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16 Reasons Why Our Exclusive

Is Disrupting The Hourly Recruiting Industry Self-Service Recruitment Engagement Solution

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Apply On The Go WORKS! Our Customer Feedback Proves It

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience Building HR Solutions! Over 10,000,000 Hourly Job Applicants Processed!

As our team is led by one of the original pioneers in the recruitment technology industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to attract & process job applicants. We’ve built some of America’s largest interactive hiring solutions for dozens of corporations and government agencies including the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Census Bureau. We also built the hardware AND software that powered the hiring lines of over 50 of the nation’s largest newspapers!

We Are The Original Founders and Creators of The JobApp Network! (now talentReef)

We are the proud creators of the ). Today’s Predixstar still closely follows our original innovative design from 2006 and is one of the most used, and recognizable, applicant profile reports in the applicant tracking industry! Predixstar Posi-Fit Pre-Q report (including and

97% 1,000 Managers! Location by Over PROVEN SUCCESSFUL

‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’

Survey of Actual Users Who Interact With Apply On The Go’s On-Site Recruitment Engagement Solution Every Day.

Over 85% of All Companies That Test Our Solution

The chart above represents the ACTUAL RESULTS collected from our users via an on-going survey spanning 18+ months. Since our product is both an ‘industry first’, and the only solution of its kind, we wanted to determine what actual users in the field thought of our solution since they were the people tasked with having to fill jobs at each location. We simply asked them to rank our solution’s overall value as either ‘Very Poor’, ‘Poor, ‘Good, or ‘Very Good’. There’s no doubt about it, our solution works! The respondents consist of location managers, GM’s, DM’s and team members who use our solution every day. We remain blown away by the results!

Keep Using Our Solution!

Over 75% of Our Clients Increased Their Locations by 20%-500%

Within the First 180 Days of Using Our Solution!

80% of Our Growth is Driven By Customer Referrals!


The Applicant Engagement Process Industry’s Easiest

Holds 100’s of GoCards™

Nothing’s Easier Than Self-Service ‘Opt-In’ Recruiting On The Go...

‘Passive’ applicants rarely ask for job applications because they didn’t walk-in to apply for a job. However, if it’s as easy as taking a card themselves to consider applying later, they’ll happily grab a card and Besides, everyone knows someone who really needs a job and can use your card. take your brand with them!

“If it’s easier to apply for a job at your company vs. your competitor’s, you’ll every time!” receive more candidates

Today’s mobile generation is constantly on the move! Therefore, you need a recruitment marketing solution that moves with them. Recruiting posters, banners, signs, window clings, etc. can no longer compete for the memory retention of today’s job seekers. Our GoCards™ do not require applicants to remember lengthy URL’s or have to stop to scan QR codes. They can simply grab a GoCard™ and slip it into their pocket, or purse, while On The Go!

Industry’s FIRST and ONLY one-handed outdoor (weatherproof) card dispenser


Turn Your Exits Into High Performing Recruitment Zones

Exit//Entry Doors! We Are The Very FIRST Company In America To Patent A Card Dispenser Designed To Be Mounted On

Our industry exclusive GoBoxes™ instantly convert your non-performing ‘dead spaces’ into high performing recruitment zones! We have many different models of GoBoxes™ to choose from and each model is specially designed for different display deployments including; windows, doors, walls, countertops, drive-thru’s, outside areas, career fairs, etc. If you have foot-traffic, we’ve got the right GoBox™ to maximize your recruiting efforts. Not Every Guest/Customer Uses Your Main Check-Out Areas. However, EVERYONE Must Leave Through Your Exit Doors!


The Mobile Job Pre-Application Industry’s Quickest


Instantly ‘Front-Ends’ Any ATS No Integration Required!

Have you noticed how every leading ATS, HCM and HR solution provider’s answer to the ‘Mobile Revolution’ is to simply take their same 15-20 minute application process, originally designed for a 23” PC screen, and CRAM it into a 6” mobile screen? Then, they act perplexed as to why abandonment rates have suddenly skyrocketed?!? We know why... We’re different. Our QuickStart™ solution has been proven to reduce abandonment rates! QuickStart™ is The ONLY Mobile Pre-Application Solution That’s Guaranteed to Improve Your Applicant Flow!


