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April 2019

My life has always been about passion. Long before I was thinking about the law or building my profession, there were only two long- standing relationships in my life: my family and the game of baseball. Most of the time the two went hand in hand. So, when I got the chance to travel to Arizona this past month and meet my brothers for a few MLB preseason games, it was a very familiar feeling. I’d never been so excited to celebrate a birthday that wasn’t my own. My brother was turning another age with a zero at the end of it but I think we all felt like we were 18 again. The pop of the leather, the smell of the grass, the crack of the bat after a pitcher hung one too high, it was the perfect time to reconnect for a brothers-only weekend under the beautiful umbrella of the baseball diamond. Sometimes it takes going back to the old times to appreciate what you have. grandfather and father were ballplayers back when they used to have town teams. So it was never really a question of if we would learn to love the game, it was just a question of how far we’d take it — and take it we did. Throughout the years, my brothers and I played in the same leagues and took the sport about as far as we could with our skills. Coming from a family of Cardinals fans, I grew up idolizing the likes of Bob Gibson and Lou Brock. I still carry many of those same feelings today — a love that deep is not really something you grow out of. The World Series always fell around the time of my birthday, and my family would all gather around to watch the game. I still think about some of those games. It was a way to dream close to home. We had a lot in common with those guys, or at least we liked to think so. Now I’ve passed that passion Growing up in a baseball family really helped me and my brothers stay close. Both my

on to my own family — it’s the same gift that my grandfather and father gave to my brothers and me. Thankfully, my wife and daughters have embraced this passion for baseball and it will continue for another generation. We’ve excitedly made it our goal to see as many US MLB stadiums as we can, and we’ve managed to actually make a dent in our lofty ambitions. I think we’ve got plenty of time; the game isn’t going anywhere. The whole time I was down there trying to soak in the Arizona weather and enjoy the games, I was incredibly thankful to have some time to spend with my brothers. We were able to celebrate my brother’s birthday in style, sitting in the bleachers and eating concession-stand food. Not a whole lot had changed, really. We had a few more wrinkles and could drink a cold one or two, but the feelings were still the same as they were when we were growing up. I just

felt proud to be where I was, and that’s what I want for every family. Through my firm, we are able to offer you peace of mind. That’s a gift you can’t put a price on. To learn more about what we can offer your family in our estate planning and probate services, feel free to visit our website at LeroyPetersonLaw.com, or give us a call at (402) 718-8888.

-LeRoy Peterson

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