2022 Hydrangea Assortment Brochure | NA

Bred for exceptional shelf life, extending value for end consumer Hydrangeas These amazing balls of color, ranging from subtle pink, bright blue and crisp white, have exceptionally strong stems which make them easy to ship. These series have a long shelf life and will be sure to have great sell- through in the retail market. Who doesn’t love hydrangeas?

The HiBreeding story begins with two of Europe’s most prestigious and respected Hydrangea growers Sjaak van Schie and The Mastergrowers. With a combined passion and drive for perfection the HiBreeding company was created with a simple goal to breed the best Hydrangea genetics in the market. HiBreeding’s approach to creating these genetics is a relentless focus on grower success. All HiBreeding varieties are selected for strong branching, superior disease resistance, and long shelf lives ensuring the value of HiBreeding genetics extends well past their time in the greenhouse.

HI ™ Horizon Pink



2 0 2 2 H Y D R A N G E A |

| 2 0 2 2 H Y D R A N G E A

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