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CHARLES E. HURLBURT Superintendent of the» Bible Institute of Loe Angeles September * 1926 * “ For Ever, O Lord, Thy Word U Settled in Heaven” (Psalm 119:89)

ip AS THE EDITOR SEES I T - A familiar chat with The King's Business Family

OUR BIBLE FAMILY MAGAZINE IS BUILT U P O N THE ROCK which we all love, THE BIBLE, and ia full to the brim every month of ammunition w i t h whkh to fight the foe in this battle in defence o f the Word of God. LET US ALL BOW OUR HEADS FOR A WORD OF PRAYER: "Lord Jesus, we thank Thee for the Book so dear to us, and for the magazine w h i c h de­ fends it. Bless all who read it and all who help to make it such a bless­ ing. Encourage us in our efforts to add as many members as we


HERE THEY ARE! What a family I Preach­ er«, Evangelist», Teach­ er», Father», Mother», Young People, Little F o l k » , f r o m every quarter of the globe— THOUSANDS a n,d THOUSANDS I We have a wonderful K I N G ’ S BUSINESS FAMILY but it ought to grow faster. Don t you think so) When you read a b o u t the Devil’ s magazine on page 504, and all that it propose» to do to poison the lives of old and young, and spoil the homes of our land, you will surely rise up, every one of you, and ask

can to Our Family, that they, too, may have the same help and encouragement. And take all the praise to Thine own glorious Name. Amen. »

the Lord to set you apart to do all in your power to destroy this Satanic propaganda by putting the facts in the hands of all of the people possible.

O v e r FOUR THOUSAND MEMBERS of OUR F A M I L Y have definitely enrolled as “ DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH” and we are expecting that now, in this emergency, EVERY' MEMBER will RALLY to the STANDARD and P L E D G E THEMSELVES to DO ALL in THEIR POWER to STEM THE TIDE. COMMENCE RIGHT AWAY I SHOW THIS COPY OF THE KING’S B U S I N E S S to your friends, ask them to read the article on page 504, and plead with them to join The King’ s Business Family and the DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH. "If the watchman * * * blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned * * * his blood will I require at the watchman’ s hand” I Ezekiel 33:6. THE KING’S BUSINESS I 536-558 SOUTH HOPE STREET LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA j PUBL ISHED BY THE BIBLE INSTITUTE O F LOS ANGELES C H A S. E. H U R L B U R T . SUPERINTENDENT


1927 1927 An Unaqoalad Sailing Proposition for C. E. Societies, Bible Classes, Ladies’ Aid Societies, and Other Church Organisations - Christian Service Calendar -

Our 1987 production Is ons 1» which ws tsks lust pride. It undeniably surpasses any we h yet published. The front cover pictures Plockhorst’ s famous mssterpisoe of Mary, Joseph and_Je in Crypt. The scene is sublimely executed, and is a masterpiece of the printer s art. Printed heavy ¡paper stock, in seven colors. The twelve monthly sheets are beautifully illustrated with sac art pictures in multi-colors, truly reproducing some of the world s most famous paintings. The illustration shown on this circular gives some idea of the excellent judgment that has been n in selecting the beautiful pictures that are to be found on every page. These pictures are ami the highest conceptions in religious art, and can not help but be a refining influence in every hoi Five interesting features which distinguish our ‘ Christian Servioe Calendar arj: • I. The titles of the International Sunday-school lessons for the fifty-two weeks of the year are giv also location of the lessons. |—---- j------------------------------------------------_ -------- .------ - --------- — -— l 2 . The Daily Beading for each Saturday is the Golden Text for the following Sunday s lesson. 8. The Christian Endeavor Topics (Senior and Junior) for each Sunday are listed. •, . 4. Selected Scripture readings for every day of the year. A special Scripture theme is assigned each month. March, comfort and praise; April, integrity; July, love, etc, 6. Sayings of Jesus printed in red—Wednesdays. IDEAL METHOD FOR RAISING FUNDS The Scripture calendar has solved the financial problem of thousands of churches and Sunday schj more effectively and easily than any other method ever tried. Every group that bee undertakes sell it has enthusiastically commended the plan. It is an ideal way, for the reason that each one o earned in the transaction is immensely benefited by it. The worker is rendering a corviee to both church and the person to whom he sells the calendar. The church is supplied ,a: to carry on its work, while the purchaser is receiving something the* will be a source of pleasure j entire year “ The Christian Service Calendar” is so artistica designed that it can not fall to foster a lore for the truly beautiful and noble in art. Mostimp tent*of all, through its selected readings, it brings God’ s message daily to many homes that wise be destitute* of it. The calendars sell with practically no effort. Families who year are anxious to reorder the next, and never fail to advertise them among their “ 1. auaintancea It is nothing for one group to sell from three to five hundred in one »eeeou- A* ^ «re *£. attiactive profit on tins sale of even one hundred, that on three or four hundred neU the church a W substantial sum. START RIGHT NOW It is none too soon to decide now to sell the calendars. Our urgent advice is to P1“ * itrinr the matter at once to the attention of your Bible classes and the various church organise»« j nntline vour selline campaign without delay. The successful salesman readily recognizes the val of ^being flr.t°

2.30 6.86 9.60 17.00 38.00 46.00 70.00

................ 3.00 ................ 7.50 _______ _ 16.00


I t 8 $ . 46. 8 ».

