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Challenge Point Plaza Voltaire Apartments located at 3903 Voltaire Street (Voltaire), is a triangular redevelopment site featuring steep grading from the highpoint at the intersection of Voltaire and Las Lomas to the busy Nimitz Boulevard below. The builder’s goal for Voltaire was to replace an existing commercial building and asphalt parking lot with a state-of- the-art multi-story apartment complex, street-side retail space, and underground parking within a tight trilateral site. To accomplish this, thousands of pounds of earth were excavated and creative architectural plans were developed to maximize on the constrictive shape and dimensions of the space. However, the re-design would increase the imperviousness and density within the Voltaire site for a total drainage area of 24,323 square feet. Runoff from the parking area and roof will pick up additional trash, debris, and TSS (total suspended solids), but California regulations require full trash capture while other permits call for bioremediation to promote infiltration. The challenges were adding up for Voltaire, and jeopardizing their ability to reach developer goals. Solution To solve both the storage and treatment needs, Bio Clean Environmental applied a treatment train of proven and compatible systems that address multiple site challenges. The UrbanPond TM system acts as a storage system to collect all of the site’s stormwater runoff. The modules are 5’ inside height to fit snugly beneath the building’s parking structure. The modules are placed on a concrete foundation slab with multiple holes to promote infiltration and recharge the groundwater table below. Storm flows that outpace the underlying soils infiltration rate are conveyed into a Cleanout/Diversion Structure downstream. An orifice within the Diversion Structure regulates flow into the Modular Wetlands® biofiltration system.

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