Since its establishment in 2002, Lazanou Organic Vineyards has grown to become an emblem of sustainability in the world of winemaking. Organic practices steer away from chemicals. Instead, they veer towards the example set by nature itself. It was a passion for organic viticulture that beckoned Swiss Xavier Bavaud and his family to sunny South Africa, where they braved the Wellington heat to cultivate unique, flavourful wines. Nestled in the folds of the Hawequa Mountains, the town of Wellington boasts a wealth of agricultural gems. One such gem is Lazanou Organic Vineyards — a farm with a distinctive, organic farm-to-table approach to winemaking. Xavier Bavaud is the epitome of serenity as he explains how Lazanou Organic Vineyards in Wellington came to be. Founded in 2002, the farm’s first seeds were planted in 2004. About two years later, it achieved certification as an organic wine farm, paving the way for its current successes. Xavier pays homage to the farm’s previous owners, noting that their hard work had laid the foundation for the more recent endeavours on the property. The African dream Originally from French-speaking Switzerland, Xavier and his family crossed the ocean in 2020 to take ownership of this extraordinary organic wine farm in the heart of the Boland. With gratitude, Xavier reflects on the perfect opportunity they were given; a fully functional organic wine farm in need of new owners offered their family a fresh start. A farm with a distinctive, organic farm-to-table approach to winemaking. “ „

Xavier Bavaud, owner of Lazanou Organic Vineyards


VARS | March

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