Calendars..... ............... 30.00 Calendars----- -------------------------------------------- SS S2 Calendars. — 90.00 Calendars!!!” ....”-.....--..-------------------------------- 160.00

■isa, 10s i d y . Inches.

New Series--Children’s Scripture Text Birthday Post-cards

Graded Birthday Post-cards

s r v j a j a i r f t i s w r a n a & ' i a

five numbers, Sunday-school officers Sneeds* There are cards for theP Cradle Roll, Beginners, Irim i^ ,1’'junior,'^nthrmedfate and Senior grades.* Artistically don. in color, by the four color offset p r o « « . M 861. Seventh Tear (boy). Mo. 361Vi* Seventh Year (girl). 368. Eighth Tear (girl). 369>/t. Eighth Tear (boy). CRADLE ROLL No. 846. First Tear (boy or No. 868. girl). No. 240. Second Tear (boy). No. 246y,. Second Tear (girl). No. 247. Third Year (girl). No. No. No. 863. No. 264. JUNIOR DEPARTMENT No. 263. Ninth Tear (girl). T h i r t e e n t h Tear (boy). F o n r t e e n t h Tsar (girl). F o u r t e e n t h Tear (boy).

Fifteenth Year (girl). Fifteenth Tear (boy). Sixteenth Tear (boy). Sixteenth Tear (girl). Seventeenth T e a r (girl). Seventeenth T e a r (boy). Eighteenth T e a r (bey). Eighteenth T e a r (girl).

No. 266. No. 866.

Series 396 V

' A series of Birthday Post-cards in beautiful col prepared especially for children. Five attract designs. Price, 20c. per dosen; $1.86 per 100 Birthday Post-cards for Youn People and Adults ■arias 389 These cards are produced by offset presses in tistic colors. Five beautiful designs. Prias, per dosen; $1.26 per 100.

Ninth Hear (boy). Tenth Tear (boy). Tenth Tear (girl). Eleventh Tear (girl). Eleventh Tsar (boy).

Mo. 264. No. 866.

No. 2 4 7 Third Tear (boy), BEGINNERS DEPARTMENT No. 346. Fourth Tear (girl). No. 841Vf. Fourth Tear (boy). No. 849. Fifth Tsar (bey). No. 849)4* Fifth Tear (girl), PRIMARY d b p a b t m b n t No. 260. Sixth Tsar (girl). Me. 860Vi. Sixth Tear (bey).

267. 268.

No No

266. 367. 268.

No. No. NO.


No. 269. No. 270. Ne. Ne. 871. 872.

INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT No. 269. Twelfth Tear (boy). -Ho. 860. Twelfth Tear (girl). He. 861. T h i r t e e n t h Year (girl). Price, 86c. per dosen; $8.00 per 100.


a h u

Ferine/ J p te p m


SEBIBS 1 Series I. Size, 12Vt x 15 V4 lnehee; 600. a dozen. Each certificate is embellished with an appropriate Biblical picture. The printing is executed in bix col­ ors. The soft colors embody a tone and a richness which will please the most exacting taste: Ho. 820.— Cradle Boll Certificate. Picture of mother bird feeding young. Furnished in blue back­ ground for girls, pink for boys. Ho. 821.— Cradle Boll to Beginners. Design, Ap­ ple blossoms, with Murillo’ s “ Divine Shepherd pic­ ture interwoven. Ho. 322.— Beginners to Primary. Decorative Hew­ er design, with picture, *’Christ Blessing Little Chil­ dren.'' Ho. 828 .-/-Primary to Junior. Picture, “ Hof­ mann's Head— The Boy Christ” Background de- eign, water lilies. Ho. 824.__ Junior to Intermediate. Deeign, wis­ teria, with picture, “ David.” Ho. 325.— Intermediate to Senior. Picture, “ The Call to Diseipleship,” with decoration of iris. Ho. 826.— General Promotion Certificate. Decor­ ative flower deeign. Suitable for any department in the echool. Picture, “ The Man Ohriet." Bible and Nature Pictures

