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Pop Princess Treasures Untold

COVER STORY Get to know more Nancy McCarville’s quest towards her books and her fascination of mystery and ghost stories.

162 pages

$ 20.00 Paperback


Get Up & Glow with Me is a collection of soulful & poetic writings and prayers that present a creative snapshot of God’s gifts to us, His love for us, and His expectations for our lives. It begins by painting a candid picture of society today. Then, through vivid, personal experiences and examples, the author invites women to discover their true beauty from within, which stems from Christ-like character. In turn, women can become deeply in tune to God’s desires for their lives. As a result, their total existence is lovingly enhanced as God becomes the center of their being. Women are now destined for a deep everlasting relationship of love from our Creator, a love that effortlessly spreads to others. Get up and go with me and grow with me, as we rise to glow for God on this dynamic journey of spiritual rejuvenation!


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God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. The Bible tells of his powers and more. Everything we need to know to be saved are all in the Bible. Most people, though, think the Bible is simply a written recording of anecdotes of God and his interaction with humans and the testament of his power. That is, however, not all of it. The scholars have excluded the apocrypha, purposely preserving the teachings that are constant throughout the books in the Bible. This makes the Bible more than just the collection of the sacred texts from the days of God. The scholars have observed a system. The Bible Is a Single Book undertakes the project of explaining the outline and theme found in the Bible. This will pave way for readers to be further enlightened when studying the Bible for their salvation.

42 pages

$ 15.29 Paperback 9781960075444 $ 1.99 eBook

The government should be a government of people, not money. The Occupy Wall Street movement senses this but lacks focus. This book provides that focus. The government has roles to play in the safety, conflict resolution, and pooling resources. The roles that the government has to play require strict adherence to the rules. There can be no forgiveness. Religion asks for perfection. To ask for the impossible guarantees failure. The role religion has to play must have forgiveness for failure to achieve perfection. This book looks at these roles, part of the essential elements of every man’s life, and finds that the confusion between them is a major part that faces Americans.

H. Doyle Smith has degrees in economics, government, history, and business. This has been augmented with experience in corporate editing, individual taxation, government and military experience, and many other ways that people use to contribute to the society. The result is a revolutionary point of view that looks at our current difficulties and suggests that our government should attempt to solve problems, rather than bemoan them.

140 pages

$ 8.99 Paperback 9781960075468 $ 1.99 eBook

When the author purchased a property in the mountains, he daydreamed about owning a large tract in the area. On reflection, he asked himself, What will I do with it? Without a use, the land would have no value. This insight showed him that the value of the land depended on the objective for which the land would be used, not some other person’s opinion of its value. As a result, when he studied economics in college, he questioned the basic definition of an economic transaction. Rather than finding that that transaction was an exchange of currency for goods and services, he found that the basic transaction in economics was the use of a resource for accomplishing an objective. This enabled him to look at economies where money was not used.

The title of this book, Budget Your Goals Not Your Silver , is the result. Car salesmen are taught not to sell cars but what the cars will be

useable for. The real estate agent must sell what the house can be used for and not the house itself. Cash economies must use data, and data is not available unless there is a unit of measurement, but the process of obtaining what is needed is not limited to cash economies. This book discusses the process of economies. As essential as economic studies are, valid economic studies must use data. But understanding the process goes beyond that study.

252 pages

$ 10.99 Paperback 9781958895719 $ 1.99 eBook

We have problems in our health care when a significant portion of our GDP is spent on health care, and the price of health care is beyond the ability of anyone to pay because too much money is wasted, and intrinsic systems are creating problems.

76 pages

$ 8.99 Paperback 9781960075482 $ 1.99 eBook

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BOOK FAIRS •FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR• Frankfurt AM Main, Germany October 18-22, 2023

•LAS VEGAS BOOK FESTIVAL• October 21, 2023 Historic Fifth Street School 401 S. 4th Street - Downtown Las Vegas

•LONDON BOOK FAIR• March 12-14, 2024 Olympia, London

This is a story about a dog named “Busco” who feels unnoticed and unloved. He gets lost when a storm passes through his small town, and the shelter he was left at is damaged in the storm, leaving all the critters wandering the countryside. This book conveys a sense of hope, struggles, and love.

52 pages

$14.00 Paperback 9798987256206 $3.00 Audiobook

" A small dog with a larger message for the world."


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Sally Breeze Green’s first book, Lo and Behold: A Christmas Story, shares with children and adults alike a fun and heartfelt creation that will take them beyond the stars as the angels of heaven get ready for Angel Gabriel’s news of the sacred birth of the Savior.

28 pages

$23.95 Hardback 9781645695578 $9.99 eBook


S OF THIS WRITING, EC CONTINUES TO chronicle the chroniclers–of books and of wonderful thoughts that came to life through the power of publishing and a good resemblance of

anything wonderful is South Korea.

