengthens and multiplies »it. The negative always develops the strength of the affirmative The an­ tagonist always develops the wrestler. And trial adds to the virtue of the. saint. 3. Trial results in the praise of faith. Are we as careful as we ought to be about offering praise in faith ? Do not most of us complain about our trials rather than praise God in them ? The trial of faith should normally issue' in praise and not protest. There is a very happy word here about this matter of trial. It is but “for a season.” It will not be forever— just “for a season.” VI. Their Inspiration (v. 8 ). It may be that when you fell in love, it was love at first sight. Here is love without sight: “Whom having not seen, ye love.” Christ Jesus, unseen and yet a bright reality to those who knew Him, was their inspiration in trial. VTI. Their Salvation (vs. 9-12). “Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls” (v. 9). Jesus did not come to save society; He came to save the soul. Jesus ?did not come to save humanity; He came to save the man. Sin was a personal matter, and sal­ vation is a personal matter. If Jesus Christ came to save society by human improvement, then we would be justified in preaching the “social gospel.” But there cannot be any reason for that because it is faith in the Son of God that saves the soul. * # * Life, after all, is a matter of stimu­ lus. What stimulates us most drives us farther toward our goal. The cold gen­ eralities of theology move us but little. The inventions of science make us com­ fortable but give us scant comfort. But when God displays His love, our love is stimulated and we are sustained in the midst of our “manifold tempta­ tions.” And even though we may be passing through the “fiery trial,” and though now we “see him not,” yet- be­ lieving, we “rejoice with joy unspeak­ able and full of glory."

faith. Its potentiality is such that so­ ciety and all its institutions can be purged and purified. Every other sys­ tem that is competitive to it dreams of doing what only Christianity can accomplish. There is one word that separates Christianity from all other faiths. It is this word “begotten.” The world tal • about culture, reform, education, and evolution, but the Bible talks about “birth.” You cannot grow men by enriching the soil—you have to have new seed. You cannot have a new society by new culture—you" have to have new character, i \ There was abundant culture in the Empire in which these Christians were scattered. But in The New International Encyclopaedia is thus described the cor­ ruption with which this advance in cul­ ture was linked: ^ ' “During the profound peace that the Empire had enjoyed everywhere except on its frontiers, its material prosperity had greatly increased. The population was more than doubled; the towns became popu­ lous and were embellished with splendid monuments of architecture and sculpture; the wastes were peopled wherever, at least, the pub* licani or f a r m e r s general had not got the l a n d into t h e i r hands; Roman literature reached its culmination; th e 1 refinements of civilization were carried to the Ro­ man frontiers in the far north and to the borders of the African desert in the south; but the im- m o r a l i t y o f the rich, especially among the women, became even worse than before and corruption reigned supreme.”* Regeneration, new life, was the unique contribution of the message which the persecuted Christians in Nero’s Empire carried. III. Their Provision (v. 4 ). If scattering had made the Christians poor, it had also made them rich. If scattering had taken from them life’s perishables, it had also given to them life’s imperishables. If scattering had performed a work of subtraction, it had also performed a work of addition. Four things are true of their inheri­ tance and yours if you belong to the progeny of the elect: 1. This heritage is beyond death— “incorruptible.” 2. It is beyond sin—“undefiled.” 3. It is beyond change—unfading. 4. It is beyond time—“reserved in heaven.” IV. -Their Preservation (v. 5). Here are two wonderful facts: *The N ew International Encyclopaedia , Fol. 'X X , p. 131, Dodd, Mead and Company, N ew York

Thanksgiving Prayer By VELMA GRAY SUNDERMAN With reverence, on bended knee, We offer thanks, dear Lord, On this Thanksgiving Day. All that we have are gifts from Thee; • Thy love; our life; the Way To Thee through Christ, our Lord; Our friends; our work; our liberty. And if our thanks are touched with pain, Thou knowest, Lord, our hearts Are greatly pained and sad. Where once men loved, war now holds reign, And the grim reaper, mad, Mows down, and death imparts'; The young, the innocent, are slain. We cannot pray “Bless me,” dear Lord, No matter what our creed, Until we breathe a prayer For those oppressed whose lands are warred. We pray Thy special care; Dear God, soon intercede And make their hearts confess Thee, LORD. 1. The inheritance is reserved in heaven (v. 4). 2. The inheritors are preserved on earth (v. 5). The mercy of God provides the in­ heritance (v. 4), and the power of God keeps the inheritors (v. 5). The one is the guarantee of the other. I believe in eternal security as one. of the precious possessions of my faith. I be­ lieve it because God says it. V. Their Temptation (vs. 6, 7 ). Disappointment must never take the Christian unaware. If he has been promised an inheritance, he also has been forewarned equally of “manifold temptations.” If he expects an inheri­ tance, he must also expect trial. The anticipation of the one is the promise of the other. Manifold trials mean nothing more nor less than trials in many ways, such as the following: , The trial of physical pain. The trial of economic difficulty. The trial of disappointment. The trial of persecution. The trial of being maligned and mis­ understood. The trial of failure. The trial of parents disappointed in their children. But throughout all the travail of your trial, bear this assurance con­ stantly before you: While God nowhere

