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PROJECT PROFILE | POINT LOMA, CA Fully Compatible Treatment Train Fits Small Footprint UrbanPond TM & Modular Wetlands®

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Point Plaza Voltaire Point Loma, California

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Introduction Point Loma Peninsula, California is an iconic land feature that jets out into the Pacific Ocean and completes the northern rim of the San Diego Bay. The peninsula has been described as “where California began” 1 , marking the first landing point for European expeditions to present-day California. This moniker is especially fitting, as Point Loma has now become the landing place for the first ever UrbanPond TM . UrbanPond TM is a highly configurable stormwater storage system that is providing developers and engineers access to superior underground capabilities. Within this historical area, as with many other urban retrofits, every possible square foot is sought after, accounted for, and maximized. Situation Development opportunities or replacement projects in Point Loma are rare due to existing developments and topographical challenges. Site re-developments in this trendy area require that the new construction be even more efficient and more creative with land usage in order to maximize opportunities in this region of steep hillsides and oceanfronts. The extreme challenges of the topography require innovative solutions for architects and engineers.

Point Plaza Voltaire: Architectural Rendering

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