The last time this editor came to Seoul was pre- pandemic, 2019. The food, the people, the places I’ve been is equally wonderful to what we have seen on the pages of other magazines and on Google. At the core of this magazine issue is how South Korea influenced the world in matters of entertainment, food, and even beauty (talk about skin care is life). We prepared a lot more here! Adding things wonderfully is our cove feature for this issue is Nancy McCarville and her fascination towards mystery and ghost stories. She find it wonderful telling these stories to her avid readers. At the age of everything Artificial Intelligence, especially of course with everything going digital, how well and how good can we tell what’s wonderful from not? It’s that fleeting feeling that gets us or sometimes, that bliss of moment we experience at that specific instance. Other times, we are taken aback of how God wonderfully created all things in the world, that in itself is mysteriously wonderful and we can’t help but appreciate it. So readers, we have prepared this wonderful issue. Gaze on...



EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023

Sally Breeze Green’s second book, Georgie! A Big Fish Tale , is an engaging story of a boy, his dog and his grandpa as they seek to catch the elusive Big Bass fish as God answers the dream of a lifetime before it’s too late.

36 pages

$ 23.95 Hardback


$ 9.99 eBook

Once again, the author grabs the hearts and minds of the young with a delightful children’s story of a girl, a car, a filling station, and evangelism. Based on the old Esso gas slogan of yesteryear, Put a Tiger in Your Tank is the third book by Sally Breeze Green, completing a trilogy of children’s stories with deeper meanings. Her niece, Melissa Green, is again the illustrator.

$ 13.95 Paperback 24 pages 9798885405034 $ 9.99 eBook

Skincare can be a bit complex but knowing the basics, the newest products and following a few essential steps as a start is key.

In fashion, it is always a good idea to explore your personal style and adapt trends in a way that suits your preferences and individuality.

13 EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023 13

The Ultimate 10 Steps to Skincare


EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023


Let’s face it skincare has become a global phenomenon. Almost anyone of everyone wishes to achieve that naturally glowing and radiant skin. With this 10-step routine, your dream of having your favorite K-drama leading lady’s complexion rests on your hands and dedication. This 10-Step Korean Skincare is rooted in Korea’s cultural obsession with healthy skin and the belief in having the right products and using them in the correct order. We’re breaking the routine into four parts: Cleanse, Prep, Nourish, and Protect.

CLEANSE 1. Oil-based Cleanser

The first part of double-cleansing and the base of Korean skincare. Oil-based cleansers break down oil-based residues such as makeup, sunscreen and draw out other impurities such as sebum and pollution. How to: Gently massage into dry- skin and add lukewarm water to emulsify then rinse. For best results do it in the morning and night time 2. Water-based Cleanser Because cleansing twice is highly recommended by aestheticians and dermatologies as this helps remove impurities that causes break-outs. Water-based cleansers remove gunk that your oil-based cleansers missed like dirt and sweat. How to: Massage into damp skin in a circular motion including your neck then rinse with lukewarm water. Do this morning and night time 3. Exfoliator Exfoliation is a vital step in your skincare that removes dead skin, loosen clogged pores, brighten complexion and help other skin care products to absorb and work efficiently. How to: Gently exfoliate 1-2 times a week, focusing on your nose and other visible pores on the cheek

C NOURISH 5. Essence

Considered the heart of Korean skincare, as it helps hydrate the skin, aid in cell turn-over and has complexion-enhancing ingredients. How to: Sprinkle onto hands and lightly pat onto your face and neck 6. Treatments Boosters, serums and ampoules are the ultimate skin perfectors that target specific areas depending on what your skin needs like acne, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. How to: Gently tap into skin, focusing on areas of concern 7. Sheet Mask The soul of Korean skin care and the go-to product to dewy skin. Sheet masks infuses the skin with concentrated essence that fully absorbes into the skin with prolonged contact. How to: Smooth onto clean skin and leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes 8. Eye Cream As the eyes are the windows to the soul, the skin around it is the thinnest and most delicate part of your face. To keep the dark circles and puffiness at bay, eye creams hydrate and are infused with ingredients that are non-irritant and extra extra gentle. How to: Use pinky to lightly tap, carefully avoiding the water line and always remember to never rub your eyes

D PROTECT 9. Moisturizers

As they come in many shapes and sizes (creams, lotions, gels) always choose the best one for your skin type. Moisturizers help seal up the moisture to plump and hydrate the skin. How to: Pat into face and neck every day during morning and night 10. Sunscreen An essential and must always apply as it’s the easiest and most effective step to prevent premature aging. It protects the skin from damaging UV rays and should be used last to shield the skin without sacrificing the other products. How to: Gently pat into your face and neck as the last step in your morning routine and always re- apply throughout the day Take your time to developing a routine and remember to stay dedicated to it. Think of it as a form of relaxation and self-care. Always check what works for you because every skin is different and beautiful.



