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What a Difference It Makes When You Have People

World Giving Day Winners


Thanks for the submissions in honor of World Giving Day! The winners are as follows:

Submitted by Anne Caste, the Ladies of Charity

( provide over $1 million each year to help those in need with food, utilities, and basic needs. Anne also recognized that construction workers had a need for steel- toed boots. Her initial efforts got a donation of 50 pairs from Soles4Souls, and through this continued partnership, they have donated their 350th pair. From Marcia and Charles Swain, Hope Haven ( is our second winner and is a resource for disability services both nationally and internationally. Marcia and Charles have friends they frequently travel with who went to Nicaragua to see how they provide wheelchairs to children in need. Not only do the Swains support this organization monetarily, but they also employ their hobbies of woodworking and quilting to make items to contribute to their fundraising auction. The Swains plan to travel to South America to see the wheelchair program in action. Each organization has been given a $250 donation in honor of Anne, Marcia, and Charles’ service to their communities.

I should not be allowed in the attic.

Getting a company to even look at the job was a challenge at the very least. Getting them to respond with a quote was nigh unto impossible. Granted, this is the type of repair no contractor really wants. It’s not a big enough job to mess with, and it’s a lot of headache for comparatively little money. It was rather embarrassing having company come and taking them into the guest bedroom. I felt like writing on the ceiling “Carol was here” as an explanation so when they were lying on the bed, they could have something to laugh at. But we were about at our wits’ end trying to get it fixed! After going through what seemed to be a Rolodex worth of contacts, I remembered CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 ...

Doug was having trouble finding a box of decorations, so I went up to help. I was ducking under the eaves to look in a box, and when I stood up, I forgot how close the rafters were and knocked my head against them. This, of course, made me lose my balance, and I stepped back into the perfect spot where there was no plywood, sinking down into the insulation and stepping onto the sheetrock of the guest bedroom ceiling below. Thankfully, that was all that happened. I was able to catch myself in time before completely puncturing the sheetrock. No significant issues … other than a ceiling repair.

However, I didn’t realize how a minor repair would turn into a major issue!

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Great Vacations Matter Because Great Memories Matter Most


Patti and John are so grateful they had the opportunity to hear Carol speak a few years ago because it has led them to memories that will last a lifetime! Patti and John recently returned from Viking’s British Isles Explorer , a 15- day trip from Bergen to London, and completed it in conjunction with a hike on the Camino De Santiago. After the hike, when they boarded, all they had were their backpacks — talk about packing light! In 2019, they took an Alaskan cruise, and in 2015, they enjoyed the Grand European Tour . This time, after the cruise docked at its final destination, Patti and John left all of their clothing behind on board for the cruise line to keep in lost and found for those whose luggage may be delayed, and they grabbed their backpacking bags and embarked on part of a 75-day backpacking trip across 11 countries, hiking another three weeks.

“One tip we have for anyone choosing to travel on Viking is to pack light! While we were a bit forced to bring the bare minimum, we still noticed that all you really need are a few pairs of slacks, T-shirts, and a pair of walking shoes and dress shoes,” Patti explains. “You don’t need that much!” In June 2023, Patti and John are looking forward to Viking’s Empires of the Mediterranean — John even has a countdown set in his phone! The couple loves Viking and always find themselves recommending it to everyone they meet — even strangers in the airport! “We love the service, the smaller crowds, and the fact that there aren’t any casinos on board,” John says. “The only gambling we ever do is getting there on time!” “If you’re anything like us, you’ll be sure to love the smaller size of the crowds on both the ocean and river cruises. We love meeting new people

and we’ve found that doing so is actually easier with fewer people aboard,” Patti explains. Another tip this Viking couple has to offer is to make a photo album of some sort for each excursion you take, for they are all so different and exciting in varying ways! They love to use Shutterfly to help them capture their memories for years to come. Patti and John also co-write travel books — they’ve written three so far. Patti writes the reflection piece and John focuses on the who, what, where, when, and why. They’re a fabulous duo! Patti and John, thank you so much for sharing your travels, tips, and experiences with us! You have less than a year until your next adventure and we couldn’t be more excited for you! Bon voyage!

Team Spotlight: Lynn Johnson

If you have ever met anyone and thought: “I wish I were as quick-witted as she is,” that’s what it’s like to meet Lynn Johnson, our CPA and Finance Manager. She always has a quick quip to keep us laughing and lighten the atmosphere. Her love of numbers started in a high school accounting class. “Debits and credits totaling at the bottom were such a relief to my teenage mind when socially, not a whole lot made ‘cents.’” It was also there that she met her future husband, Keith, who is still her favorite person to spend time with. Lynn’s hidden talent is playing the pump organ, and her favorite food is anything that includes chocolate. A highlight each week is preparing activities and crafts for the Wednesday night lessons for her Stars 1 class, which is similar to Girl Scouts. The Johnsons are a family of readers, and Lynn says they get a lot of leadership books at their house. She chooses what to read after everyone else has finished and picks her selection based on their reviews.

When asked what she liked best about her role with IGT, she said, “Working with Carol. I marvel at everything from

the knowledge that goes into

seminars, writing The Compass, answering questions/helping with a problem, and bringing the best possible experience to clients (Editor’s note: she deserves a raise!). Another best is being the test market for client gift ideas. Finally, celebrating each client’s trip before hitting ‘send’ for a final payment receipt is the greatest.” Lynn has been on two Viking river cruises and will be doing the Iconic Western Mediterranean in November. If you are lucky enough to travel with Keith and Lynn, I know it will elevate your vacation to the next level of fun!

