what’s inside September 03 SPOTLIGHT ON AUGUST 08 SEPTEMBER INDUSTRY EVENTS 12 SPOTLIGHT ON INDUSTRY 14 THE DYNAMIC SOUL OF SELLING 3 Branding Tips We Can Learn from Drake’s OVO Bounce Festivities 16 SOLAR UNITED NEIGHBORS Over a Decade of Supporting Solar Communities 26 ALBERTA BEER FESTIVALS INC. Growing an Industry One Festival At a Time! 42 CONTRACTOR’S CORNER Business and Politics – Make sure your voice is heard 46 ATLANTIC FASHION WEEK Putting the East Coast Fashion Industry at the Forefront 54 ATLANTIC FILM FESTIVAL Turning Halifax into Hollywood 58 SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS 60 CITYFOLK FESTIVAL Ottawa’s an end-of-summer tradition 68 7 WAYS TO MAKE CUSTOMER FALL HEAD OVER HEELS FOR YOU BRAND 74 SPOTLIGHT ON INNOVATION 76 FAN$AVES Bringing Sports Sponsorship into the Digital Age 82 SPOTLIGHT ON HEALTH 84 HOLISTIC HEALTH 86 HOW TO BREAK OUR DIGITAL ADDICTION Solar United Neighbors began its work over a decade ago with a five simple words: “Mom, can we go solar?” This was asked of our Executive Director, Anya Schoolman by her then middle school aged son Walter, after he and his friend Diego had just seen “An Inconvenient Truth” and Oscar-winning documentary about the environment and the pair were motivated to take action. Up to the challenge put upon her by her son and his friend, Anya looked into going solar, but at the time it was expensive and complicated. Anya also quickly realized that if she was going to put in the time and work into making her own home solar, she might as well do it for the whole neighborhood. So, on the cover Everyone has been to a sporting event, spent 2 or 3 hours watching their favorite team in the arena or on the field, but can you remember the names of the sponsors that were on the boards or around the arena or field? If you can great for you, but for most of us that is where Shannon Ferguson and Kris McCarthy and their company FanSaves platform come into play. This month we chatted with Shannon and Kris about their new app that is giving businesses that sponsor events more bang for their sponsorship buck and something that truly engages potential customers. Alberta Beer Festival Inc strives to have a positive impact on the industries that they represent while supporting local charities and communities on their mission to provide the ultimate beer and spirit experience for brewers, distillers and for festival goers. Each of ABF’s six, yes six signature events provide a forum for breweries and distilleries to share their stories, passions, and products with the beer enthusiasts of Western Canada allowing them to grow the industry one festival at a time. 26 Nova Scotia is known for its beautiful scenery, amazing beaches, succulent seafood and fantastic festivals. However, since 2008 for a few days in late summer, early fall Halifax becomes the epicenter for East Coast Fashion with regional designers engaging with those in the fashion industry and having the opportunity to showcase their designs with the rest of the nation spotlighting the amazing talent we have within the East Coast Fashion Industry. We chat with Angela Campagnoni, Founder andExecutive Director of Atlantic Fashion Week about how her career as a model at fourteen has transitioned her into the successful executive director of AFW and how the event provides an innovative stage for designers of various calibers to showcase their collections to a diverse audience of fashion industry connoisseurs and professionals. SOLAR UNITED NEIGHBORS Walter and Diego canvassed their block and successfully got about 50 neighbors on board over a period of a couple of years and the first solar co-op was born. Word of this effort spread about this project aroundWashington, D.C and soon other neighborhoods followed suit. Fast forward to today, Solar United Neighbors helps thousands of homeowners across the country go solar each year. — Over a Decade of Supporting Solar Communities 16 — Bringing Sports Sponsorship into the Digital Age 78 Alberta Beer Festivals Inc — Growing an industry one festival at a time! Atlantic Fashion Week — Putting the East Coast Fashion Industry at the Forefront 46




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