the second half of this year that we really are back to more normal operations, because I don’t think this is healthy in the long run for an association. You can do a lot of things virtually, it allows you to continue on a high professional level, but if you want to talk e.g., about more complex issues, like strategy, or to convince people, then I believe nothing beats a direct personal meeting. From one crisis to another! There have been some ‘bumps in the road’ already, especially around customs checks at the ports, but does Brexit pose any specific challenges for your industry? Yes indeed, the end of last year was a bit of a perfect storm with the pandemic

and Brexit. The UK flavour association is a strong and active member of EFFA, so we are in close contact with them and exchange the latest information we receive. We, as EFFA, can provide the umbrella information, updates on the latest results of trade talks, etc, but when it comes to the very details, the companies often have their own in-house expertise. But, yes, Brexit is causing problems to the supply chain and we are very concerned about it. We are constantly being reminded to look after our mental health and wellbeing. What do you do to unwind? How do you manage to keep your work in perspective when


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