American Consequences - December 2020


The American economy is struggling because of self- induced problems. As a result of government- imposed lockdowns, we are barely maintaining employment levels and growth. plan that includes more airline bailouts, more school funding (for schools that are CLOSED!) and a $200 billion Blue state taking over again – making the ability of average Americans to earn a living or run their businesses a near impossible activity. Cue the stimulus... Spending Spree Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and even a handful of Republicans want another $1 trillion in stimulus. (It’s a “down payment,” Biden tells us.) Congress even released a $900-billion-plus of self-induced problems. As a result of government-imposed lockdowns, we are barely maintaining employment levels and growth. (Our performance has still been impressive under the circumstances... 33.1% gross domestic product growth in the third quarter and the most rapid decline in unemployment in modern times.) But rather than allow our economy to continue on this trajectory of growth, a cabal of political leaders in Democratic states are

bailout. (It’s unclear if the $100 million for the National Endowment for the Arts is part of this deal... But I’m sure that if the Left has anything to say about it, it indeed will be.) There’s also an additional $300-per-week unemployment bonus in Maryland, on top of normal benefits, for 18 weeks. Would you be surprised to hear that there’s presently an estimated 6.5 million open jobs in America today which could go unfulfilled to the tune of at least 4 million jobs, according to University of Chicago economics professor Casey Mulligan? Effectively, the stimulus bill will have the unintended (or perhaps intended , for those that believe the Democrats are truly Machiavellian) consequence of stimulating more unemployment. And where, you might ask, is the money going to come from to pay for all this? Well, apparently, it will all work “only if everyone pays their fair share,” says Biden. To borrow Biden’s phrase , for God’s sake , can we just admit what is actually going on? If the Dems take Georgia, we can kiss our freedoms – including our freedom of speech, our freedom to protect ourselves, and our freedom to prosper – goodbye. How is it that Dems think they can shut us down, refuse to allow our businesses to open, tell us where we can dine (and whether it’s inside or out), tell us to wear masks inside our own homes (as they have in Pennsylvania)...


December 2020

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