Living 50 Plus December 2017



taken, do you want comfort only measures taken, do you want to donate organs, will you allow an autopsy? Have you designated who will make the medical deci- sions in case you are unable to by creating a Medical Power of Attorney. Make sure the Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney is handed out to all the family mem- bers so they all know what Mom and Dad want. This ensures that in the middle of a crisis, the kids are not having to make the hard decisions that they all may not agree with. How long has it been since you looked at the beneficiaries on your insurance policies? P.S. Open Enrollment for the Medicare Drug Plan is Thursday, December 7th and for Health Insurance Friday, December 15th. Don’t wait until the last minute! Call Rebecca Nordquist at Phares Financial at 308-532-3180.

Do you have a will and is it up to date? I want to make sure that our assets go to our designated heirs rather than have the state make that decision which would happen if we didn’t have a will. Probate would also take longer if we didn’t have a will. I’ve seen too many families come to blows because assets weren’t designated before Mom and Dad died. I’m in the same boat. We, also, put off updating our wills just as many of you. At the time that we did ours, one of the kids wasn’t born yet and now they’ve both graduat- ed from college. I think it’s time we updated it. In addition, our assets have changed. You should be updating wills at least every 5 years or sooner if your assets or family has changed significantly. Have you made a Living Will and is it up to date? A Living Will will stipulate how much treatment you want if you have a terminal situa- tion and you can’t speak for your- self. Do you want all measures

By Rebecca Nordquist, RD, MHA, CLTC Rebecca Nordquist of Phares Financial is an experienced agent with life, health, and Senior insurance products. As you pull out your materials to get ready for tax time, add a few things to your “to do” list. There are a few more details that you may want to take care of this year.


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