' ^rorviotfj


p c n o n o j


Series ^ \ Size, 9 % x 12 % inches ; 40c. a dozen. me daintiness of 'floral designs, the perfect blending of soft tints the execution of j y i W * « ; « s s s a s s s w £■=» Ho. 859. Cradle Boll Certificate. ■*• ***“ “ ▼ to Junior. Mo. 880. Cradle Boll to Beginners. Ho. 868. Junior to Intermediate. Ho. 861. Beginner, to Primary. Ho. 884. Intermediate to Senior. Ho. 865. General Promotion Certificate.Suitable for grade tograde or department to department. Promotion Certificates Scries 2. Card Form. Size, 5 x 6 % inches; 45c. i dozen. LB there ha. been an insistent call for a series of small Promotion Certificates, no further apology is nec- _ for the producing of this unique line. Each Card Certificate is enclosed in an envelope. L h W lf ic ít ó in the series will be prized very highly by the recipient, a. it can be preserved The certificates are seldom, if ever, framed, and for this reason the demand for a small certificate has m. This series is produced in multi-colors by the highly popular offset process. Same designs as in "rm 841.__Cradle Boll Card Certificate. Picture of mother bird feeding young. Furnished in blue back- nd for girls, pink for boys. ... , rorm 342.— Cradle Boll to Beginners Promotion Card Certificate. Design, apple blossoms, with Murillo s vine Shepherd’ ’' picture interwoven. >orm 343 .— Beginners to Primary Promotion Csxd Certificate. Decorative flower design, with picture, rist Blessing Little Children.’ ' ■onn 844 .— Primary to Junior Promotion Card Certificate. Picture, “ Hofmann s Head The Boy st.” Background design, water lilies. form 346.— Junior to Intermediate Promotion Card Certificate. Design, Wisteria, with picture, Da-

Sise, 10 H * 18 inches, in beautiful colore. Sold only in sete. Set Ho. 1. Twelve nature and four Biblo pinturee. Price, 76 cents. Set Ho. 2. Fourteen nature and ten Bible pic­ tures. Price, $1.25. Set Ho. 8. Four nature and twenty Bible picturee. Price, $1.26. Set Ho. 4. Twenty-four Bible picturee. Price, $1.26. Set Ho. 6. Fourteen nature and six Bible pie- tures. Price, $1.00. Set Ho. 6. Ten nature and ten Bible picturee. Price, $1.00. Set Ho. 7. Twenty Bible picturee. Price, $1.00.

Picture, “ The Cell to Diseipleship," Suitable for any depart-

o n , 846.— Intermediate to Bailor Promotion Card Certificate decoration of iris. orm 847.__General Promotion Card Certificate. Decorative flower design. in the school.


T he K ing ’ s B usiness Motto; “ I, the Lord, do keep it; I will water it every moment: leet any hurt it, I will keep it night and day.” Isaiah 27:3. PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY AND REPRESENTING THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES T . C. HORTON . - - - Editor-in-Chief WM. A . FISHER, Managing Editor CHAS. E. HURLBURT c o n t r i b u t o r s DR. C. E. MACARTNEY CONTRIBUTORS DR. LEANDER S. KEYSER DR. F. E. MARSH DR. W . B. RILEY DR. CHARLES ROADS DR. JOHN M. MacINNIS DR. I. M. HALDEMAN THIS MAGAZINE stands for the Infallible Word of Cod. and for its great fundamental doctrines. ITS PURPOSE Is to strengthen the faith of all believers, in all the world; to stir their hearts to engage in detaite ^hHstlan work, to aequalat them with the varied work of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles; and to work in harmony and fellowship with them In magnifying toe _______ person end work of our Lord JssusChrlst,_and thus hasten His comings ... Volume XVII September, 1926 Number 9

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nnouncement s s s It gives the editor of The King's Business great pleasure to announce that Mr. Charles E. Hurlburt . . the Founder and former General Director of the Africa Inland Mission . . has been called by the Board of Directors to become the Superintendent of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles . . . . . . Mr. Hurlburt has been my personal friend for thirty- five years, and I am confident that his wide and varied ex­ perience as a teacher and leader in Christian work qualifies him in an unusual way for this position . . . I know of no other man in the United States who is so well qualified to give direction to the varied activities of the Institute as Mr. Hurlburt . . Inasmuch as I have contemplated for some time laying down the heavy burdens in connection with the editorship of this magazine, the knowledge that Mr. Hurlburt will have supervision of it gives me the assurance that the magazine will be conducted in the future in harm- , ony with the principles and ideals which have controlled it in the past . . In this new field of service, Mr. Hurlburt will have my daily prayer, as he has had for many years, and I covet for him the prayers of The King's Business Family that the blessing of God may rest richly upon him.


September 1926

T H E K I N O ’ S B U S I N E S S


Is not this neglect a serious sinf Is it not true that world and church conditions today are evidences of it T If one were told that a bequest of ten thousand dollars had been left for them, would it be long before they would be telling the good news! Is, then, a gift of money of more value than the gift of God which is eter­ nal life f I f we possess this great gift and have the knowledge that “ whosoever will” may have it also, then what excuse can we give for failure to “ pass it on” ? It is the business of every believer to take the Bread of Life to hungry souls, and if from every evangelical pulpit every Sunday morning and night for sixty days this could be emphasized, there would be a real revival that would glorify the Lord, and bring joy to the homes and hearts of countless thousands. Why not have this revival f What do you say t PERFUNCTORY PRAYER In approaching this subject we have no desire to be critical, but we feel deeply that it is a solemn and ser­ ious matter, aqd worthy of the most careful considera­ tion. We are creatures of habit, and too often our habits are careless, listless and perfunctory, and when such a habit is associated with prayer, it tends to degrade what should be the highest and holiest relationship of our spiritual life. For prayer includes worship, fellowship, dependence and gratitude. In public prayer we must use words to express our thoughts, and are apt to be occupied with wondering how they sound, whether the language is appropriate, etc., the result being a tendency to become stereotyped, lifeless, meaningless,—a prayer from the head and not from the heart. Real prayer is a wish, a desire, an intercession, a supplication. I f the thing prayed for is not really desired, longed for, yearned for,—the words uttered mean nothing and the prayer becomes perfunctory. There are certain conditions which must be recog­ nized in real prayer: We must be right with God—in His will—or our prayers will be perfunctory. A set time and place for prayer is very desirable, but it may mean nothing if we simply go to the place and go through with the performance. Again,—a conscious­ ness that can make “ eloquent” prayers, may result in merely “ perfunctory” prayers. Prayer is a life ! A thought springing up within the heart and going out to God is a real prayer, even though it is not expressed in words. Fellowship with God is a life! We are “ at home” with some people. We can speak freely, talk confidentially with them. The deeper things of our heart and life are expressed frankly and naturally. So it is when we walk and talk with “ the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ.” Is this not the solution o f the problem of real prayer f If we could only forget that men are listening and remember that God is listening, and then make Him the