Fill Jobs Faster Using Instant Email Notifications

ALL Location Hiring INSTANT Email Notifications! Managers Receive

Have an urgent need to fill a job left vacant without notice? That’s when QuickStart™ really shines! By the time your competitors struggle to log into their HR systems and remember how to navigate complex user interfaces in hopes of finding new applicants, your Hiring Managers have already interacted directly with their applicants by using the information we sent them just seconds after each applicant completed their pre-application form. NO Login’s or ‘Systems’ to Learn at The Location Level. We Automatically ‘Push’ Applicant Information to Your Managers!


Unlimited Card Refills & Branded Support Portal

Branded Support & Fulfillment Portal! Using Their Custom Quickly & Easily Order GoCards™ & GoBoxes™ FREE Location Managers Can

Many companies have tried rolling out their own internal recruitment card programs. Most of those programs end in failure! They drop 30-50 cards in a simple card holder and when the cards are depleted, 80% of the card holders remain empty for weeks! Our GoBoxes™ hold 100’s, even 1000’s, of cards and we have a D that continuously reaches out to EVERY location to assure ongoing recruitment success! edicated Fulfillment Team NEVER Worry About Running Out of Recruitment Cards! We Proactively Ship Cards Directly to Each Location Quarterly!


GoBoxes™ Are On Duty 24/7 Building Your Talent Community

NO Need to ‘Post’ Jobs! Jobs NEVER ‘Expire’!

Our exclusive recruitment engagement solution is designed to attract, engage and deliver applicants to your organization around the clock 24/7. Even if you are not actively seeking to fill jobs immediately, our GoBoxes™ are continuously engaging ‘passive’ applicants and storing their profile information into your talent pool. When the time comes to hire again, you’ll have a readily available Talent Community to recruit from. You Never Know When Turnover is About to Strike. Our GoBoxes™ Are Continuously Filling Your Candidate Pipeline!


Say NO to Snagaway ! While The Price of a Job Posting Can Be as Low as $30, The Cost of an Early New-Hire Turnover Can Exceed $3,500!

snagaway / /: snag-a-way A term used to describe the clever ways some leading hourly job boards increase their profits by snagging applicants away from employers who purchase their job postings. EXAMPLE: A job board charges an employer a fee to post jobs on their website. Next, the job board leverages that employer’s brand & job offerings to attract new job seekers to their website. Finally, as soon as job seekers apply to the employer’s job postings, the job board immediately, and continuously, emails those same job seekers countless competitive job offerings.

While You’re Paying Them to Bring Candidates In, They’re Quietly Snagging Your Candidates Away!

While you’re busy interviewing, onboarding and training new applicants who’ve applied to your job board postings, your hourly job board is working hard behind the scenes introducing your applicants to your competitor’s job postings! Are you comfortable with your job board sending your new applicants competitive job advertisements, almost daily, for MONTHS? If not, call your job board representative and say “No Way” to ! snagaway

Snagaway Works Against You We Applied to Arby’s Via Their Paid Job Posting on a Leading Hourly Job Board. Then, We Watched As Our Inbox Grew! Here’s Just a Few of the Actual Emails We Received:





Over 100 Competitive Emails

In Just the First 90 Days!

How Does This Help Your Recruiting?





...and all this time, you thought that your high turnover was due to natural occurring market conditions.



We’re 100% Focused On Increasing Your Conversion Rates

Apply On The Go’s Application Form (Hardee’s)

Leading Hourly Job Board’s Application Form (Hardee’s)

More snagaway!

Uhh... Where’s the Client’s logo?

Simple, Clean & Uncluttered = Reduced Abandonment & Higher Conversion Rates!

We’re All About Converting Your Visitors Into Applicants! We’re NOT About Selling 3rd Party Services to Your Visitors...


90 Day RecruitLock™ Stops Applicant Sharing

Example With RecuitLock™

Example Without RecuitLock™

Protected Applicant Totals - First 90 Days (NO snagaway!) Exclusive Applicants 2 Exclusive Applicant 1

Exclusive Applicants 2

2 Exclusive Applicants 3 1 Shared Applicant

1 Exclusive Applicant 2 1 Shared Applicant

2 Exclusive Applicants 5 3 Shared Applicants

Open/Shared Applicant Totals - First 90 Days (’Job Board Mode’)

Choose RecruitLock™ to Protect Your Applicants From Being Shared With Our Other Clients!

