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Ah I mm ed ia te A n sw e r I t o Daily Problems in-the E xact \N ords o fthe B ible

W h a t a ttitu d e sh o u ld tee ta k e tow a rd fa m ily w orship in m o d ern life?

“ The Bible in M y Everyday Life” , by Eugene Franklin Reese, contains the sub­ stance o f what Jesus meant when He said, “ The Words that I speak unto you , they are Spirit and they are L ife ”

T HE answer to any question o f conduct or any problem o f life is in the Bible if you know where to find it. Most people don’t. Many good Christians lack the time to look. This great work finds the answer for you—gives you the judgment o f Holy Scripture on every phase of living—instantly available in the vital truths o f selected verses—pure Bible, every word and line. Points the Way to Spiritual Life Here is unrivalled knowledge—Divine daily guidance in your perplexi­ ties—immediate access to God’s great storehouse o f joy , success and happiness in life—perfect guidance in all fields o f activity: Spiritual Life, Personal Life, Family Life, Social, Business and Civic Life._ And all so easy to obtain that alert readers will immediately act to make it theirs. S aves T ime —G ives U nderstanding Five minutes with “ The Bible in My Everyday Life” will convince you o f the practical, usable worth o f this great work which widens your spiritual, mental andsocial horizon andgivesyou thekey to practical Christian living. (eMy Peace I Leave with You ” You can be sure o f “ peace that passeth understanding” as you grasp and apply the perfect plan and pattern here presented. More than 5000 Bible verses arranged according to content and teaching under 223 headings and subheadings. Classified and cross-indexed for quick and easy use. Dr. A. T. Robertson o f Louisville, Ky., has provided an illuminating Introduction. Enthusiastically Endorsed and Approved by Leading Religious Editors

H ow sh o u ld I d eal w ith th e p re se n t te n d e n c y o f ch ildren to scoff a t a n y restra in t?

W h a t is m y c h ie f responsib ility— to m y se lf, m y e m p lo y er, m y fa m ily , m y fe llo w w or ker s?

“ The compiler of this book has been a con­ tributor to “ The System Bible Study.” He has evidently learned the art of gathering to­ gether Scriptures which will help the Chris­ tian in his devotional life, in his study of the Bible, and in meeting the temptations and perplexities that come in the Chris­ tian’s pathway. He has produced a volume that will be a comfort and help to all lovers of the truth as it is in Christ.” — The King's Business. "The author has been thoroughly evangelical in his selections and the book rings true to the Gospel. The texts are printed in full from the King James version.”—Sunday School Times. "The sub­ jects ’covered have the greatest significance for the individual of today who desires to be a good citizen of his country and the King­ dom of God.” —Christian Observer. "This most unusual book will enable you to find what the Bible has to say about any subject. The author has done his work well. We be­ speak for it a large and useful ministry.” —World Wide Christian Courier. "Coming as it does from reverent and wholesome study of the Bible it bears a personal impulse and winsomeness which the more commends it to us.”—The Southern Churchman.

432 Page . Size, 5 7Yz X iy2 inches.

SYSTEM BIBLE CO., 4750 Sheridan Road,

A Gift Both Pleasing and Appropriate MAIL COUPON TODAY With a copy o f "The Bible in M y Everyday L ife ” in your hands test its power to give you an unfailing answer in a moment's time tc the ordinary or critical problems that you face. It will not fa il you, You are fuUy protected and your satisfaction is guaranteed . S y s t em B ib l e C o . Dept. BK 51-11 4750 Sheridan Road - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

B K 51-11 Chicago, 111. Please send me (postpaid in U. S.) blue cloth bound copy of ‘‘The Bible in My Everyday Life” . I will deposit with the postman $2.85 (plus 12c, C.O.D. fee) as full payment. If after 5 days I am not satisfied, I will return it in good condition and you will immediately return my deposit.

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