American Consequences - December 2017

Corps at that time, it was the Marine Corps Scout Sniper program. That’s what I wanted to achieve. But this book isn’t a book about me praising myself, saying that I was the baddest guy in the block. It’s me explaining to those who want to follow in my footsteps about the pitfalls of that blind ambition and the negative aspects of having a chip on your shoulder. Jason Delgado is the author of Bounty Hunter 4/3: My Life in Combat From Marine Scout Sniper to MARSOC . It is available on Amazon right now and in fine bookstores everywhere. You can find Jason on Instagram or on Twitter, and he’s very approachable if you’d like a book signed or to attend an event he’s hosting. For the full interview between Buck and Jason, click here to sign up for the Investor Hour notification list. Like American Consequences , it’s 100% free. Each week, you’ll receive new show updates, previews, and access to transcripts and show notes. Whether it’s about investing... business... politics... or a controversial social issue... you’ll get the unfiltered information from behind the scenes.

Q: Take us to the beginning, Jason. Bounty Hunter starts out and you’re like me, from NewYork City. You’re living in the Bronx. Things were a little rough in the ‘90s in NewYork, and in the Bronx in particular.  JASON DELGADO: Back when I was raised in New York it was damn near lawless. The height of the crack epidemic. We’re talking the late ‘80s and the early ‘90s, mid-’90s, where we had million-dollar drug dealers running neighborhoods. We didn’t know any better as children, so we would look up to these guys. We would walk around and witness atrocities daily. People getting sliced and stabbed and killed. I witnessed my first murder when I was five years old – my uncle, sitting across the street. I watched someone murder him. So I guess situations like that are what I accredit the my path in life, where I decided not to be a sheep or a victim. I wanted to be proactive in my survival. Ever since then, I’ve always been that head-first, go-getter trying to accomplish whatever it is at that moment. And also within the book I explain how that blind ambition also took a toll on my family life and my personal life. So growing up in the Bronx and growing up in that lifestyle and then coming over into the Marine Corps, it was almost an effortless transition because the Marine Corps is a very aggressive culture. It’s a warrior culture. I thrived in it. I think most inner-city kids that like to scrap thrive in the military. And from there, it was blind ambition that kept me wanting to collect accolades or try to be considered best of the best. In the Marine

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