We believe that in order to measure your TRUE sourcing costs, you must also properly account for the by applicant source. Therefore, w and its impact on new-hire turnover. average duration of employment e highly recommend that our client’s use RecruitLock™ as protection against applicant sharing However, if you want more candidates and are comfortable allowing other companies access to your applicants in return for access to theirs, simply choose ‘Job Board Mode’.


Customers Make

Than Non-Customers Better


Hiring From Job Boards...

Hiring From Your Customer Pool...

Employees are Brand Ambassadors. Customers Make BETTER Brand Ambassadors! They Already Believe in Your Brand or They Wouldn’t be Customers in the First Place.

Hiring applicants who are also customers gives your company a competitive advantage over hiring applicants who are not customers. Customers are already comfortable promoting and endorsing your brand because they themselves choose to purchase products & services from your company. Besides, it’s a good thing to offer job opportunities to the people who’ve helped make your company the success it is today! Hiring Your Customers Reduces Training, Increases Sales and Improves Customer Satisfaction!


Leverage The Power Of Your Locations’ Exclusive Foot-Traffic

You Spend $Millions Getting Foot-Traffic Into Your Front Doors. Don’t Just Let Them Go... Let Them Apply On The Go!


Today, a solid social media recruiting strategy is a must-have for any company. However, unlike a few years ago, the competitive advantage is much smaller now as every other competitor is recruiting via social media as well. Your competitors also use the same job boards as you do. So, how do you gain a recruiting edge? By completely leveraging the enormous, and often under-utilized, power of your locations’ daily foot-traffic! exclusive It’s Great to Have 10,000 ‘Followers’, But Walk-In Foot-Traffic Can Easily Outnumber ‘Followers’ by a Multiple of 100X!


Reduced More Than Pays For Our Service Staff Interruptions

3 minutes later...

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot.” Tanzanian Proverb

Using our recruitment engagement solution can dramatically cut the time your staff currently spends responding to random walk-in job requests. With our solution in-place, it’s as simple as pointing to the nearest GoBox™ and instructing the applicant to simply “Take a card to apply”. In addition, our solution naturally provides, and promotes, a fair, consistent and non-discriminatory process for all walk-in job seekers. self-service Retailers & restaurants spend $2/day (~15 minutes) responding to walk-in job requests. That’s Over TWICE The Cost of Our Solution!


Real-Time Analytics Easy To Use Dashboard

Take The Guesswork Out of Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy! KNOW EXACTLY How Hard Our Solution Is Working For You!

We use the awesome capabilities of Formstack to power most of the data management behind QuickStart™. As Formstack is one of the largest form processors on the Internet, you can be assured that your data is safe and secure in the cloud. Need to quickly export or download your data into Excel? No Problem, everything you need to access your data and analyze your recruiting metrics is readily available and just one mouse click away! Measure Performance, Analyze Trends and Take Action! All Applicant Information is Securely Stored in the Cloud!


Our Solution’s Outperform

the Old Ways... Guaranteed to

Ask Us About Our

90 Day Trial! ZERO-Risk



In Hourly Recruiting Absolute Best Value

Quantity discounts available for 20+ locations.

ALL INCLUSIVE! 25 $ Month Per Per Location

$250 One Time Enterprise-Wide Setup. RecruitLock™

add $5.00/mo additional. (Optional)

Complete Mobile QuickStart™ Solution + ANY Four GoBoxes! FREE Refills, Shipping (Cards) & Replacement GoBoxes™

We challenge you to find ANY solution that does more for your hourly recruiting results than we do for just $25/mo. Many customers have told us that they’ve paid more just to have cards printed and shipped to their locations than we charge for our entire solution! We can do it because we print MILLIONS of cards at a time while manufacturing and assembling each and every GoBox™, by hand, in our own factory located in beautiful Southern Oregon!



Is the KEY to ENGAGEMENT Over 1,500,000 Job Seekers Engaged!

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