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APRIL 2020

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With April Fools' Day just passed, it brought up a lot of great memories that Jenni and I have made over the years. While a few of these are pranks Jenni has pulled on me, I keep telling her revenge is a dish best served cold, so she better be on high alert this April 1! Jenni and her friend Krytsen did pull a great one on me and my friends when we first started dating in college. Now, my wife isn't the pranking type, so it really caught me off guard. I had gotten out of class early, so Jenni and I planned to meet up at my house to hang out with my roommates. When I opened the door, I was pleasantly surprised that she handed me a bag full of Oreos! my roommates. But only a few seconds later, we realized Jenni and Krysten had replaced the frosting in the cookies with toothpaste! To this day, I still have no idea how she came up with it, but now I always have to check Oreos before eating them. Don't get me started on the mint ones. When I was researching the best office pranks, I found a mix of jokes that could go overboard and gags that would give everyone the right amount of fun and laughter. So if you’re looking for ideas, I have just the list for you! TAPE OVER THE SENSORS Have a friend who isn’t very tech savvy? Put a piece of Scotch or electrical tape over the sensor on their remote or mouse, as this will block its signal. If the tape you’re using doesn’t match the appliance, So, of course, I immediately ripped open the bag and shared them with

use a colored sharpie to disguise your clever prank.

LAMP BUG SILHOUETTES Lamp bug silhouettes are a fun, harmless prank that will make your friends or coworkers jump. The first step is printing and cutting out the shapes of the most disgusting insects. Then, tape them to the inside of a lampshade. When they turn on the lamp, they will immediately see the shadow of some of the area's grossest insects without actually having to deal with a bug problem. VEGGIE DOUGHNUT BOX Showing up this April 1 with a couple boxes of delicious donuts will make you pretty popular around the office. But when your coworkers open the boxes to find an assortment of veggies, they’ll be pretty disappointed. Nothing will taste as bad as cauliflower and Brussels sprouts when they were expecting fun glazed treats. IPHONECEPTION We all know this person: the “Apple for life” friend. While they might be a little annoying at times, they’re the perfect candidate for this joke. If you can access their phone, launch the website iPhoneception on their browser. After you open the site, select the option to turn all their app shortcuts into kittens. Afterward, add the app to their home screen, launch the app, wait for it to load, and lock.

chair. As they sit in the chair, it will sink just enough to set the air horn off. The trick to this is in the placement of the air horn. You need to ensure it’s at the right height below the seat, because if it's too low, the air horn won't go off. To be sure this prank goes off without a hitch, test it the day before — after your coworkers leave for the day. You don’t want another coworker spoiling the surprise, do you? Never be afraid of pulling a lighthearted office prank; it could create memories that last a lifetime! The stories can even be perfect to share on your wedding day. In fact, Jenni’s friend Krysten was her maid of honor at our wedding, and a couple of my roommates were groomsmen, so you can bet the Oreo story was a hit with everyone at the reception! Do you have any lighthearted office pranks you love to pull on April Fools’ Day? Let me know the next time you're in the office! We love sharing classic April Fools’ stories.


Want to wake up your coworkers? Tape an air horn just below the bottom of their

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