PREP 4. Toners The ultimate prep product. It

removes any leftover residue and repairs your skin barrier to better absorb the moisturizers that follow. How to: Use a cotton pad to swipe it across your face or pat gently using your hands


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EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023

“I have nothing to wear,” says every person ever while staring deep into the abyss of their overflowing wardrobe. As unlikely as it seems, choosing the right outfit is much easier when one has limited clothing choices that only includes the essentials which could be worn for any occasion. Say hello to capsule wardrobes–thoughtfully curated pieces that are equally sustainable and stylish (yay for a greener environment). The key to creating a capsule wardrobe is going for classic pieces that will last and complement one another. Quality over quantity, always. Here are ten (10) basic pieces that are a must-have when assembling a capsule wardrobe.

TANK TOP Tank tops are a staple and very comfortable as it goes with seasons. Layer it with a long- sleeve blouse for a refreshing look or wear it as it during too hot summer days. It’s a must for every capsule wardrobe. Fashion has indeed become a booming industry and with so many outfits of every kind and color, it can get pretty confusing. With that said, capsule wardrobes can help maintain a basic yet timeless wardrobe. There’s no right way on creating a capsule wardrobe, as ultimately it is about the pieces that work for each lifestyle.

TROUSERS Sometimes jeans just don’t make the cut for office wear. Always keep a pair of trousers to elevate day-to-day looks whether the category is office or brunch with girlies. STRIPED TOP Striped clothing comes in all shapes and sizes and one thing’s for sure, one can never go wrong with it. Keep a striped top on standby for an everyday casual wear. BLACK SKIRT There are days when pants won’t cut it because it can feel a little restricting, black skirts are definitely the way to go. Plus they make any outfit a little more prim and proper if one’s up for it.

BASIC BLACK BLAZER The perfect smart-casual look to everyday wear. It can be paired with a simple shirt or elevate it with a silk blouse and a pencil skirt for that ready-to- face-anything vibe. LITTLE BLACK DRESS Having a trusty LBD can save a wardrobe catastrophe! Glam it up with some classic accessories for that last- minute cocktail outfit or pair it with a simple denim jacket and white sneakers for a casual and relaxed look. BUTTON DOWN SHIRT The possibilities are endless with a white-button down shirt. One can go from day to night with this simple basic top.

WHITE TEE A must-have essential. White Tees have the knack of being paired to almost any clothing from pants, shorts, skirts, and an undergarment of a basic dress to a blazer. JEANS It can be casual or dressy as they go with almost anything. Whether it is the basic blue denim jeans or the khaki colored ones, they never go out of style. Make sure to choose ones that accentuate the hips and the overall shape of the body. DENIM JACKET Up the basic shirt and pants combo with a denim jacket to instantly give the outfit a little vavavoom.


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PLAYLIST: HAPPY HITS Feeling like your happiness is through the roof? What better way to express than with a dance party! Best part? You don’t need to be a professional dancer to get in tune with these beats. Hits to Save! • I’m Good (Blue) by David Guetta and Bebe Rhexa • Butter by BTS • I Ain’t Worried by One Republic • Remember by Becky Hill and David Guetta • Shivers by Ed Sheeran

PLAYLIST: SAD SONGS Getting through a broken

Whether we’re feeling happy, sad, in love, or broken, there’s always a certain type of music that puts us in the moment. It could be the lyrics that brings us to the depths of what we want Your playlist any- time—anywhere.

heart? Feeling empty but you just can’t put it into words? We get it and so does these mellow tunes. Get ready to belt it out and feel every word. Hits to Save! • Last Train to London by Mimi Webb • Easy On Me by Adele • emails i can’t send by Sabrina Carpenter • Lonely by Noah Cyrus • Wish You The Best by Lewis Capaldi

to express or just the beat that gets our five-senses into locomotion. Determine what mood you’re feeling ATM and check out these playlists on Spotify that speak to the soul.

PLAYLIST: ANGRY MIX The world is unfair and we have this strong rage of emotion that just makes us scream. Lyrical bangers curated for you to let it all out.

PLAYLIST: TIMELESS LOVE SONGS Hearts are in the air! And no it’s not Valentine’s Day yet. Celebrate love through these classic songs that puts the love in romance.

PLAYLIST: MORNING MOTIVATION Get your day off with some motivational hits to give yourself a boost because sometimes we’re in the mood for inspirational beats to get us through a tough week ahead. Hits To Save! • Ghost by Justin Bieber • Domino by Jessie J • One Last Time by Ariana Grande • Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara • Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift • Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Hits to Save! • she’s all i wanna be by Tate McRae • Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift • Take A Bow by Rihanna • Kill Bill by SZA


Hits To Save! • Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper • Halo by Beyonce • I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston • A Thousand Years by Christina Perri • Lover by Taylor Swift • Iris by Goo Goo Dolls


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52 pages

$16.99 Paperback 9781662818127 $7.99 eBook

This book has vital information that will answer many questions that those who suffer with PTSD and those close to them are asking. How does someone handle the grief experienced in combat? How does a spouse or other loved one handle the playing out of stress a combat veteran manifests when they return? Fear, Guilt, No Peace, and other issues are addressed. These are emotions that stir the soul and plague those who have experienced unimaginable trauma in a war zone or even in violent home situation. Psychology and drugs are not the answer. New Age philosophy will not help. The Bible has the answers and will be found in these pages to be the solution that so many have been looking for.

