Tami Williams, International Society for the Study of Early Cinema, said: “The pandemic taught us that a virtual conference not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also increases internationalism and accessibility. However, what we have not fully

challenges facing society. The goals comprise 17 targets – from climate action to peace and justice, gender equality to the eradication of poverty – aimed at creating a ‘better and fairer society’ for everyone by 2030. When we talk about associations aligning with the SDGs, it is worth

this time round and delivering excellent value to delegates. EASE is cognisant that good economic practice often chimes with good environmental practice. “Many of the changes we have made were originally driven by a need to economise,” saysMary, “the bonus is that it had a very positive effect on our sustainability in terms of our business model and the planet!” GOAL ORIENTATED Increasingly, international associations are using the UN SDGs, which take an all- encompassing view of sustainability, to engage with the some of the most pressing

grasped yet is the difference between

virtual and face-to-face conference in terms of financial costs.”

remembering that most will do so in relation to the trade, profession, or field of study they represent.That might sound like stating the obvious, but it is also possible to view associations themselves as a discrete ‘sector’. There is no reason why associations should not apply the SDGs in both ways. But the tendency is to look at how the goals can be met through advocacy and the activities of their members, an approach which aligns more strictly with their purpose and is likely to have a greater impact on society. This is particularly true of trade associations who can have a huge influence on corporate sustainability through the knowledge and leadership they provide their vast memberships. Associations can mobilize the private sector in support of key development projects by brokering sector-specific partnership projects; they understand issues that arematerial to their members; and they are well equipped to offer sector-specific advice and guidance on key sustainability issues. However, Chloe Menhinick (left) , communications director at


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