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On the other hand, content marketing is a much bigger idea and has a wider and longer-term focused goal. Like native advertising, content marketing provides valuable knowledge to raise brand awareness while targeting a specialized group of potential readers, viewers and customers. Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on continuously creating and distributing valuable, relevant and attractive content, to reach out to our target audience you the reader or viewer. As with other types of marketing, the ultimate goal is to influence the consumer and to increase business or in most cases sales. With content marketing you are building trust, credibility and authority through a long-term relationship with the consumer. It has been gaining so much importance in the last years in fact, that it has even become an expression in the digital marketing world to say “content is king.” To distribute all this content, content marketing relies on ownedmedia: personally, owned places to share your content. The classic example of owned media is a businesses’s own website, blog

or social media page which can include written articles, videos, downloads. memes, gifs along with courses and webinars which people do not hesitate in sharing with others However, content marketing goes further in that its primary focus is to transfer the lead, you, as part of a long-term process with the end result being the conversion to a customer of a product or service. This type of marketing is not a single piece of content but an ongoing process that integrates into an overall marketing campaign. Another important distinction is that the media shared through content marketing is owned by thebusiness that is sharing it andcanbeavaluable asset of theirs, while native ads traditionally run on a “pay to play” basis on platforms that the company does not own. So why does this matter? Well understanding the difference between these two aspects of digital marketing allows you the business owner and entrepreneur to capitalize on them and market your products and services better in the global economy.




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