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The Truth Behind the Crypto Mania By Jeff Brown, editor, The Near Future Report

n March 10, 2000, the Nasdaq Composite Index closed at an all-time high of 5,048. The height of the dot-com bubble. We know how it ended. The index fell 78% in the next 30 months. $5 trillion in market capitalization was lost. It was one of the worst market crashes in history. There are some parallels between the internet boom and what is happening today… An industry-altering technology with near limitless applications has burst onto the scene. And like the dot-com bubble, assets associated with this technology are soaring. The technology is the blockchain, the decentralized ledger technology underpinning most cryptocurrencies. The assets that are soaring are digital tokens, digital coins, cryptocurrencies, and the companies behind them. O

What’s Driving the Increase in Cryptocurrency Prices? Money… and a lot of it. As industry, enterprise, financial institutions, and even governments began to discover the immense potential of distributed-ledger technology and the kinds of applications that can be deployed on blockchains, the financial world took notice. And that has driven billions of dollars of private capital into the new asset class of cryptocurrencies. Look no further than what is happening with initial coin offerings (ICOs). Capital raised by ICOs slowly started to increase throughout 2016, and by the third quarter of this year, funding raised by ICOs exceeded funding raised through traditional venture capital channels. The Future of Blockchain In the late ’90s, runaway optimism for internet technology created a bubble, and crash, of epic proportions. But here’s the thing… the internet DID revolutionize the world. We already know this.

The way we communicate, conduct business, work, transact, and even shop changed dramatically. While some companies like and Webvan failed completely during the market crash, others like eBay and Amazon did fulfill on their visions – eBay is up 4,900% since October of 1998. Amazon is up more than 78,000% since June of 1997. Blockchain technology will revolutionize the world the way internet technology has over the last 20 years. I would argue that the impact will be even more profound than what we experienced with the internet. And it’s not too late for you to find companies with this same potential in the blockchain space. Smart investors stand to make 21 times their money over the next few years. But 99% of investors are so distracted with bitcoin that they’re missing the bigger picture. You don’t have to be one of them. I’ve uncovered three ways to profit safely from the blockchain explosion without ever downloading a digital wallet or logging onto a cryptocurrency exchange. Click here to see how .

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