The church is the body of Christ—a “ called-out” body of people from the world. Israel was the Old Testament church,—a separated people in the wilder­ ness. Every believer in Jesus Christ as Sayiour and Lord is a member of His body, and therefore a member of the true church. The choice of membership in any par­ ticular organization of believers is left to the individ­ ual, but the obligation resting upon every believer, no matter with what denomination he may be affiliated, is the same. “ To preach’ ’ is to “ announce,” “ bring,” “ cry.” That is the “ A B C” o f preaching.” It means also to “ herald,” “ proclaim,” “ tell.” The Gospel is the “ good news” to a lost world,—the news that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came into the world to save sinners; that He paid the penalty of their sins by His own death on the cross; that His blood made atonement (or, “ satisfaction” ) for their sins; that the acceptance o f Him as personal Saviour gives them all the rights and privileges of the sons of God, and that they have the right to appropriate to themselves the blessed promises belonging to the Church. I f this is true, and it is, then a solemn obligation rests upon the believer. Being saved by His grace and having the new nature—the nature of God Himself— the relationship of sons and daughters implies obed­ ience to His command to tell the good news to others. But many believers have never sensed this obligation, or if they have, they have never obeyed the command. We have personally known hundreds o f Christians who have confessed that they have never realized that it was their business to tell others the story of redeeming love and to press the claims of Christ upon the unsaved. They assume that it is the function of the minister to preach the Gospel, and that he is paid for that pur­ pose. They seem to think that if someone does feel a burden for lost souls that such an one should become a missionary or preacher, but they themselves have never understood that they were included in the com­ mand “ Occupy (do business) till I come.” No doubt much o f the blame for this state of affairs rests upon the ministers, who have never made plain to their people the obligation resting upon them. How many real Christians have been robbed of their highest, holiest and happiest experience by this failure! If there is “ joy in Heaven over one sinner that repent- eth” (and there is, for the Bible says so), then what joy has been lost by believers for time and for eternity 1 If “ one soul is worth a world of gold” (and it is, and more), why should God’s under-shepherds fail to instruct their flocks t I f souls are lost because of the failure of the leaders to instruct the laity as to their duty, and their privilege, how about the reckoning at that day when “ every man’s work shall be tried by flre” t

September 1926

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


But nothing is gained by descending to the dark, dingy level where Satan dwells. Let us lift up our eyes and remember the struggling pilgrims who are looking to us for a ray of reflected sunshine. Smile upon them. Speak lovingly to them. Cheer their hearts. Forget ourselves and think o f others. We are walking with the King of kings and Lord of lords. The Holy Spirit within us—if we will permit Him—will bring forth heavenly strains of music and we will be able to give voice to them in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in our hearts unto the Lord.” And, as we sing, the smile will come back to our lips, the light will gleam in our faces, and perhaps create a desire in the heart of some one who is traveling the weary way of darkness and despair to long that they too might know the source of the sunshine that makes life so blessed and so happy for us. “ Let our light so shine before men that they, seeing our good works,” and happy faces, may be brought to the place where they will “ glorify our Father who is THE HEINOUS HUMAN HEART The cartoon presents a horrible picture and yet a true one, and one which is greatly needed. It is not strange that ungodly men hate the Word of God. A photographer has the most difficult pro­ fession in the world. He does his best to make ugly faces good looking, smoothing out all the ungainly, uncouth features and marks. But when the portrait is finished in a manner satisfactory to the customer, it is usually anything but a true picture. But when God makes a picture of the human heart, He portrays it just as it is. Jeremiah says: “ The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know i t ! ” and then God says, “ I, the Lord, search the heart” (Jer. 17:9, 10). An honest confession is good for the soul, and we want every reader to take a good long look at the text on the cartoon, then jpieditate upon the day’s record, and contrast and compare the two. This would be a good picture to hang in every home, and good for the preacher to hang in his study, so that he might have a Scriptural foundation for a faithful message. Nothing is so well calculated to bring us to our faces in the dust as the truth. “ Truthing it in love” should be the motto of every preacher and teacher and, in fact, every professing Christian. The editor has lived in the cities all of his life, and for more than sixty years has kept in touch with the newspapers, magazines and books. For many years the government prohibited the use’ of the mails for a certain character of literature, but today attacks upon God, upon Christ, upon the Bible, upon righteousness, upon chastity, have free access to the mails. Pass by the news stands. Count the magazines. Look at the character of them. Think of the young people who read them and will be influenced by them, and then look again at the cartoon. Not many of our read­ ers can contrast present day literature with that of sixty years ago, but if they could, they would surely say, “ Evil men do wax worse and worse.” What is the lesson! The Word of God is true! Its description of the human heart is true! Acknowledge

