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NOTES with Jay Conner Success Better, Faster, Stronger With Business Bionetics APRIL 2019 W hen I started teaching and training other real estate investors how to run their businesses and attract private money, my goal was to be 100 percent authentic. I only teach strategies I have used myself because that’s the only way I can know these strategies will work for my students. said, “I would give my life to play like you play.”

Bach responded bluntly, “Ma’am, that’s exactly what I did.” Bach was one of the greatest piano players ever to live, and he got there by committing his whole life to music. Even if you aren’t considering going into business, if you want to find any sort of success or

My good friend and colleague, Chaffee-Thanh Nguyen, is a fellow real estate investor and an expert in personal development. Chaffee attended my live event in March. He’s been in the business for many years and recently launched his new course, Business Bionetics: How to Get an Extra Leg Up on Your Competition. This course applies to businesses in all areas, including real estate investing. I’ve gone through this course, and I was so impressed by Chaffee that I want to share some of his lessons with my readers this month. First Principle: Commitment How devoted are you? As Chaffee points out in his seminar, the idea of commitment has changed a lot over the years. Back in the day, what you said was what you did. Your word was your bond. Today, we see people breaking commitments all the time — both little and big ones. Keeping our commitments is at the core of who we are. It’s a sign of our integrity. When you promise to do something, even if it’s as small as calling someone back, you need to do it. The way we handle small commitments shows how we handle big ones. It’s like the old saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Recently, I was referred to someone I could potentially do business with. I’d never met this person before, and the first step was to schedule a conference call over email. This call is my litmus test for their commitment. Will they be at the call on time? If they aren’t committed enough to do something as small as make it to a conference call, how can I trust them in deals with tens of thousands of dollars on the line? Business is all about integrity. If you consistently keep your commitment and prove yourself to be a person of integrity, that shows in your business. In return, people will want to do business with you. You’ll also find that your business thrives because you are fully committed to it. There’s a story about a woman who attended a piano concert performed by Johann Sebastian Bach. She was blown away by the beautiful music and Bach’s talent. After the concert, this woman got the chance to talk to him, and she

meet your goals, start by keeping the commitments you make to your friends, your family, your colleagues, and yourself. Success comes when you’re willing to move heaven and earth for your commitments. Second Principle: 3 Feet FromGold In the most influential book on modern business management, “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill tells the story of Mr. Darby and his uncle who discovered a gold vein in Colorado. They returned home, raised money to buy equipment, and returned ready to strike it rich. Mr. Darby and his uncle initially found more gold, but it wasn’t long before it all dried up. They pushed a bit further, but after finding nothing, they cut their losses, selling the equipment and the rights to the mine. The individual who bought Mr. Darby’s old land didn’t give up so quickly. He hired an expert to map out the mine. What they discovered is that Mr. Darby and his uncle were only 3 feet away from the biggest vein of gold ever discovered in the United States at that time. The man became incredibly rich because he didn’t give up. I can only image howMr. Darby felt when he heard about this. But instead of getting discouraged, he saw it as a lesson. Mr. Darby made a commitment to never give up like that again, knowing he was just 3 feet from gold. Through persistence, he built the largest insurance company in the country, because he never took no for an answer. Whether you’re a billionaire or you're broke, we all have one thing in common: We will face surprises in life. For example, the bank may suddenly cut off your Continued on Page 3 ...

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