OPTM Physical Therapy Aug/Sep 2019


Thank You, Team! Honoring OPTM Saratoga’s Dedicated Employees

At OPTM Physical Therapy of Saratoga, we don’t take our jobs lightly. We know that patients come to us when they have a problem that affects their mobility and daily life, and every employee at our clinic is integral to patient care. As Labor Day approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about how valuable my employees are to this clinic and me. I have learned in my two decades of physical therapy experience that there are few components as dire to a patient’s healing than the team that quarterbacks their care. The backbone of our clinic starts with our clinical staff. These are the physical therapists who have years of specialized training and are continuing their education on the human body and healing. They are the reason people come to see us, and their expertise is invaluable. Guiding this core of therapists is our clinical support team. These trained professionals lead a patient through their care plan and ensure treatments are carried out successfully. Off the clinical floor and near the front of the office sit our friendliest and sweetest employees. Our front desk team members are instrumental in making sure our office can complete its daily duties and keep to our calendar. These team members manage schedules, answer phones, coordinate with doctors’ offices and other clinicians, and carry messages between patients and doctors. It’s safe to say that we would be lost without this team. And finally, behind the scenes are our back-office staff, who primarily manage billing and insurance payments. They make sure our therapists and other staff members can continue to help our patients heal by keeping our lights on, but they also manage our standard business practices, like marketing and hiring. Without this team, OPTM Saratoga could barely function.

I’m proud to say that I have a team of employees who value giving back to the community, and they frequently support causes I am passionate about. They have engaged in Rotary fundraisers and events, and they have supported my work with Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council. (See our article on walking on Page 3 for a group that stemmed from this council!) Even better, we can spend hours together after work and really enjoy each other’s company. There’s something to be said about working in an office that values its employees, and our times spent at Dave and Buster’s or hosting casino nights certainly exemplifies that. At the end of the day, when you’re in the office, you have a job to do, and when you can find employees and coworkers who mesh together as well as we do, it’s a truly special gift. OPTM Physical Therapy of Saratoga would not be the clinic it is today without this fun, organized, compassionate, hardworking team behind me. They strive to be better each day, and I cannot wait to see how they help this clinic grow. Be sure to thank the next OPTM Saratoga employee you work with! They will appreciate your support. Dr. Fabrice Rockich

Together, we make up one cohesive unit dedicated to improving and healing the community we live in.

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