Human as we are, the urge for a healthier lifestyle hits us on a whim. While exercise and diet are on top of the list, we tend to forget there is another wonder drug that doesn’t need any prescription and is within our control–sleep.



T’S A NO-BRAINER that getting sleep makes us feel better in several ways like

to not getting enough sleep like diabetes, weight-gain, accidents, depression, anxiety and more. Though there are sleeping pills that help with the problem, it’s not a perfect remedy either as experts say that it doesn’t target the right areas of the brain cycle during sleep either plus the long- term effects of relying heavily on sleeping pills is still a big mystery, ultimately, nothing beats going all-natural. Though the main causes of being sleep- deprived also involves on the advancements of the world and how it is affecting our daily lifestyle like 24-hour groceries, working on night-shifts and just the need to catch-up on dozens of unfinished business. The definitive solution experts say is to reset the natural sleep-wake cycle. This involves training the bodies to sleep at similar hours every night and waking up at the same time each day which means getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep is a must and not something to just brush off. So think again of sacrificing those Vitamin Zzzs. After all, a sound mind is a sound body.

it makes us feel energized, alert, and in a happier mood. In general, sleep or a good night’s rest keeps our immune systems up and running in a normal, healthier state. According to time. com, sleep is more powerful than any drug in its ability to restore and rejuvenate the human brain and body. So think of sleep as a spa that balances your overall humanity and sanity. Getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep can improve concentration, and memory skills, and maintain the fat- burning systems that regulate our weight. Yet despite all the 101 things on why having adequate hours of sleep is important, getting enough sleep is a hard- to-swallow pill as we tend to push off our bedtime and think feeling drowsy throughout the day is a pain in the arse but a harmless consequence. It has gotten so bad that not catching a shut-eye is already considered a public health epidemic. A lot of issues and diseases are already connected

20 EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023


However, as easy as it sounds, using the wrong cream can leave you with burned and inflamed skin. So do a quick research on different products and find the right one for you. Tweezing and threading are similar as they pull the hairs with an object. The difference? The object being used and number of hairs being pulled. For tweezing, tweezers are used and pulling out the hairs one-by-one while for threading, twisted cotton threads are used to pull multiple hairs at once. These methods are sometimes used together in waxing to get rid of those fine and short hairs that waxing cannot get. Though it is difficult to D-I-Y this method, it is better to ask someone else to do it for you. If you’re the

ETTING RID OF unwanted body hair, particularly the

skin without hair is indeed unmatched and makes you feel more confident about yourself. It’s also important to know that you do you, and body hair is normal, regardless of what social norms say. As long as you’re confident about yourself and your body then that makes a person truly beautiful.

underarm or the land down under, can be both frustrating and painful since no two strands are equal. Hair can be curly or straight, dark or light, coarse or fine. Thus because of its different personalities, it’s hard to find the right method to remove such especially if you’re on a tight budget and just wish to take matters into your own hands. Read through the list below and see what works best for you and your skin. Shaving is probably the most popular way of hair removal but it’s definitely not for those with sensitive skin. Though they provide instant results as they get rid of hairs in one quick swipe, razor burn on the other hand is no joke and you might probably get a nick or two in between shaves. Applying shaving cream might help avoid the redness and have a smooth glide throughout the process. Look for products that hydrate and give you a stress-free shave. Next is waxing, where it gives you a much smoother finish and lasts longer than shaving as it tends to pull the hair follicles and not the skin. You might get a few redness here and probably tend to draw a little blood and scream when you first try it out, but nothing like a smooth finish afterwards makes it rewarding. There are also hair removal creams also known as depilatory creams wherein they breakdown the tight bonds in the hair making them weak and easier to remove. It’s painless and very efficient way of removing hair. You just apply the cream evenly onto the skin, wait for 10 minutes (depending on the directions of the product), and finally rinse off the excess.

type who doesn’t get bothered at all by the unwanted hair but want to keep

it under control,

trimming might be the best option for you. Pick the best trimmers to get every nook and cranny just be careful not to get to close to the skin as you might cut yourself. The feeling of smooth

If art is a form of self-expression, then hair removal is a blank canvas–literally.



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The concept of a “greatest achievement” is subjective and can vary greatly from person to person. Ultimately, what matters most is individual fulfillment and finding a sense of purpose and satisfaction in one’s own life.