center of our thoughts, what a difference it would make in our public prayer! We should practice the presence of Christ so that He becomes real to us. Then fellowship and communion with Him will be sweet. This is what He longs for. He loves us. He loves to answer prayer. Does it not give us real pleasure to minister to those we ldvet Surely it does. Then, how much more does it give joy to His great heart to “ give good things to them that ask Him.” _ Giving does not impoverish Him. Nay, it rather enriches Him,—but let us not grieve Him by selfish desires, for selfish purposes, for a selfish life always alienates us from Him. Seeking His blessing and help to further our own selfish aims would hurt His heart. Real prayer is the most simple, practical thing in the world. It is just linking up our lives with His life, walking with Him, communing with Him, longing in all things to glorify Him, dying to self, dedicating all to Him. In this atmosphere perfunctory prayer disap­ pears, and real prayer lives like a breath of the soul. THE GOOD WORK OF THE GIDEONS In July, 1925, The Gideons, at their national conven­ tion set their mark at 100,000 Bibles to be placed in the hotels of the United States and Canada by June 30 1926, and they have gone “ over the top” by several hundred volumes. Mr. Samuel R. Boggs, the President of The Gideons, says this was accomplished by “ praying much on their knees and working hard on their toes,” and this is a splendid program for any band of believers. The Gid­ eons are indeed fortunate in having such a live, prac­ tical business man at the head of this practical work, which has such an appeal to every real Christian. We have followed this organization for many years and know o f nothing more definitely satisfactory, than to place God’s Word in a hotel room as a seed sown in a needy field and committed to Him for His oversight and blessing. _ . •> The plan for 1926 is to place 100,000 more Bibles in the hotels as yet unprovided for. Ponder! Pray! Place the pen in your fingers, write your check and mail to the Treasurer, F. J. Peeke, 140 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, Illinois, and thus have a share in the blessed harvest. SUNSHINE FACES We were walking in the garden recently, and the sharer of our joys and sorrows said, “ See! All the pansies have turned their faces to the sun!” And we noticed with surprise that it was so,—and immediately thought of many faces we had seen that were radiant with sunshine and smiles, because they were always turned towards the Sun of Righteousness. As the Psalmist expresses it: “ They looked unto Him and were radiant.” It takes no wisdom to turn from the light,—but it does require faith and Heavenly grace to keep one’s eyes upon the light of Heaven; to smother in one’s breast the'rising tide of rebellion against the unkindly criticism, the hard, harsh words and innuendoes; to remember that if “ we suffer we shall also reign with Him,” and pray for them that “ despitefully use us and persecute us.”


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

September 1926

The great majority of us have been denied these priv­ ileges and tributes, but we are not without prospects of honor and reward. For every child of God there awaits a graduation day, when we will be rewarded— not for our intellectual attainments, but for faithful service. We have said many times, and we say it again, **God keeps books! The records are unchangeable, for—we say it with all reverence—there are some things which God Himself cannot change (1 Cor. 3 :12, 13): “ Now If any mm build upon this foundation, gold, silver, precious stones; wood, hay, stubble; every man's work shall be made manifest; for • • • the lire shall try every man’s work of what sort It Is." Note the contrast:

this and then remember the decree of God that men must have new natures before they can live with Him. We cannot change the course of humanity. Christ did not do that. He sought and found some who would believe Him and follow Him, and this we must do. Let no preacher or teacher deceive you by seeking to make you believe that the world is growing better. That is the devil’s own lie. You have the Book in your hand and you have the opportunity to observe conditions, and know the truth. We must face the facts and give ourselves with unceasing zeal to the greatest o f all service, the saving of our fellows—young and old—so that in place of these “ slimy sheets” they shall have the sweet story o f salvation. The distribution of

“ Gold, silver, precious stones” with “ wood, hay, stubble!” This is a serious scene for the Christian to con­ template, and yet it is righteous. We a r e saved by grace. Eter­ nal life is the “ gift of God, not of works, lest a n y m an s h o u l d boast,” —but we will be rewarded for our service, and there will be as much difference between believers in Heaven as t h e r e is down here. So often riches and

Gospel literature is the most blessed busi­ ness in which any one can engage. The ene­ mies of our Lord are now engaged in an aggressive campaign to flood the country with “ billions of cop­ ies” of soul-destroy­ ing leaflets. (Read the article on page 504). The church o f Jesus Christ must be on the alert to meet them with the truth. One of the most ef­ fective instruments for this purpose is the “ Little Red Gospel of John,” of w h i c h a million copies h a v e been printed and dis­ tributed in the l a s t few years. It h a s some “ Special Helps” which render it in­ valuable in meeting these seductive snares o f Satan, a n d hun­ dreds o f souls have been saved through reading it. An inquiry

