Because an event such as this one attracts large numbers of visitors to our destination, it is a powerful catalyst for economic growth. “ „

residents come together to support the event and showcase their home to the world. This strengthens the social fabric of our communities and creates a sense of belonging among residents. Drakenstein boasts a community that is passionate about sports, providing a supportive environment for athletes and sports events. “Anyone who attended live or enjoyed the sporting action on the telly will know that Boland Park Stadium witnessed excellent attendance rates, and the ‘gees’ was palpable. Sport, music, and culture joined to create a truly magical experience,” Yvette says.

The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup also attracted media coverage from around the world – promoting Drakenstein to a global audience. In turn, this exposure helps build the destination’s brand and attracts more visitors in the future. In addition, hosting a mega sporting event can attract investment from both public and private sources, which can lead to the development of new business, infrastructure, and amenities in the area. This can create more jobs and opportunities for residents. Yvette explains that another powerful trickle-down benefit of hosting the ICC T20 Women’s World Cup is a heightened sense of civic pride a nd community spirit as


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