King's Business - 1955-03

Dr. Louis T. Talbot presents

I SAW PETRA The finest prophetic film available A "The Lord used this film to speak to hardened sinners who had ridiculed the inspir­ ation of the Word of God . . ." Pastor — Alaska A "A splendid effect . . . to es­ tablish . . . confidence in the promises and warnings of God." Pastor— Plainville, Conn. ^ "Enlightening and extremely interesting . . . a real chal­ lenge." Pastor — Phoenix, Ariz. A "One of the best films I've seen or used." Pastor — Skaneateles, N.Y. A "The best proof of prophecy I've ever seen." Pastor — Los Angeles, Calif. A "Excellent Bible Study." Pastor— ‘Williamsport, Pa. This rose-colored "C ity of the Dead" is one of the most mysteri­ ous ghost cities in existence. See Bible prophecies fulfilled before your eyes — Tyre, Sidon, Ammon, Moab. Produced by Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. OTHER FltMS AVAILABLE: Opportunity Unlimited I Saw Borneo Jungle Indians Gateway to Asia India's Sorrow They Wait for Peace

Ad photo by Matson Photo Sv.

FILM DEPARTMENT Institute of Los Angeles

558 South Hope Street Los Angeles 17, Calif.

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