Outoftheheartofmen proceedevil thought'% adulteries,fornications murder% thefts,covet­ ousness,wickedness* d e c e i t ,l a s c i V i o u s n ^ s an evileye\blasphemy, pride,foo lishn ess—* M *rk 7. 21,22

I g i g H C l

position h a v e influ­ enced Christians in their attitude toward their fellows. T h e y have had a feeling of v a s t superiority to­ wards the “ common people,” even while recognizing them as brothers in the Lord. But the history of the church shows that the “ common p e o p l e ” have been its b o n e and sinew since the days of Christ when, we are told, “ The common people heard Him gladly.” Take a little walk through the Gospel of John with “ God manifest in the flesh” and listen to Him calling those humble fishermen to follow Him. See Him at the wedding in the home; talking with the harlot woman at the well; healing the impotent man at the pool who said “ I have no man!” ; feeding the hungry multitudes, in the sixth chapter; forgiving the outcast sinner in the eighth chapter; giving sight to the blind beggar in the ninth chapter; raising Lazarus in the eleventh chap­ ter. Hear His warning against pride in the thirteenth chapter, and His farewell message to these same com­ mon fishermen in the fourteenth to the eighteenth chapters. Gaze upon that marvelous scene on the sea­ shore, after His resurrection, when with those pierced hands, He cooked a meal for the men He loved! What a wonderful manifestation of the truth that “ God hath chosen the weak things of the world to con- IT *


of the Biola Book Boom, 536 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, California, will bring you information about this and other “ Best Books.” Let every true believer be fully armed and-armoured in this conflict, that they may do their part in stemming t*)ie awful tide of infidelity and immorality which is sweeping in upon us in these last days. At certain times of the year in our institutions of learning various degrees are conferred upon those who have long and faithfully labored to secure them, and we have nothing but praise for these well deserved tributes to faithful study. The world owes much to the learned professors and scientists who have contributed to its store of knowledge, and history records their names in the hall of fame in due season. DOCTORS* DEGREES AND DIVINE DECREES

September 1926

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


“ YOUTH’S ADVENTURE” This book, by Allan A. Hunter, with Foreword by Harry Emerson Fosdick, is a sample of the many pub­ lications with attractive titles which now flood the market, but which are aimed to strike at the funda­ mental foundations of our civic life. The “ Youth Movement,” which is being nurtured by the enemies of our country, has a strong grip upon the students in schools and universities, and the evi­ dent purpose of this volume is to attract the young peo­ ple by its specious arguments into a world-wide organ­ ization of revolt against what it terms ‘ ‘ tradition and “ dogma” and in support of a “ new social order. While Mr. Hunter does not go to the extreme length of some in discrediting the historic church, two references which he makes to our Lord will be sufficient to give his estimate of Him. For instance, “ Jesus knew nothing of our mechanical civilization!’ ’ And, again, “ On one occasion Jesus seems to have had a temporary emotional stir-up against a Greek!” ■ Each of the eight chapters is followed by a list of “ Suggested Reading,” naming fifty two books, all along the Modernist line and, therefore, calculated to assist in the effort to wean young people from faith in the Word of God. , Mr. Fosdick's “ Foreword” is characteristic. He says: “ It seems to be a book of very considerable sig­ nificance,” —a typical “ Fosdickian” expression, which would “ seem” to indicate that his intellect is full of “ seems” or, perhaps, “ seams!” for he “ seems” to have a wonderful vision of himself, standing on a ped­ estal on top of the new Rockefeller Building, where the world will be invited to come and “ worship.” Mr. Fosdick may mean well, but he lacks two essential things: To know and believe God’s Word, and to know human nature. I f he would spend one year in such a school, he might then be able to say not “ it seems” thus and so, but “ I know.” (Rom. 7 :18; 2 Tim. 1 :12).

found the things which are mighty. • • • That no flesh should glory in His presence.” How necessary, then, that we should remember that earthly “ degrees” will not count in that judgment. The Judge will be Jesus Christ (John 5:22-27), and His “ decree” will stand (1 Cor, 3:14, 15): “ If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss." It is our privilege to decide here whether it shall be for us “ wood, hay, stubble” —or “ gold, silver, pre­ cious stones.” Our Lord can use any one, anywhere, who will surrender themselves for service. Love should dominate us; love for Him who gave Himself for us; love for our fellows that they too may hear the good, glad message so dear to us. Pity them! Pray for them! Seek to sow the Gospel seed that will save them,—looking forward with joyful anticipation to the day of all days when the books will be open, remembering that neither God nor man can change the record therein, but that it is the privilege of every believer to have a record which shall assure the decree of “ Gold, silver, precious stones!” “ Go, labor on! spend and be spent!

Thy joy to do the Father’s will; It Is the way the Master went; Should not the servant tread it still? “ Toil on! faint not! keep watch and pray! ■Be wise the erring soul to win! Go forth into the world’s highway! Compel the wanderers to come in! “ Toil on, and in thy toil rejoice! For toil, comes rest; for exile, home! Soon thou shalt hear the Bridegroom’s voice, The midnight peal, ‘Behold, I come!’ ’’ — Sel.

