American Consequences - December 2020


We’re innovative enough as a country that we ought to be able to figure this out... Distance people 12 feet apart instead of six... Hold voting outside... Use heat lamps... Keep the polls open all week if need be to cut down on crowds. We can manage to do this safely. _______________ When I was 18 years old, I remember going to the town hall in my little New Hampshire community and registering to vote. It was a powerful moment for me... I had spent years going with my parents to the polls, helping them campaign for their favorite (most often Democratic) candidates, and finally I had the opportunity to engage in the process itself. I mention this because our right to vote is never something that should be taken for granted or abused... There is too much at stake.

Venezuelan-U.S. Political Similarities I asked Machado about this danger on my weekly podcast, American Consequences With Trish Regan , and she admitted that it was difficult to get people to the polls initially. Nonetheless, creating trust in the system is critical. Machado told me, The price of freedom is eternal vigilance... And we ought to be much more active in terms of defending those institutions, such as the vote and such as justice and such as the truth. And I am sure that the truth will prevail. And I’m sure that the people of the United States will manage to settle their differences and set an example for the rest of the Western world. It’s important to remember that we are an example for the rest of the world. If there is one thing we ought to be able to ensure, as the world’s largest, most successful democracy, it is the sanctity of our votes. This is paramount. So I encourage Georgia’s investigations into any fraudulent registration activity... But I also caution against urging anyone to boycott these elections. I’d also suggest we find a way to better authenticate mail-in ballots, and I’d even urge a return to stricter guidelines for absentee ballots in general. Why even have them? If it’s important enough to vote, people should do so in person... with a license check while we’re at it.

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American Consequences


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