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“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” –JAMES KELLER


someone had referred a painting company to me several years ago. I called the number and talked with Diann, telling her we needed some painting done … and timidly asked if by any chance they would do sheetrock repair? She said, “Yes, we can do that. Would you like me to send someone out for a quote?” Within a few days, Mark came out to look things over and take measurements. Then Diann came out and knowledgably discussed colors. Then one thing led to the next, and soon we were painting most of the house! What started as a ceiling repair turned into a significant job overall. The quote came promptly, and we were very pleased with how fairly priced it was, too. We had a good feeling about them, and they seemed honest and wanted to help. Plus, they could start the job the next week — all very good indications we were on the right track!

So, last week the painters came. To say magic happened right before our eyes would be an

understatement. They were fast, clean, and quiet. You couldn’t even tell we had workers in the house. Drapes down, blinds removed, room and trim painted, and then blinds and drapes replaced. And all in the same day. Plus, I was impressed they could paint the trim around the windowpanes without tape and not get any paint on the glass, either. I came away from that thinking, “I bet everyone thinks they can paint, but when you let someone do it who really knows what they’re doing, you realize it’s best for everyone if you let the professionals handle it.” And that’s a perfect segue to talk about vacation planning. A lot of people do it on their own, but it’s a better experience for everyone when it’s left to the hands of the professionals. Plus, it’s a faster, easier, and more efficient process — and it’s often cheaper, too. And now that the professionals have come to our home, no one will ever know that “Carol was here” when they sleep in the guest bedroom!

Drop Doughnuts

I found this recipe in Taste of Home back in 1996 when looking for a way to use up mashed potatoes from dinner the night before. It has become a family favorite!

Ingredients • 1/2 cup mashed

• 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

potatoes (with milk and butter)

• 1/2 tsp baking soda

• 1/4 cup sugar

• 1/4 tsp baking powder

• 1 egg, beaten

• Topping:

• 1/2 cup sour cream

cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar

• 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Directions 1. Heat oil in an electric skillet or deep-fat fryer to 375 F. 2. In a bowl, combine potatoes, sugar, egg, sour cream, and vanilla. In another bowl, combine dry ingredients; stir into potato mixture. Drop dough by teaspoonfuls, 5 or 6 at a time, into hot oil. Fry for 1 minute per side, or until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Roll in powdered or cinnamon-sugar mixture and serve immediately. Yield: 3 to 3 1/2 dozen.

P.S. If you’re in the Atlanta area, I recommend you contact Diann with Five Star Painting for a quote, 404.375.8530 , and tell her we highly recommended their services! —Carol Shaddix

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Great Vacations Matter Because Great Memories Matter Most

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770.421.9627 | 3600 Dallas Hwy, Suite 230-215, Marietta, GA 30064

Everything you love about Viking, only better! A great destination is just one part of an amazing vacation. Just like having a master chef prepare your meal at your favorite restaurant, as one of Viking’s largest representatives, we’ve booked these vacations countless times. We intuitively know how to enhance the outcome of your experience so it consistently delivers above and beyond your expectations (and know when those special promotions such as extra shipboard credit or free airfare are available you might not know about). Whether you are interested in an individual reservation or want to travel together as a group, call 770.421.9627 for your free consultation on how to make your next vacation even better than you expected! Tip: If you’ve already booked direct with Viking in the last 60 days, contact us to add some additional bonuses to your reservation!

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This Month in History: A 5-Year-Old Becomes King of France

King Louis XIV of France, also known as “The Sun King,” died almost exactly 307 years ago, on Sept. 1, 1715. Of course, this wasn’t too unusual. What was strange about King Louis XIV’s death is that he left his 5-year-old great-grandson, Louis XV, to take his place. Here are a few fun facts about the boy king’s time on the throne.

real power in the castle lay with King Louis XIV’s sons. Apparently, King Louis XIV didn’t trust the duke as far as he could throw him. So, he willed the power to his sons instead!

according to Encyclopedia Britannica, he wasn’t a very effective king and his time in

power “contributed to the decline of royal authority that led to the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789.” Whoops! • As crazy as it sounds, Louis XV wasn’t the first school-aged ruler of France. “The Sun King’’ who preceded him actually took the throne at a similar age: 4 years and 8 months old! He ruled until he was 77. That whopping 72-year period makes him the longest-reigning monarch of all time. Want to learn more wild facts about royals? Visit and check out the article “Facts About French Royalty We Just Learned That Made Us Say ‘Really?’”

• Louis XV got engaged at the tender age of 12 to princess Mariana of Spain. This was Philippe’s grand plan, but when the duke passed away, the boy king’s first minister canceled the wedding plans. • The young monarch eventually

Until he was 15, Louis XV was supervised by Philippe II, Duke of Orléans. The duke/regent was known to be “irreverent, habitually drunk, and licentious,” according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. He’s also the namesake of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana! The city was founded in 1717, two years into his time as regent. Even though Louis XV was king and Philippe II was his regent, the

came into his own and ruled for 59 years — which seems like a long time until you consider that the late Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrated 70 years on the throne in February 2022. Louis XV is also known as “Louis the Well-Beloved.” Ironically,

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