Alfe i t i


not be hoped for. That is the chief element in the Jewish question, for the international money power is Jewish. “ They have overplayed their hand, as they always do. It is destined, It seems, that such influences should always overplay their hands at a crit­ ical moment. Their setback in Great Britain and the United States occurred just as they thought they were sitting on top of the world. “ The Jewish question is here, and too many are afraid to study It. Neither the Jews nor the others benefit by concealment. At first I was blamed for bringing the question into the light, but public opinion now approves what I did.” We wonder if Mr. Ford reads the Scriptures. The Jew can never be eliminated if the Bible is true— and it is.

Henry Ford feels that in the past he may have been too severe in criticisms of the Jews, according to an Interview with Farm & Fireside. Asked if he believes the Jews a men­ ace to America, Ford is quoted: “ No, they are not a menace. On the whole they are a good influence. They are so much smarter than the boob Gentiles that it makes them hustle to keep up. That is where the good comes in. It serves people right if they let the Jews work them.” Ford emphasized that he had no prejudice against Jews as such.' Jews are employed not only in his manufac­ turing plants but by Dearborn Pub­ lishing Co. itself. He admitted he now felt some of the articles about Jews in the Dearborn Independent “ had been too severe.” “ What I oppose most is the inter­ national Jewish money power in every

war,” said Ford. “ No matter what happens to the nations in a war, the money power always wins. No war starts without it, every war stops when it says so. That is what I oppose— a power that has no country and can order young men of all countries out to death. “ Most people who talk about world peace never penetrate to the cause of w a r. Pacifist organizations and others are just dabbling about the sur­ face. As long as the international money power constitutes the invisible government of backward nations and has so strong a hand upon politics of the greater nationals, peace is impos­ sible. “ Profits of the international money power are not produced by peaceful industry, but by war; until we dig these influences out and expose them and neutralize them, world peace can­


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

September 1926

“Blessed A re the Peacemakers DEAN JOHN M. MACINNIS

H HIS is Christ’s estimate of peacemakers. They are a blessed people. They are a blessed people be­ cause they are working with Ood. God loves peace. Again and again He is called the God of Peace in the New Testament. Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. When He came into the world the angels sang about peace, for He came to make possible a peace in a world torn by strife and selfishness. He says that the peacemakers "shall be called the sons of God." They shall be called the sons of God for they are like their Father, the God of peace. Peace is a product of that life. Paul writes, "The fruit of the Spirit is love, Joy, peace. . . . . . ” The measure in which that life is being wrought in our lives we are peacemakers, that is, people who actually work for peace, and according to Christ it is a blessed work to be engaged in. Therefore, in the second place, the peace­ makers shall be called the sons of God not only because they have the life of God, but because they are also work­ ing with God. God is the great Peacemaker. He is con­ stantly working for peace, and to work with Him, or more accurately to have Him work in us, is to work for peace. "The kingdom of God is not eating and drinking” as the Apostle Paul reminds us, but "righteousness and peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit"; and he adds that “ He that herein serveth Christ is well-pleasing to God,” and commands us to follow after things which make for peace, and the work of all who follow this order and whose lives are dominated by the Spirit of the kingdom of God (which means the reign or rule of God) work for peace, and if they must war their very war should be war for peace. In the final analysis there are only two great forces in the worlS— the force that is constructive and always works for peace, and the force that is destructive and works for strife and discord— the God life and the self life. The self life is the life of conflict, destruction and death. On the other hand the Christ life is the life of healing, concord and peace. Jesus put these two forces in striking contrast when He said, "He that gathers not with Me, scattereth abroad.” The gathering life is a constructive activity, while the scat­ tering life 1 b a destructive force. In modern days this con­ trast was stated in a startling way by Nietzsche, an apostle of strife and war, when he wrote, "Ye have heard men say. ‘blessed are the peacemakers,' but I say unto you, blessed are the warmakers, for they shall be called, if not the children of Jahve, the children of Odin, who is greater than Jahve.” Many who without hesitancy discard this crass militarism unconsciously lend their influence to the conception herein stated when they glorify the thought of war or oppose the movements, the sole purpose of which is the destruction of war. War is abnormal and wicked and is born of sin and selfishness and should be abolished. There may be honest differences of opinion as to the best way of abolishing it, but surely there can be no difference of opinion among Christians as to the fact that it should be abolished and that

