American Consequences - December 2017


Three Tips to Kick the Holiday Blues

That’s what happens with holiday mortality. It’s stress that often drives us to eat and drink. Stress also creates inflammation. Plus, it weakens your immune system, making the other seasonal factors more dangerous. As we head into the months of highest mortality, I want to hand you a playbook for reducing your stress levels immediately. I compiled a list of ways to lower your financial stress as well as your physical stress in the latest issue of Retirement Millionaire , my monthly letter that I sent to nearly 100,000 subscribers about health, wealth, and living well in retirement. Here are three of those tips... These methods are all proven to improve our health. They are simple and quick. And they don’t require costly medications (meaning they lack side effects and adverse reactions). So rather than stumble through another round of stressed – and dangerous – holidays, do what I do... with my list of ways to kick the holiday blues... SUNLIGHT. You can stave off the holiday blues by spending time in the sun. One reason people feel depressed in the winter – known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – is mostly due to a lack of sunlight. Many of us leave for work in the morning when it’s dark and come home in the evening after sundown. This wreaks havoc on mental health. Get outside, even when it’s cold, and go for a brisk walk around midday. You can also try a sunlight lamp in your room to simulate sunlight and its benefits. Plus, sunlight helps regulate your sleep and wake cycles.

WALKING. This simple exercise helps fight depression by releasing chemicals called endorphins. These feel-good chemicals make us feel less stressed. What’s more, walking just 20 minutes a day boosts your immune system and even fights diabetes. So do what I do and follow the 20-20 rule – wait 20 minutes after eating and then walk for 20 minutes, especially if you can do it in the sunshine. You’ll be surprised by how energized you feel. BEING SOCIAL. Feeling alone at the holidays causes undue stress. Worse, loneliness and social isolation increase your risk of early death by as much as 50%. And evidence points to loneliness and isolation contributing to Alzheimer’s disease. Get out, even if it’s just to a store. If you’re alone this holiday season, try joining a special-interest club or volunteering for a local cause. Reach out to friends and family or try visiting folks in a long-term-care facility – chances are they’re also lonely this time of year. This time of year serves as a good reminder to take stock of both our wealth and health. And nothing is better than practicing stress- reduction techniques year-round. These are just three of the tips I gave my readers this season. To read the full issue on how to get rid of stress... and how to take the stress out of investing... try a risk-free subscription to Retirement Millionaire . Each month, I publish investment insights and recommendations along with health and lifestyle tips to help my subscribers live a full, healthy, and prosperous retirement.



20-20 RULE:

Wait 20 minutes after eating and then walk for 20 minutes, especially if you can do it in the sunshine.


64 | December 2017

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