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90 Day RecruitLock™ Stops Applicant Sharing

Example With RecuitLock™

Example Without RecuitLock™

Protected Applicant Totals - First 90 Days (NO snagaway!) Exclusive Applicants 2 Exclusive Applicant 1

Exclusive Applicants 2

2 Exclusive Applicants 3 1 Shared Applicant

1 Exclusive Applicant 2 1 Shared Applicant

2 Exclusive Applicants 5 3 Shared Applicants

Open/Shared Applicant Totals - First 90 Days (’Job Board Mode’)

Choose RecruitLock™ to Protect Your Applicants From Being Shared With Our Other Clients!

We believe that in order to measure your TRUE sourcing costs, you must also properly account for the by applicant source. Therefore, w and its impact on new-hire turnover. average duration of employment e highly recommend that our client’s use RecruitLock™ as protection against applicant sharing However, if you want more candidates and are comfortable allowing other companies access to your applicants in return for access to theirs, simply choose ‘Job Board Mode’.

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