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I understand if you feel a bit skeptical after taking a look at this month’s title. “I’ll take Dr. Poupore’s advice on my teeth — but love?” you might say. Well, considering I convinced the most amazing woman in the world to marry me, I must know something about love, right? This October, Mindy and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. In three and a half decades, I have learned something very important about having a lasting relationship: Find someone who keeps you balanced.

Mindy and I come from two different worlds in regards to our interests and the way we think. I’ve always been a big math and science guy, analyzing everything. Meanwhile, Mindy is an artistic, musical person. Frankly, she’s a musical goddess, though Mindy has said I only think that because I don’t know any better when it comes to music. She might be right there.

some paperwork. After she retired, Mindy agreed to take some courses and she's now an integral part of the office's operations. She keeps so many plates in the air and still finds time to enjoy her retirement outside of the practice.

Though we don’t always fully understand each other’s interests, I think our different perspectives help us balance each other out. Mindy can be a real Pollyanna, reminding me to find the good in people. Sometimes, though, I need to remind her to look at a person’s actions and decide what that says about them. It might sound like a bit of a cliché, but I do believe we make each other better, especially since Mindy started helping at the office. Couples who work together can find themselves in a tricky situation, especially since having autonomy in a relationship is so important. There are some ways to help make sure the experience doesn’t blow up in your face. For one, when it comes to working together in business, it’s important to never take things too personally. You need to be able to look at matters objectively while maintaining a good sense of humor.

In addition to the help Mindy brings, her presence in the office had unexpected benefits. For one, she now knows firsthand just how amazing my team really is. Plus, she better understands what I do all day. It’s great to talk to my life partner about work and know that she'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. Working together was a neat way to make our lives feel more connected. It’s been a long, winding road with its fair share of bumps along the way, but there’s no one I'd rather travel with. And that’s the most important thing. There’s no secret to a perfect relationship, because every relationship will have some trials. But if you are with someone who makes you willing to face those trials, then you’ve done something right. –Dr. Kevin Poupore

Fortunately for us, things have worked out quite well so far. Even before Mindy retired, she handled the bookkeeping and

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