DON’T USUALLY prepare for job

relationship which I thought was the one only to find out that sometimes your first love isn’t always your last love. I did crazy things to the point where I took up law school just to be distracted and get over it. Plus the brutal oral recitations from the professors and classes had to end abruptly because I didn’t study the night before. It was too much for my messed-up life that I couldn’t concentrate on anything–at that time. Then the memory snapped me back to reality, I realized that all this time, my answer wasn’t it. My greatest achievement isn’t the medal that I received nor was it finally finishing my studies, it was learning to deal with those experiences that got me to where I am today. It was learning to open up more to my friends and exposing myself to new things that I later learned to love and hate at the same time (yes, I’m referring to alcohol). Cliché as it sounds, getting over the things I couldn’t control is something to celebrate and be proud of. I heard my name; I stood up with my head held high and was ready to answer the interviewer the life-hitting question. I entered the room, greeted her with the widest smile I could put on and then she asked with a straight-face, “Tell me about yourself”

interviews. They all ask the same questions–tell

me about yourself, how you see yourself in five years, why you quit your last job and other more questions that you could easily see just by searching on Google. And like any other interviewee, my answers would be basic, straightforward, and experience-based. I’ve had so many interviews that I no longer think about what I say because everything’s already in my brain like a track being played over and over again. One time while I was waiting for my turn, this guy went out of the room and rushed to his friend while he composed himself after what seemed to be a very grueling interview. As a nosy person, I overheard their conversation. He said that they didn’t ask him the usual stuff but more of the life-hitting questions like how he was asked from the start on what are his greatest achievements aside from graduating with flying colors. I was stunned, scared, and worried because that’s usually what I would answer. Racking my brains, I thought long, and hard, and prayed in between thoughts. I recalled this incident where I was down and semi- depressed because I got my heart broken by my very first


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Some people travel to embrace life. Others travel to escape life. Which one are you? Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure or you are soul-searching, South Korea is the perfect destination!


EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023


HAT BETTER country than South Korea, whose

capital literally means “soul,” to go on a soul-searching journey? Your time will be kept busy and exciting by the range of attractions available there. There are times when nothing is more soul-satisfying than a little retail therapy, and rumor has it that Seoul is home to some of the best shopping areas with incredible deals, the newest styles, and of course, makeup and cosmetics. Why not travel to Korea to experience Korean pop culture’s roots, as it is also sweeping the globe? South Korea might or might not offer the solutions your soul longs for, but it certainly seems like it could appease it. However, South Korea is more than just Seoul’s ultra-modern, glittering city life. You can also enjoy nature by visiting national parks like Seoraksan. The highest peak in South Korea and a shield volcano, Hallasan, is climbable. You can visit one of the area’s several beaches to experience marine therapy. Most of all, visiting Seoul Forest is highly recommended if you want to have some quiet time alone. Seoul Forest is known for its cherry blossoms in the spring and its ginkgo tree forest in the fall. Tulips are also in bloom at Seoul Forest during the spring season. In the summer, Seoul Forest is a vivid shade of green. Popular blooming flowers include poppies, peonies, and yellow iris. Seoul Forest is divided

into four areas: the Cultural Arts Park Area, the Nature

Experience Learning Area, the Natural Ecological Forest Area, and the Wetland Ecological Area. The forest offers additional


EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023

attractions in addition to its lovely surroundings, including an outdoor theater, a children’s playground, a children’s library, a butterfly garden, a bird observatory, and many more. Because it is not as crowded as Yeouido Island, Seoul’s most popular spring vacation, it is ideal for introspection. Seoul Forest is conveniently accessible by city bus and subway. From Seoul Forest Station on the Bundang Line, Exit 2, and Ttukseom Station on the Subway Line 2, Exit 8, it takes 5 to 20 minutes to walk or take one of the numerous green or blue bus lines to get to the Seoul Forest. May you find what your heart and soul are looking for in Seoul forest!


EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023

Here are the top three spots in Seoul to see colorful flowers in bloom.

JUNGNANGCHEON STREAM A beautiful rose festival in the heart of the city Jungnangcheon Stream’s banks is covered in canola flowers in the spring. Bright yellow blossoms cover the 5.15-kilometer stretch between Jangpyeonggyo Bridge and Wolleunggyo Bridge. A tunnel of 40,000 brilliant roses may be seen in the summer, and in the fall, trails made of silver grass, reeds, cosmos, and sunflower flowers form a striking autumnal panorama. Winter is undoubtedly the time of year when migratory birds may be found in Jungnangcheon, which is known for its spring, summer, and fall blooms. A protected habitat for migratory birds, the 3.3-kilometer stretch from the confluence of Cheonggyecheon Stream and Jungnangcheon Stream where Jungnangcheon Stream joins the Hangang River is ideal for sightseeing. More than 4,000 birds from more than 40 different species, such as herons, herring gulls, and cormorants, fly in, and 21 different species of migratory birds, including mallards and kestrels, visit particularly in the winter. Children can learn about ecology at this location by participating in a birding program and a session on migrating bird observation when migratory birds visit in the winter.

26 EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023

SEOKCHON LAKE Warm sunlight and cherry blossoms at Seokchon Lake Seoul residents adore Seokchon Lake Park, a peaceful retreat. Based on Songpa-daero, it is split into West Lake and East Lake. While wandering about, visitors can take in a variety of attractions such as Lotte World Adventure, Cafe Street, and Bangi-dong Food Alley. The Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is also held each spring, at peak cherry blossom season.