every true Christian’s influence should be eternally against it. It does seem that if we would apply a little sanctified common sense to this whole question we would readily see that every true Christian must be finally lined up against war. Let us look at a few commonplace axioms that we may be helped to see this fact. There is war in the individual life. This fact is stated in a very illuminating way in Romans, seventh chapter.. The most careless reading of that chapter will show that this war is caused by Bin and brings defeat and death into the life. We also know that some people are going to have that struggle in them until Christ comes. That fact, however, does not mean that it would be useless or foolish to try and bring as many as possible to the place where they can be saved from that strife now. The peace­ maker will seek for peace in his own life and also in the lives of others. He will seek to win the man whose life is blasted and defeated by this warfare to the place where he will recognize Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord and will endeavor to lead him to surrender to His rule. The fact that men will be sinful and destroyed by this warfare until Jesus comes will not keep him from doing all he can to win as many men to Jesus Christ as he possibly can. The peace­ maker will also do all in his power to reconcile his friends when there is a misunderstanding that means a constant conflict between them. Men will have misunderstandings and contentions until the coming of Christ, but that does not keep us from doing our utmost to “ live peaceably with all men.” Obedience to this injunction does not mean that we are going to compromise ourselves or the truth, but only that we are going to do all we can to get men to live to­ gether peaceably. This surely is the very least that we can do as Christians. In fact we have no choice here. We are commanded to "follow after things which make for peace." If we do this in the case of individuals, why should we not do the same in the case of groups and states? We cannot think it can be wrong to do what we can to get different churches to dwell together in peace. Why should we except states? Do you think that our fathers committed a crime against God and humanity when they did their utmost to stop the states of this great nation fighting one another, and worked out a plan by which they could live together in one national life in peace? The states were not all Christian, and they will not be until Christ comes. Did that fact make it a crime for our fathers to give their lives to working out of a basis for union and peace? Can we not honestly say in this case, blessed were the peacemakers? What is un- Christian about carrying this a step further? Our fathers and ourselves have endeavored to work out an understanding between the United States and Canada that has enabled us to live side by side for more than one hundred years without a single day of war between us. Was this an unchristian thing for us to do? We know that (Continued on page 543)

September 1926

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism A Base, Blatant, Blasphemous, Brutal ‘Business T. C. HORTON

fo free American scientists and statesmen from the neces­ sity of patronizing religion." Powerful, Permanent, Militant! “ The conception of the A.A.A.A. arose in the minds of its incorporators through experience as active Freethinkers. They discovered that the large percentage,of their associ­

ERE IT IS! The bold, blatant announcement of the organization whiclij heralds its Incorporation under the laws of the State of New York on November 16, 1925, when Justice John Ford approved the certificate of incorporation of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism. Quoting from their own literature, they state the condi­ tions of membership, as fol­ lows:

ates who l i k e themselves w e r e unqualified atheists, were hindered and handi­ capped by the presence among them of less aggres­ sive types.” “ It was decided, there­ fore, to establish a POWER­ FUL, PERMANENT, NA­ TIONAL S O C I E T Y , com­ posed entirely of MILITANT atheists. For this reason, incorporation w a s consid­ ered necessary and made the initial step. D u r i n g the first few years a charter would probably be of little or no consequence, but the complete program could be carried out ONLY by a COR­ PORATION.” “ There are In America M I L L I O N S of Atheists, whom AGITATION will pre­ cipitate into MILITANCY, and who UNITED can easily OVERTHROW t h e RELI­ GIOUS TERRORISM t h a t today frustrates their PUR­ SUIT OF HAPPINESS.

“ Membership s h a l l be open to atheists who endorse the object of the Association and who pledge themselves n e v e r to compromise by word or deed with clerical­ ism." Aim and Object “ The ‘Four A’s’ will un­ dertake to * * * abrogate all l a w s enforcing Christian morals * * • prevent the is­ suance of religious procla­ mations by government of­ ficials • * * r e m o v e the church cross from above the nation’s flag, and erase the superstitious Inscription that defaces our c o i n s ! * • * Abolish belief in Qod, to­ gether with all forms of re­ ligion b a s e d upon that belief." A c t i v e Propaganda by Spoken and Written Word “ In prosecuting its work, which shall be purely de­


“ Its MAIN PURPOSE is to WAGE WAR on RELIGION Itself. * • • THERE IS NO GOD! And our supreme effort will be to free mankind from the' FEAR of a NONENTITY. The worshiping of a verbal idol must end." Not After the Contemptible Manner o f Modernism “We shall be as BLATANT, CRASS and CRUDE as truth- telling requires. We will not compromise, after the con­ temptible manner of MODERNISTS and LIBERALIST8, by using RELIGIOUS TERMS in a NEW SENSE of OUR OWN.” Missionaries o f Atheism “ It will be a policy of the Association to send representa­ tives abroad to conduct Atheistic propaganda and expose the true nature of Christianity. ONE REPRESENTATIVE could UNDO the work of a SCORE of MISSIONARIES, and

structive, the society shall hold public meetings and erect radio stations for the delivery and broadcasting of lectures, debates and discussions on the subjects of science and religion: publish and distribute scientific and anti-religious literature; and conduct a general propaganda in the United States and Canada against the church and clergy." “We shall specialize on tracts. The fourpage folders of the Four A’s will become famous. We shall flood the coun­ try with billions of copies. With mass production,— cards, leaflets, broadsides and folders can be sold at rates that will enable even our poorest member to broadcast them." ‘ A Self-Avowed Wrecking Agency “ Specializing in mental reconstructions, the Society shall contribute to the building of a better civilization by operat­ ing as a wrecking company, leaving to others the designing and establishing of a new order. Especially shall it endeavor

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