Congress on Obesity. As a result of these conferences, seven public events were held to spread a positive health message to the community of Glasgow, leaving a legacy across the city. These events engaged 1,500 people, creating legacy in the form of new organ donor sign-ups, CPRtraining formembers of the public, and a pedometer step challenge. Without conferences engaging with the wider community, these health benefits could not have been achieved. IT’S THE TAKING PART THAT COUNTS In 2020, the Serbian Federation of Beekeeping Association (SFBA) bid to host the Apimondia Congress but were stung by Ufa in Russia. Yet SFBA’s bid process left a legacy that stuck.

DESTINATION-DRIVEN LEGACY Creating a legacy is a never-ending journey, as communities’ needs change and associations’ goals mould to fit them. But if there was ever a blueprint for creating legacy, it’s Glasgow Convention Bureau’s ‘Legacy ‘How To’ Guide’, part of the Make Glasgow Healthier campaign. The 2019 campaign was an initiative aimed at championing the ‘beyond- tourism’ benefits that conferences bring to their host destination and amplifying the message or theme of the conference to a public audience. In 2019, the campaign partnered with five medical conferences, including the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare and the European

Very few associations have a strategic approach to legacy, and this tends to focus associations into short termoutcomes.


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