SEORAE SEOM ISLAND Enjoy yellow canola flowers by the Hangang River A small man-made island called Seoraeseom Island is situated between Dongjakdaegyo and Banpodaegyo bridges. Despite being an island, it is closer to the river banks than other islands, making it simple to cross the three bridges that connect it to Banpo Hangang Park. This location is frequently used for natural and environmental studies because of its lovely weeping willows and numerous canola flower fields in the spring. Seoraeseom Island, in contrast to other locations that rely on their higher vantage points to draw people, makes the most of its location adjacent to Hangang River by providing breathtaking views of the city’s structures and sunsets.


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If there’s one dish that could take the world by storm and that any budding cook or those with non-existent cooking skills could make with utmost confidence,

it would be a Korean staple dish known as Kimchi fried rice or kimchi-bokkeum-bap .


HE DISH ONLY takes two simple ingredients: fermented

kimchi and day-old rice. Favored by students and workers on a tight budget this simple dish could be enjoyed at any time of the day and undoubtedly has become a comfort food for many. Kimchi Fried Rice is versatile as you can combine a lot of ingredients to bring the flavors to the next level. A fan favorite would be adding protein like spam, gochujang (a Korean chili paste) and fried egg. The thing about Kimchi fried rice that everybody loves is how this simple yet flavorfully packed it is. Anyone and we mean anyone could make it. Try it yourself and see flavors of savory and spice come to marry within the four-corners of your mouth. Bringing people together one dish at a time, and we’re starting with everyone’s favorite. This dish is perfect for any occassion and a guarantee that there’s no complains as its full-proof and delicious. It’s a Kimchi fried rice world and we’re just living in it.

INGREDIENTS • Fermented Kimchi • Day old rice • Chopped Garlic • Chopped Onions • Spam or any choice of meat • Gochujang • Roasted Seaweed • Egg • Oil

• Add your kimchi then the rice, combine. • Add your gochojang and drizzle in the kimchi juice for more

color and flavor. • You may opt to

add pepper and salt depending to your taste. Add the protein and continue mixing everything until combined. • Top it off with roasted seaweed and a nicely fried egg. • Serve hot.

STEPS • Heat the pan, add

your oil and saute your onions and garlic until fragrant.


EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023

Seoul is the bright and busy capital of South Korea. It is the largest city in the nation and one of the most fascinating and vibrant locations in Asia, with a population of over 10 million. Seoul has a rich culture and history and is home to many landmarks, museums, and traditional markets. Along with a vibrant entertainment sector, top-notch culinary options, and world-class shopping, it is also a centre for technology and innovation. Here are some of the must-see attraction we recommend when in Seoul:


EC Magazines | Seoul Edition 2023

GYEONGBOKGUNG Seoul’s most important palace has often emerged from the ruins of destruction like a phoenix. The thousands of government officials, academics, eunuchs, concubines, warriors, and servants who once resided here have been replaced by hordes of tourists. Watch the ceremonies for the changing of the guard at the compound’s main entrance, Gwanghwamun, and then allot at least a half-day to fully explore the area, which is home to several museums, attractive gardens, and some

of Seoul’s most impressive architectural landmarks.

CHANGDEOKGUNG The most stunning of Seoul’s five principal palaces is Changdeokgung, which is inscribed on the World Heritage list. To explore, you must sign up for a one-hour guided tour. If you don’t care about the narration, Korean tours are available at 9.30am, 11.30am, and 3.30pm. English tours are available at 10.15am and 1.15pm. Join the palace’s excursions at 10.30, 11.30, and 2.30 (and 3.30 from February to November) to view the magnificent Huwon (Secret Garden). The Huwon tours can only accommodate 50 people at a time, so make a reservation online or arrive early.

LEEUM SAMSUNG MUSEUM OF ART Korea’s top art gallery is located among the celebrity- owned residences on Namsan’s forested southern slope. It is exquisitely planned and created, balancing modern and contemporary art with traditional Korean art in each of its three sections. The main attraction is Museum 2, a rusting stainless-steel building created by French architect Jean Nouvel that displays works of art from renowned Korean and worldwide artists from the early and middle decades of the 20th century, including Nam June Paik, Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, and Jeff Koons.


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DEOKSUGUNG Deoksugung, which translates to “Palace of Virtuous Longevity,” is one of Seoul’s five major palaces from the Joseon period and the only one where you can go at night to observe the illuminated structures. It is an intriguing fusion of traditional Korean and western neoclassical buildings, and it operated as a palace for the first time in 1593.

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF KOREA Visitors are taken on a fascinating tour through Korea’s past, from prehistory all the way up to the Korean Empire period (1897–1910), by this enormous and intimidating concrete slab of a museum. Prioritize the Joseon Dynasty gallery (1392–1897) if you’re short on time. The Baekje Incense Burner, a magnificent example of the artistry of the 6th to 7th-century Baekje Kingdom, and the Golden Treasures from the Great Tomb of Hwangham are two must-see exhibitions in the ground-floor galleries.


