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Say NO to Snagaway ! While The Price of a Job Posting Can Be as Low as $30, The Cost of an Early New-Hire Turnover Can Exceed $3,500!

snagaway / /: snag-a-way A term used to describe the clever ways some leading hourly job boards increase their profits by snagging applicants away from employers who purchase their job postings. EXAMPLE: A job board charges an employer a fee to post jobs on their website. Next, the job board leverages that employer’s brand & job offerings to attract new job seekers to their website. Finally, as soon as job seekers apply to the employer’s job postings, the job board immediately, and continuously, emails those same job seekers countless competitive job offerings.

While You’re Paying Them to Bring Candidates In, They’re Quietly Snagging Your Candidates Away!

While you’re busy interviewing, onboarding and training new applicants who’ve applied to your job board postings, your hourly job board is working hard behind the scenes introducing your applicants to your competitor’s job postings! Are you comfortable with your job board sending your new applicants competitive job advertisements, almost daily, for MONTHS? If not, call your job board representative and say “No Way” to ! snagaway

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