Advanced Physical Therapy Torrington - January 2020




I still think back to my first exposure to physical therapy. As an athlete in high school and college, I ran track and played other sports for many years. Suffering an ACL tear and needing surgery wasn’t part of my plan. Through that experience, though, I spent a lot of time with physical therapists, and I saw firsthand the transformation they brought about during my recovery. They diligently worked with me to help me heal. It opened my eyes to the profession, and the more I learned about it, the more I realized physical therapy was my calling. After earning my Bachelor of Science at the University of Connecticut, I continued on at UConn and got my doctorate of physical therapy. While going through the program, I also coached track, and it was something I really loved. After graduation, I was getting ready to take a coaching job and move to North Carolina when my friend (and now colleague) Joe told me about Advanced Physical Therapy and introduced me to Dave. I knew that if I was going to stay in physical therapy and in Connecticut, I wanted to be close to home. I grew up in Torrington, and I wanted to give back to the community that raised me. Well, I told Dave about my dream to open a clinic in Torrington, and he told me about his plan to expand Advanced Physical Therapy. The pieces fit together, and the rest, as they say, is history.


I’m so proud to call Torrington my home. My sister works here, my parents live here, and my brother lives nearby. I have so much appreciation for the tightknit community that’s been built here. Many of my family and friends have lived here for years, and it makes it even more meaningful to practice physical therapy here. We might be a small town, but we’re big on community. I have patients who grew up down the street from where I lived as a kid, and I see many of my friends and their parents. I’ve worked in other places, and you just don’t get the same sense of connection as you do here. Our practice is very patient-centered, from our front desk coordinator, Tiffany, who keeps us all centered, to my aides, Jenna and Avery, who provide amazing support to me and care to our patients. We are focused on giving our

all to patients from the first day they come in to their last appointment. It’s so rewarding to see people achieve their goals. Witnessing the person who couldn’t walk without a walker be independent and seeing the person who couldn’t get out of their chair on their own stand up strong — those moments are everything. I’m excited to see where this next year takes us as we move into 2020. I look forward to connecting with you each month through our newsletter, and if you're in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to stop by.

Until next month,

–Kevin Smith

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