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WAR MEMORIAL OF KOREA This massive museum uses artifacts including weaponry, uniforms, and maps together with multimedia displays, black- and-white documentary video, and exhibitions to chronicle the history of the Korean War (1950–1953). The names of each allied force casualty are etched on a somber memorial walkway outside. There are a ton of tanks, helicopters, and planes as well. To serve as a constant reminder that the conflict has not yet been won, you can board a model of the patrol boat that North Korean soldiers sank in 2002.

BONGEUN-SA The Buddhist monastery Bongeun-sa is situated on a

hillside in the posh neighborhood of Gangnam, and its shrines and halls stand in stark contrast to the surrounding office towers. The structures, which date back to AD 794, have undergone numerous reconstructions through the ages. The Jinyeomun (Gate of Truth), guarded by four king guardians, is the entrance to the temple. Inside and out, Daewungjeon, the main shrine, is decorated with symbols and artwork that represent Buddhist philosophy and aspirations. It has lattice doors.


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DONGDAEMUN DESIGN PLAZA & PARK This neofuturistic cultural complex, designed by the late Zaha Hadid, was commissioned to replace the Dongdaemun Stadium, which was constructed in the 1920s when Japan was in power. The undulating aluminum and concrete monument, which has been dubbed the “largest three-dimensional atypical structure in the world,” is home to galleries, event spaces, design stores, and lawns that extend to the roof. The adjacent Dongdaemun History & Culture Park has museums that reflect the area’s previous usage, including as a military camp from the 16th century.

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NORYANGJIN FISH MARKET The biggest fish market in Korea offers fantastic photo possibilities while supplying restaurants, fish shops, and the general public with every type of aquatic life form. The present multistorey, cutting-edge complex opened its refurbished doors in 2016 and is now home to the 700 booths and various restaurants. It was originally founded in 1927 and moved here in 1971.

NAMDAEMUN MARKET This bustling night-and-day market is so large that you could spend all day there and still not see it. The largest market in Korea features hundreds of stalls in each section selling anything from clothing to handicrafts to accessories. The main attraction is its market cuisine, which includes a variety of shops serving sujebi (a soup made of dough and shellfish), homemade kalguksu noodles, bibimbap (a dish made of mixed rice, pork, and vegetables), and a section of stalls selling fish dishes. There is a wide variety of Korean food at Restaurant Alley, all of which have plastic reproductions outside to make choosing easier.


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A majestic view of Namsan Seoul Tower surrounded by cityscape of Seoul and illuminated with lights in the twilight view from Inwang mountain.

On a birthday trip to South Korea, look what we’ve discovered on the Land of the Morning Calm.



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T WAS APRIL, LATE spring season of the city of Seoul, South

Plate collections at Petit France

Korea’s capital. Here is a crossroads of an age-old

tradition, cutting-edge innovation and environmental sustainability, and the hottest Asia pop culture, fashion and skincare trends. Spans in a largely holly terrain, the largest city in this country are trained towards globalization— amazing transportation and advanced city facilities. Not surprisingly, Seoul has become a common feature in world economic and livability indexes and frontrunner in innovating design and technology. It carries a dynamic identity and is easily associated with several global brands. Many travelers are attracted to Seoul’s climate— yes, it’s as beautiful as depicted in some of our favorite Korean drama shows and even music videos. Summer can leave you hot and sticky, while snowfall leaves you freezing. Visitors as well are fond for the vibrant yet intense Korean cuisine, accessible from roadside stalls to posh, Michelin- recognized restaurant. They are so involve with everything skin care, the 10-step Korean skincare routine and multitude of brands and products that cater to one and all; the local, stylish, versatile and functional fashion sensibilities; as well as for some others, the lush, undulating landscape, which offers opportunities for trail walks and forest hikes or baths. Being in the city can feel like a head rush, but there’s infrastructure in place, you’ll find

South Korea’s Petit-France themed park

Authentic Korean street food

You can dress as a Korean native with Hanbok, Korea’s national dress

Local home essentials sold in the streets

the most places are connected by extensive subway and bus systems, and perhaps require just one taxi ride or two—to support you and ensure things don’t get too crazy. As one of the world’s cities that never sleeps, you’ll also discover that there’s just as much ground to conquer in Seoul daylight as there is after dark and into wee hours of the morning.

Trees at Nami Island

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The grand pillars of Gyeongbokgung Palace


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For this issue, let’s get to know more about the author of Lost Trail , Nancy McCarville . Her quest is towards her books and her fascination of mystery and ghost stories.

