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January 2019

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The Foundation of Our Firm Is Built Around Listening. Let Us Show You. Each turn of the calendar presents new opportunities to do something meaningful with our lives. 2019 is full of untapped What Can We Do for You in 2019?

potential, and at Dellutri Law Group, we’re looking for ways to turn that potential into production for our clients. Our objective isn’t to make resolutions. Instead, we want to ask our clients, “What can we do for you in 2019?” We’ve built this firm on a foundation of listening to those we serve, and we want to continue that tradition. skill sets. On the one hand, I need to provide competent representation that yields consistent results for my clients. On the other hand, I want to be a point of service for anyone in need. Businesses usually divide their customer service and the technical operations of their company into different roles, but for me, they are consolidated. It can be tough sometimes, but it’s also gratifying. I entered this industry to make a difference in people’s lives and my community. My duty as an attorney is just one way I accomplish that, but the world is full of lawyers who will provide you a legal service and never speak to you again. For me, I’m always sifting through information and distilling it down to the details that will make a difference in the lives of our past clients. As a lawyer, I have to balance two concepts that seemingly require different

–Carmen Dellutri doing? What should we be doing more of? These are all questions we want answers to so we can truly practice what we preach. That’s our objective for this year, and we can’t wait to see the results. Talk to you soon. clients because our relationship should last longer than just the brief time we provide legal service. Some individuals have deeper relationships with their regular server at the restaurant down the street than they do their lawyer, and I just don’t think that should be the case. These dialogues don’t mean anything unless we listen. We want to open up more of these discussions in 2019. What are we doing that we need to stop doing? What should we keep

with a ruling that could affect many of our clients. Instead of filing it away under “doesn’t matter” our firm called an immediate meeting of the attorneys to figure out how we would disseminate that information and protect our clients. That’s what our community expects from us, and that’s why we have an excellent reputation in our industry. That reputation can be used for your benefit. We’ve mentioned before that our referral network is at your disposal, and we mean it. Just a few weeks ago, a former client asked me to refer someone who could help them buy a home. I plugged them into the best agent in the local area. Another gentleman walked into the office the other day and explained a situation with his purchase of a vehicle online. These are the conversations I want to have with my

Just a couple weeks ago, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals came down

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