November, 1939

TH E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


Thanksgiving is not for a day, but for every day. The spirit of thankfulness grows on one, espe­ cially if established early in life. But some parents mourn —

"My Child Is So Ungrateful”

By ETHEL S. LOW* Modesto, California

P h o to b y H a r o ld M. L a m b e r t B O YOUR child is ungrateful. My fair. Children do not just happen to be ungrateful. It is a definite result of certain causes. Parents have the first chance at children, and thus most of the blame or credit for the child falls on their heads. Then the school and church or Sunday-school come in for their share. A mother cornés to me in tears. “I can’t understand why my children are so ungrateful. I have worked myself almost to death for them all their lives, and now when I am old and need their help; not one of them will do a , thing for me, and not one of them will ask me to his or her home.” I had known that home for many years, since its beginning.- When the children were small, the mother petted and humored them' so that I ventured to remonstrate with her, and she told me she had been punished so much and so unfairly that she would never let her children suffer as she did. Conse­ quently, they were not to be punished. She wanted their childhood to be so happy that they would always remem­ ber it. And they .grew up with no re­ straint, no discipline. Have a good time ? Of course they did. They did as they pleased, and their mother waited on them, made a slave of herself for them. They were not taught even to care for their own rooms. They have *Sunday-school specialist w ith teen-age young people. . .,........

shame. Tragic to say, this sorrow often comes in Christian homes. Then there is another type of un­ grateful child, the one who has had no teaching along Christian lines, who really does not know that he has any­ thing for which to thank God. In fact, he probably does not believe in God, having had nothing but the evolutionary teaching of school and college. We can­ not expect him to be grateful to any­ body. He thinks everything just hap­ pens. He knows of no plan for a life. He doesn’t believe in love. A university Senior told me in language .I could not print, that what the world called love was just the animal’s natural selection. He believed that man was just ah ani­ mal who had evolved a little farther than the rest. So we cannot expect him to be grateful to God or parents. A third type of ungrateful child is the only one I really think has cause to be ungrateful. He is the one who has par­ ents who have never paid any attention to him, other than to furnish him with the necessities of life, the child who is hungry for a little love and attention, A mother came to me years ago and protested because I punished my daugh­ ter, who was not a strong child. “Sup­ pose she should die, how would you feel to think you had spanked her?” My answer to her was, “Suppose She should live, and be so mean everybody would hate to see her coming!” . I am quite convinced that discipline, far from making a child hate the par­ ent, really teaches respect and honor for the father and mother.

put on their mother exactly the value she put on herself, just a person to serve them. A father tells me he is going to “thrash the daylight” out of his sixteen- year-old son because he will not work, will not do a thing around the place. But why should the boy do anything? He has never been taught to work. His father awoke just about fifteen years too late. He thrashed the boy. The boy left home and has never even writ­ ten home. A young married man is pondering what to do with his mother. She is not able to work any more, and he and his wife do not want her to live with them, He stood with his hands in his pockets and said, half laughing, “And I can’t chloroform the old "girl!” He is another spoiled boy. His mother almost idolized him. She enforced no home discipline, and she always fought with the teach­ ers when they tried; to give him some much needed training. The “Why” of Ingratitude I could go on with story after story of the same kind. You have your own knowledge of others like these. I think you will agree with me that the trouble with all these children was too much freedom, no ’.iscipline. “The rod and re­ proof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame” (Prov. 29:15). Of course Solomon is de­ cidedly out of style in these days, but his wisdom is still given of God, and the child who is never punished is still the child who bringeth his mother to

dear father or mother, I am com­ pelled to ask, "Then what is the matter with you?” Hard? No, only

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