Tell us more about yourself and how you have decided to publish a book. I grew up in a small town in Iowa. I married a man from my high school and this union gave me many adventures in Iowa, Texas, and Nebraska. From this marriage I have three children. Jason, a Sgt. Major at Fort Bragg, NC. Jaclyn, a vocational rehabilitation supervisor in Minneapolis, MN. Joseph, is a Master Sergeant in the Air Force at Offutt Air Force Base, in Nebraska. We moved 19 times in 10 years. When we moved to Nebraska, I told him I would only move again if I could go back to college. I did and got my Fine Arts in Education Degree, started teaching high

school art then got my special education endorsement and moved to 7-12 special education. From that, I got my Masters of Science from Drake University and became a Dean of Student at a high school in Iowa. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer and what inspired you? I got divorced and started actually doing things I wanted to do. I became my REAL self. I had always loved telling stories. My friends and I grew up tell ghost stories, going into places during slumber parties to investigate strange sounds. I was always the one in front. I would use storytelling to my students


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be that I like to write as the character, not a narrator. I did it as only one character in my first book but for this second book, I have learned so much and am making it more so the reader understands the conflict from each character. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books? I also take ideas from conversations during my motorcycle rides around the United States, from other ghost hunters,

to help explain, get their interests, or to have fun. I used many different subjects.

use my ghost hunting experiences as a sequel to the second.

How long does it take you to write a book? And what is your work schedule when you’re writing? For many generations, girls would play the game of ¨Lost Trail¨. During a high school class reunion, someone asked if anyone had found other people from our lives that have played a game like this. No one did and we discussed

When did you write your first book and how old were you? I started writing 5 years ago and this is my retirement plan. I like to paint a picture with my words and to discuss the internal struggle the characters are going through. I have traveled the world both as a teacher with students and privately with my current husband.

“ I started writing five years ago and this is my retirement plan. I like to paint a picture with my words and to discuss the internal struggle the characters are going through. I have traveled the world both as a teacher with students and privately with my current husband.” -Nancy McCarville

What do you like to do when you’re not writing? My activities when I am not working or writing are playing or training my labrador retrievers. I have a Harley Davidson motorcycle and every summer I travel to other states by myself. I love the wind therapy it gives me. I also am an avid old movie buff.

and quiet everyday situations that I can spin in my mind. I write in first person at the current time because I have a sarcastic sense of humor and I want to use that in my writing. I believe it helps connect with readers. I have a third book in mind already as I finish my second. I want to use my experience in the catacombs of Paris and

that someone needs to document this. I have always loved to tell stories, especially ghost stories so I decided to do both. Tell about Lost Trail and turn it into a ghost story.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? My writing quirk would


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What does your family think of your writing? My family supports me in my writing. They know I still have other responsibilities but I have felt pride from them. They were surprised by the genre I picked. They knew I love those types of movies but I don’t believe they expected the deep dive I have done. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in writing a book? My future book will be my experience of the mother of an Army Ranger who was deployed nine times. There is a huge amount of support and concern for the spouses and children, which they deserve. But us mothers out in the middle of the country, small towns, no one understands what we go through unless they experience it too. I want to put those feelings on paper. I love Lisa Gardner’s books and her sassy dialogue from her characters. This makes me feel part of the story. That is my goal. Do you have any suggestions to help other writers to become a better? If so, what are they? One of the surprising things during my first book was how I just knew where I was going with the direction of the characters. I ended up re-reading a couple chapters and erased several. I

flow. I will never just jump into writing without prepping again. I don’t have patience but the prep work time is an advantage to actually putting down words on paper. Describe to us a typical day for Nancy. My typical day for writing is on a day I don’t have to go to work. Weekends and all summer is when I get the writing done. I get up from bed, go lay down on the couch. My dogs let me lay there for about 15 minutes then we go out for a walk. Morning activity helps the dogs not get sick from heat and it gives me time to do other things. I do some housework, laundry, then about 10:00, I go into my office. I get the draft pulled up, my notes, my research, my progress chart, my water or diet Coke, snacks, my low music ready, then I go back upstairs. I don’t usually start writing. I then play the rest of the afternoon, go out with my husband, or ride my bike, play catch with the dogs, watch tv. I usually do my best writing after dinner. I seem to always set things up in the morning but never really get any work done until after 6:00 pm and I work until 2-3:00 am. I have always been a night owl. EC

hated what I had done. I stopped writing for months. Talking to someone helps. I have a group of writers in a group chat where we share our experiences. When a writer struggles, they can tend to bad mouth themselves, this is normal. Other people can talk you out, they have all been there. What do you think makes a good story? I love new and old movies and tv shows. I am fascinated with the Catholic church and the lore of the power of symbols and historical facts along with fictional stories. One of the most important things I have learned from my first book is setting up my second book in the planning. I have taken the time to plan the chapters, the plots, the characters’ personalities and what happens during the book. I have an arc on my wall where I write and tons of sticky notes with comments on what I want to happen. If during the process I need to rearrange the order of events, the sticky notes can shift without problems. I did not plan my first book to this degree. I had a history of the game so I just wrote, but I wanted to add to the story and I had to stop and research some things for the fictional part of the book. My writing process of the second book has been an easier


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